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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

US warns Russia against striking non-IS groups in Syria

US warns Russia against striking non-IS groups in Syria
By Gary Donovan Snay

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My comment:

All you people who act so tough. Are you the same people who supported going into Iraq in the first place? Nice job! We should never listen to you again. That whole mess over there is your fault.

               Bush damaged many Presidents now and into the future. We set the example for others to follow. It will be years before anyone respects us again because of Bush and all his wrongheaded war monger supporters.

                Keep talking you dumb asses. You'll get us nuked by Putin yet. Don't complain if someone else acts like we have. We don't have a leg to stand on. You need to shut your mouth.

Pope secretly met Kentucky clerk in gay marriage row

Pope secretly met Kentucky clerk in gay marriage row
By Gary Donovan Snay

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My comment
The Pope’s intervention is an appalling development. Although many of us are in favor the Pope’s socially motivated positions, we must also remember it is American tradition to keep Church and State separate from one another. Taking a position, claiming religious conviction, is more important than the laws of our nation, is quite frankly anti-American.

It’s also strange to see Kim Davis place so much credence on a position the leader of the Catholic Church would espouse, when in reality her own church demonizes Catholics often on Sunday mornings. Many Jesus based Fundamentalist Christian Churches chastise Catholics for being idol worshipers. Praying to statues of Saints who are not Jesus is blasphemy in their eyes. Again, Kim Davis demonstrates her hypocrisy.

People in this country don’t have the strength to end a political movement designed to bring about the destruction of the United States and its secular government. Let’s be frank! Religious beliefs, claiming superiority over laws upheld by the Supreme Court, has potential to do more harm to our nation than any outside threat beyond our borders.

In truth, our government should put an end to a movement designed to destroy America using religion to accomplish what Confederate Traitors in our past were not able to do. However, our government does not have the strength to do what is needed. Complacency and apathy only strengthens those who hate our government more than they love their backward religious views.

This lack of concern and the inability of our government to stop a very destructive movement demanding an end to our secular nation, within our borders, aided by the Pope, has no happy ending.

It is obvious the Pope does not understand the importance of enforcing national laws upheld by our Supreme Court. Our nations existence depends on this principal. This attitude by the Pope should come as no surprise. Throughout the history of mankind Catholics have intervened into the governance of men and without exception, disaster has followed.

Before you get upset, condemnation of religious interference into the affairs of man is not restricted to the Catholic Church or Christian Fundamentalists in America. In the history of humankind, no nation has remained free when religion has become entwined with government. This nation does not need the Pope supporting latent Confederate traitors. Catholics, through the centuries, have proven they have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to governing people.

The Pope has no more validity in politics than Kim Davis.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kentucky clerk could head back to court over licenses

Kentucky clerk could head back to court over licenses

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Mike Huckabee cheers revolt
My comment:

Kim Davis is just a small part of this story. She's not very important as an individual because one can always find people behaving irrationally when it comes to religion. In America, she is free to believe anything she wants and I for one would be the first to defend her right to do so.

The real discourse and the most frightening part of this story is the number of people believing in the notion that religious belief is more important than our laws and our government. When millions of American citizens advocate superiority of religious belief over our Constitution, our way of life will soon falter.

The destruction of our government is very possible because so many Americans take for granted the Separation of Church and State. It is assumed by the majority of Americans our nation will never allow a form of government, which defers not to civil development of law, but to an interpretation of the will of a God as set out in religious scripture and authorities.

Taking for granted a theocracy could never occur on American shores is a belief which could easily take apart our form of government. Religion, no matter its form, can destroy any government in the world. All one has to do is look at the historical record to confirm the truth that religion destroys societies and governments.

America is not immune and governments around the world, in many parts of our planet, at various times in history, people were surprised to find religious belief not to their liking, dominating their lives and dictating how they would live. There has never been a successful religious government in the history of humankind but this failure has not stopped religious entities from trying repeatedly.

It’s one thing when individuals like Kim Davis exercises her right to believe any religious doctrine she pleases, but quite another when elected officials publicly advocate disobeying our Constitution and Federal Courts rulings.

Suddenly, Presidential Candidates like Mike Huckabee have crossed over into a political opinion calling for the destruction of our national government. When millions of Americans, led by political leaders, openly call for a theocratic government, the seeds have been planted for a dangerous takeover by people more interested in their narrow beliefs than for a government we have enjoyed for over two centuries.  

The real story is a desire by millions of people to destroy our way of life. Kim Davis is a mere pipsqueak in a larger attempt to overthrow our government in the name of religion. Don’t be surprised by people like Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee.

Their kind has been around since the dawn of time. They are always dangerous and they are always wrong but they never stop trying to boss people around in the name of their religion.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dems filibuster Iran vote

Dems filibuster Iran vote

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 My Comment:
Again, Republicans demonstrate their deep-rooted hatred for our President. They don't want to give Obama credit for anything. The don't have an alternative to the existing peace plan negotiated by six other countries besides ourselves. All they can say is "no to anything Obama wants".

Republicans don't realize the rest of the world will drop sanctions and implement this deal with or without America. Iran is already a winner and frankly speaking, Iran doesn't need America on this deal. Pull us out of this deal and we become even more irrelevant than we are now.

Republicans have already nullified the United States as a credible negotiation partner with that childish trick they pulled sending an obnoxious letter to Iran's leaders. That letter announced to the world America is not a serious partner in negotiations and cannot be trusted to live up to any agreement it makes with anyone.

Because of Republicans, the United States has no credibility because of the Republican lie about Iraq. We do not possess moral high ground telling another nation to stop invading someone. Other nations throw Iraq in our face and tell us to shut up. Just witness Putin thumbing his nose at us! Why listen to us? We are just another criminal nation like Russia.

Because of Republicans, America cannot be trusted to live up to any treaties we enter into. Republicans have turned America into a backstabbing, lying rogue nation. We are capable of mass murder and cannot be trusted in any peace negotiations with anyone, ever again.

Obama is doing his best to establish America as the moral leader of the world once again but Republicans keep dragging our country into the same mud hole their party wallows in. If Republicans get control of our country and our nuclear arsenal, the world had better duck.

EXCLUSIVE-Russian troops join combat in Syria - sources

EXCLUSIVE-Russian troops
join combat in Syria - sources

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My comment:

Oh boy, oh boy! Yet another opportunity to bash Obama and tell lies. Small-minded people dominate the conversation these days. This mess is Obama's fault. He didn't get a couple thousand more Americans killed in a hopeless cause. Shame on his thoughtful approach and blame him for doing a better job than Bush. He has been too smart and failed to give in to the bloodthirsty know nothing neo-cons of America.

G.W. Bush was wrong and you people supporting him are wrong. Bush left Obama and
America with zero moral standing. We cannot tell any country they can't send military troops, anywhere. Our crimes in Iraq has rendered America mute on the world stage. We are without credibility.

Obama or any president in the future, (Republican or Democrat) has no leg to stand on when complaining about someone intervening into other countries affairs. G.W. Bush and his Republican friends made a mockery of anything good this country stood for in the past.

All Iran has to do is read the comments on this story and they will conclude they need a nuclear bomb. The lesson is clear. North Korea has the bomb and they are left alone. A continuous threat by Republican killers to murder half a million Iranians is reason enough to have a bomb. Self-preservation is why Iran wants a bomb.
All they have to do is look at their next-door neighbor to justify their fears.

The very worst elements of American society are threatening to take over this nation. Those dark forces are well represented in the comments to this story. Only hypocrites would dare tell other nations in the world they had better not do what this nation has done. Until our nation regains its honor, Republicans need to shut up!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Deputy clerk says he'll obey federal judge over Kim Davis

Deputy clerk says he'll obey federal judge over Kim Davis

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My comment:

When she goes back to work Friday or Monday, let us hope that gangs of thugs, which appeared at that
ranch in Nevada, do not show up.

Huckleberry is not above organizing an armed militia to protect KimSadition and prevent her arrest if she violates the courts order. If armed militia show up and point guns at Federal officers, will they get away Scott free the way those Confederate traitors did in Nevada?

Perhaps not in this incident, but the day is coming when armed Christian militias will start shooting Federal officers. Militias all over the country have been running around in the woods pretending to kill fellow Americans for over twenty years. Their hatred for America is very deep.

Without a doubt, Christian supporters of Federal disobedience would cheer and support armed gangs threatening the authority of our courts and the government they hate so much. Several of the Republican Presidential candidates would support armed gangs appearing in Kentucky.

President Obama needs to act now. Under the 14th Amendment, Paragraph III and current sedition laws, he could remove Kim Davis from office. At the same time, remove all lawmakers who have passed nullification laws all around our nation.

We are watching the growth of another civil war. Not acting now will only embolden a threat to our nation every bit as dangerous as ISIS will present. ISIS wants our government to fall. So does our homegrown religious fanatics. They are of equal danger.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Christie: Obama has encouraged lawlessness

Christie: Obama has encouraged lawlessness

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My Comment:

Christie is just contributing to the dumbing down of the American voter. Lying about and misrepresenting what government does, only makes his job more difficult should he actually be elected POTUS.

The fallacy Republicans perpetrate about how government is failing and how we need to install a bunch of
lying fear mongers with no experience seems to be working. However, scaremongers are a dime a dozen. Just look at religion in America.

The real story is not the proliferation of Golden Tongued Con Artists but the gullibility of the American voter. I used to believe in the wisdom of the American voter. Not anymore!

After the American people voted G.W. Bush into office for a second time, I became suspicious of the motives driving the National physic. Bush was a proven liar, murderer, lawbreaker and war criminal. Yet, America gave him a second term.

Therefore, when I see liars and con artists scare American voters into thinking we need to trash the whole system and put total amateurs into power, I have come to believe it is very possible. Christie should be ashamed of himself. Then again, judging by his past, he is devoid of honor.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Next Up! Religion Destroys America!

Next Up! Religion Destroys America!

Religious banshees have been set loose upon us. Not stopping its intrusion into government several years ago, has allowed religion to do what it always does best. Religion destroys governments.

Religion by itself can be a beautiful thing up until the time it gets involved in governing societies. Every social order, every race of people no matter the language or time in history has experienced the destruction of its culture the moment religion exerts too much influence in the laws governing men/women.

There has never been a successful government in the history of humanity ruled by religious dogma. Religions of all types have a very poor record when it comes to governing. It doesn’t matter what the religion is. Religion always turns out bad for society.

The United States is experiencing a long slow death because of its tolerance for religious thought. Current society has ignored one of the most important ideas to emerge in modern times. The “Separation of Church and State” has allowed our nation to grow and prosper without religious interference. In modern times, America is ignoring this important principle.

We taught this concept to most of the civilized world. Wherever “Separation of Church and State” was practiced, that nation thrived. America introduced this concept and now America has forgotten its own lesson. Within American borders, religion is slowly destroying our nation.

It may be too late to stop this devastation. As a nation, we did not clarify what “Separation of Church and State” means. We did not strongly penalize churches engaged in political theater. We allowed churches to meddle into the affairs of man and now the nation is paying the price.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has millions of religious Americans (accustomed to political interference) encouraging defiance of the law in the name of their God. Presidential candidates openly support defying the Supreme Court in the name of religion. Millions of Americans participate in the destruction of the United States of America in the name of their religion.

Every single contentious subject pitting Americans against Americans in recent years has emanated from religious interference in the political arena. Even the issue of guns in America has been enhanced with religious interference. The violent takeover of America is practiced and preached by many religions in our nation. They need guns to accomplish their goal. Very often, the most rabid gun advocates are also fervent religious practitioners.

Religion wants our country ruled by the Bible. The Constitution will be discarded if they get their way. If religion must kill Americans to accomplish their goal, so be it. There has been a war going on for several decades and the only people firing shots are the people wanting to do harm to our nation.

It will take a great effort to stop religion from destroying our nation. We did not act in a timely manner. Religious enemies of state have taken over our school boards, city councils, state legislative bodies and the US Congress. Much of our judicial system is in league with the destroyers of America.

The religious movement wanting to destroy America is so strong they are willing to make President any person supporting lawless non-secular beliefs. Their hate is so strong they are willing to kill people to accomplish their goals. There are ways to stop them but nobody has the courage to do what is needed.

Not acting strongly in opposition to those wanting religious interference has only compounded the problem over time. Those people believing in the “Separation of Church and State” are losing the war being waged by a very destructive force. America is losing the war being waged by religion and religion will win because the American nation did not act in time.

If you are normal, you will not like the outcome.

Friday, September 4, 2015

GOP candidates blast 'absurd' jailing of Kentucky marriage clerk

GOP candidates blast 'absurd' jailing of Kentucky marriage clerk

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My comment:
Of course, many Republicans support law breaking religious traitors who want to get rid of our secular government. They want 50 independent states to determining civil liberties on a state-by-state basis.

Freedom of speech will not mean the same thing in Kansas as it does in New York. In fact,
civil liberties in each state will have wide variations according to whichever religion is controlling each individual state legislative body. It would be a Holy Mess (no pun intended).

So many of these religious dictators hate the government envisioned by our founding fathers. They want to replace our constitution with bible law. Can anyone tell me what bible law is? Muslims have written down Sharia law. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of bible law? Do Christians make up laws everyone abides by as they go along?

Much of the rhetoric we hear about states’ rights emanates from a fundamentalist Christian view rooted in Dominionism. This perspective of ruling people according to the bible goes back before our Constitution was written.  In the past, this religious view was defeated in the United States. That’s why we have a secular Constitution.

It is not as if fundamentalists didn’t try. They just lost at that time. People were too smart back then. Today, the States Rights Dominionist movement has millions of followers. They have taken over school boards, city councils, state legislative bodies and have elected many governors with the belief they can make up any law they please.

In state after state, eliminating civil liberties is common practice. Passing nullification laws contradicting Federal Law is ordinary. All these egregious acts are perpetrated by people who have lost faith in our form of government and want to install a religious dictatorship. The States’ rights movement and fundamentalist Dominion belief are intensely linked.

These religious dictators have no business running for President, representing the Republican Party. They are very dangerous to the American way of life. It's time these extremists are called out for what they are. They are enemies of state. They are just as destructive as any terrorist group outside our borders. Wrapping themselves in Jesus does not conceal the wolf hiding in plain sight.

As a nation, if we want to amend the Constitution, the single most important issue confronting all of us, is the need to define what “Separation of Church and State” means. There is too much ambiguity on this subject. The reason the word God is not in our Constitution was intentional. We need to amend the Constitution in order to prevent the insidious intrusion of religion into our governing body. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Judge jails Kentucky clerk for refusing marriage licenses

Judge jails Kentucky clerk for refusing marriage licenses


The 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, provides remedy for her actions. As an elected official,
she took an oath to defend the Constitution. She broke that oath and engaged in insurrection or rebellion. Though the 14th Amendment, Paragraph III was written to ensure blacks would not be denied citizenship, the 14th Amendment is still on the books and is the law.

In case you are not familiar with the 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, it goes like this:

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability".

Under current Sedition Laws Federal Troops can remove this traitor clerk from Kentucky office by force if necessary invoking the 14th Amendment. Impeachment is not necessary.

Abraham Lincoln did not have the tools to stop insurrection. Modern day Presidents have the authority and tools to stop latent Confederate traitors from rebelling against our nation. The 14th Amendment, Paragraph III should be used against any legislator or Executive head of any state, having taken an oath to defend the Constitution, and having voted for nullification laws.

Allowed to fester, this rebellion among Republican traitors will only grow and get worse. Stop it now or regret it later.

Hungary blasts EU on migration; chaos at Budapest station

Hungary blasts EU on migration; chaos at Budapest station

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My comment:

The displacement we are watching now, due to war, is but a tiny fraction of the chaos coming as the planet heats up. (I'm not trying to lay blame on natural causes or manmade causes. The fact is, the planet is heating up, for whatever reason).

Those in their 20's today will live long enough to witness a worldwide upheaval as oceans rise and inundate major cities around the world. If self-centered Republicans are in control, there will be no help for fellow Americans fleeing the rising tides in New York and Los Angeles.

If current Republican attitudes prevail and even grow, it's not hard to imagine Americans, not affected by the coming catastrophes, turning their backs on fellow citizens and letting them simply die. Witness Katrina and the callous disregard for what happened to fellow Americans in New Orleans. To this day, Republicans lay blame on the dead people of that Cajun city.

Isn't that what Republicans do now? Repeal Obama Care and let thousands of Americans die each year for lack of health care. Shut down Planned Parenthood and let thousands of American women die because they no longer have cancer screenings. Cut funding for school lunch programs and let millions of children go hungry then blame the children if they don't learn much in school.

If current Republican attitudes prevail and migrate to the future, those affected by future calamities are in for a hard time. Let us hope those wanting to "defend the least among us" (Democrats) are in power for the coming years. Otherwise, the dark side of humankind (Republicans) will create even more misery.