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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Confederacy: You don't honor mass murder and treason

A Confederate disgrace

Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years

From a story located at:

My comment:
Russia got rid of statues of Stalin and other relics from a historical period of time they would just as soon forget. Communist China no longer displays their barbaric past. Germany got rid of any displays of their Nazi past. It's about time America stopped honoring people who tried to destroy our Union and wanted to perpetuate the enslavement of human beings.

The old Confederacy is nothing to be proud of. Yes, slavery was practiced in the North but the North came to its senses and abolished the sin long before the South. It took the Union Army to drag
Southern slave masters into a more enlightened time. It still takes the Federal government in modern times, to remind racists around the country they have never been right and they are not right now.
They cannot practice their racist views. They will never return to power and practice their backward ideas on mankind again.

Still, racial bigotry and hatred persist more in the South than any other part of our country. Displaying Confederate war heroes and politicians as though they are people to be revered is equivalent to Germany displaying statues of Nazi War Criminals. There are no statutes of Pol Pot in Cambodia.

Why do all the vestiges of the Confederacy need to come down? Because it is a period in our history nobody should be bragging about. The atrocities of slavery are no less egregious than the horrors perpetrated by evil regimes throughout history.

Listening to all the rhetoric by Southerners, trying to defend what those Southern statues and their flag represent, is equivalent to some Germans honoring their murderers as heroes. There is never a time when people should venerate mass murder and the enslavement of human beings.

Slavery, by Americans, is as bad an atrocity committed by anyone in the world. Those Southern traitors are not heroes. The Southern flag and all statues of Southern War Criminals should be burned and buried, never to be seen again.

School children should be taught that Southern Slave Masters, engaged in mass murder, are not heroes. They are people to be despised for as long as America exists. People should stop trying to glorify the Confederacy. That was a period of time all Americans should be ashamed of.
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