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Friday, May 6, 2016

I’m not attacking Hillary. The DNC and her advisors have let her down.

I know, I know. I am such an amateur. But at my age
who cares what any of you think.

I recently did a posting to Facebook pointing out how Hillary Clinton is losing the media war. Several of my Democrat friends took offense to my allegation and treated my observation as an attack on Hillary. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Pointing out a weakness in Hillary’s campaign is not attacking Hillary. I am simply pointing out a fundamental truth. Media moguls on the other side of the political spectrum are more adept at manipulating the news cycle than Hillary and her team are capable of. Hillary lost to Obama in 2008 because his team was better at media management than Hillary’s team.

Today, there are very few members of Obama’s successful campaign team on Hillary’s staff. A great deal of Hillary’s campaign staff is composed of the same people that lost her the nomination in 2008. That losing staff is making the same mistake today they made in 2008.

They are losing the media war. Republican media experts are dominating the daily news cycle and Hillary’s campaign staff are jeopardizing her chance to be the President. The same mistakes causing her to lose the 2008 nomination are being made right now.

As you may recall, Hillary was heavily favored to win the 2008 nomination but a far more sophisticated media machine took her apart. Obama destroyed Hillary. The Republicans are destroying Hillary right now.

I am a hardcore Democrat and have been a Democrat long before many of my Democratic allies have been alive. I have never voted for a single Republican my entire life. That is why I was devastated when Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton lost their campaigns.

During those losing campaigns, I pointed out what I am saying now, regarding Hillary’s current campaign. Gore, Kerry and Hillary’s campaigns were lost because they lost the media war. Hillary is losing the media war as we speak and her effort to become POTUS is in jeopardy.

She needs to fire the team that lost her the nomination in 2008 and quit making the same mistakes she made when she handed the nomination to Obama. Losing the nomination to Obama was nothing less than incompetence on the part of the people advising Hillary. She should have won the nomination.

I’ll give but one very good example of how the DNC and Hillary’s campaign team have let her down. There have been seven different investigations, conducted by Republicans, regarding the Benghazi incident. Hillary has been exonerated of any wrong doing in all seven investigations. She has been deemed innocent of any wrong doing. However, no one in the country knows this.

Hillary’s advisors and the DNC have forsaken her. The DNC should have spent millions of dollars educating the public how she is innocent of any wrong doing. They didn’t and Hillary lost the media war.

Yea, sure you Facebook users know this but you are more informed than the average booger picking, toothless Trump supporter. Every day I read comments on social media about how Hillary Clinton is a liar and how she murdered four Americans at Benghazi. I live in an apartment complex and I would bet 90% of the residents think Benghazi is Hillary’s fault and Obama contributed to the disaster as well.

My son is a college educated Geophysics guru and he believes Hillary is at fault for Benghazi. All his highly educated friends believe this lie as well. Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, thinks Hillary is a liar and a killer. Why? Because the Republican media machine has successfully defined Hillary. The DNC, along with Hillary’s campaign advisors, have sat on their ass and got outmaneuvered by the Republicans.

Many of us knew from the beginning, Benghazi investigations, by Republicans, was nothing more than a propaganda operation, designed to make people mistrust Hillary. However, most of America did not know of the deception. The DNC and Hillary’s team let her down and the perception of Hillary’s dishonesty became a political reality. The Republican media machine won. Hillary’s machine lost!

Republicans are controlling the news cycle. Republicans are dominating the media. Hillary’s approval ratings are in the tank. There is a widespread perception that Hillary is a liar and a murderer. Republicans are winning the media war and Hillary is losing because the same mistakes her advisors made against Obama, are being made now. She needs to fire her advisors, fire the incompetent DNC and start her campaign all over. The way she is going now, she will lose in the fall.

I say all this at the risk of hardcore Hillary supporters thinking I am against Hillary. I’m not attacking Hillary. I am attacking her advisors. She needs better advice than she is getting. I’m surprised Bill hasn’t intervened. He was a master of media manipulation.

I was right about Al Gore and John Kerry. I was right about Hillary’s campaign against Obama. Na, na, na, na, na! I am right about this current campaign. Remember how we were all so sure Gore, Kerry and Hillary would win? Remember how surprised we were? Well, I wish I could grab all those geniuses running Hillary’s campaign by the shirt collar and tell them they need to wise up. Considering what is at stake, I fear a Hillary loss very much.

I know, I know. I am such an amateur. But at my age who cares what any of you think. My next article will suggest a modern campaign strategy completely different from what Hillary is employing now. It would be more effective, more modern and more cost effective. What she is doing now is so old school. She needs a good millennial to show her how to campaign.

If you are curious about my suggestion, subscribe to my iterations by submitting your email address on my Google Blog page. You will receive my rantings (articles) every time I publish something. I think I have a good idea for a national campaign. I’m surprised all those geniuses running Hillary’s campaign haven’t thought of it.

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