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Thursday, September 10, 2015

EXCLUSIVE-Russian troops join combat in Syria - sources

EXCLUSIVE-Russian troops
join combat in Syria - sources

From a story located at:

My comment:

Oh boy, oh boy! Yet another opportunity to bash Obama and tell lies. Small-minded people dominate the conversation these days. This mess is Obama's fault. He didn't get a couple thousand more Americans killed in a hopeless cause. Shame on his thoughtful approach and blame him for doing a better job than Bush. He has been too smart and failed to give in to the bloodthirsty know nothing neo-cons of America.

G.W. Bush was wrong and you people supporting him are wrong. Bush left Obama and
America with zero moral standing. We cannot tell any country they can't send military troops, anywhere. Our crimes in Iraq has rendered America mute on the world stage. We are without credibility.

Obama or any president in the future, (Republican or Democrat) has no leg to stand on when complaining about someone intervening into other countries affairs. G.W. Bush and his Republican friends made a mockery of anything good this country stood for in the past.

All Iran has to do is read the comments on this story and they will conclude they need a nuclear bomb. The lesson is clear. North Korea has the bomb and they are left alone. A continuous threat by Republican killers to murder half a million Iranians is reason enough to have a bomb. Self-preservation is why Iran wants a bomb.
All they have to do is look at their next-door neighbor to justify their fears.

The very worst elements of American society are threatening to take over this nation. Those dark forces are well represented in the comments to this story. Only hypocrites would dare tell other nations in the world they had better not do what this nation has done. Until our nation regains its honor, Republicans need to shut up!

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