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Monday, August 29, 2016

Allies: N. Korea, China, Walmart

Just speculation. No proof. Idle thoughts.

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North Korea could start an incident before we have chosen a new President. That could turn out to be very sticky regardless who the next president is. Do me a favor and don't respond with any of your childish comments about the weaknesses or strengths of either candidate. Name calling won't help this situation at all.

Watching how things are turning out, it's very possible the world will have to do something about N. Korea, soon. I just hope the United States doesn't have to go it alone. What about China? Will they sit back and let America take out the N. Korean government? China didn’t sit back during the Korean war in the past. Will they intervene? It is possible China is a match for our military in that part of the world.

Taking out North Korea’s leader needs to be done before he does something stupid. Many of our allies in the region are becoming more and more at risk with each passing month. How many American lives are we willing to spend protecting the emergence of dictators like those in the Philippines? Do we really care what happens to Japan? What about South Korea?

Nuclear weapons can neutralize 28,000 US troops in Korea, in a hurry. Do we really care if China takes over all of Asia? Other than providing cheap labor for profiteers in America, how important is that region of the world to us, anyway?

Should we tell Japan to take care of themselves? If there is a nuclear exchange involving China, North Korea and Japan one day, the only damage to America would be the contamination of our crops and waterways. No big deal, right?

Will G.W. Bush's pre-emptive policy make sense now? Should we wait for the nuking of Seoul before we do anything? What if a nuclear blast kills thousands of US soldiers stationed in the Korean DMZ? Should we continue to have confidence N. Korea is harmless? It's just big talk on their part, right?

Should the United States seriously consider war with North Korea and by default, war with China? Who do we want for our next President? A rank amateur with a big mouth or someone with experience and good judgement? Ask yourselves, if Trump were in charge during the Cuban Missile Crises, do you think we would be here today? If, then, else questions like that are always fun.

N. Korea is on course to massively increase their nuclear strength. They may be capable of placing a warhead on their missiles, soon. In a few years, or even now, the United States is at risk. North Korea hasn’t been developing nuclear technology and missile delivery systems on their own. If you look carefully at their missile systems, they have a strange resemblance to Russian and Chinese missile systems.

They have been conducting submarine launched missile tests which doesn’t require an ICBM to hit US cities. The US has no defense against submarine launched missiles. Nothing full proof anyway. We can thank China, who pretends to be our friend, for this threat to our nation. I will bet North Korea’s submarine launched missile system is similar to what the Chines use. Has anyone figured out China is not our friend, yet?

Can we trust N. Korea to be responsible like Russia and China? You do know, don’t you, Russia and China can kill a couple hundred million Americans as we speak, right now? Does Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) apply to a rogue nation like North Korea? If you have a relative living on the West Coast, are you willing to bet their lives North Korea will do nothing and there is nothing to fear?

Do we trust the leader of North Korea to be harmless over the next 20 years? He will be in power for at least that long if we don't do something. He will continue to get more nuclear capabilities if he is left on his own with no intervention. China and Russia will continue to improve his weapons systems because in the end, they are not friends of the United States.

Walmart continues to profit from cheap Chinese labor. Walmart helps develop Chinese manufacturing which in turn finances military aid to North Korea. If N. Korea nukes one of our cities, is it really Walmart's and China's fault? We already know China is no friend of America. If a US city is nuked by North Korea, will America finally realize, Walmart is as much of an enemy, as China is?

Regardless of who becomes the president, he/she will need a lot of support. Name calling and lies will not help. What do you think? With the people of our nation turning against each other, have "We the People" neutralized our nation and turned ourselves into a bunch of sniveling complainers’, incapable of wiping our own ass, let alone deal with international threats like North Korea?

Whose fault is that anyway? I’m a Democrat, so you already know who I think is to blame. To me, much of our nation’s division focuses on how we should continue as a nation. One side thinks our Constitutional form of government is good. The other side thinks “States Rights” is the way to go.

One side believes in Federalism and the other side believes the old “Confederacy” should be our model. You know, “States Rights”. Can you figure out which form of government is best for the people of our nation? Which form of government would be the strongest in future confrontations with Korea and especially China? Would a North America made up of fifty individual nations all going their own way be better than a United States of America?

Questions, questions, questions! You must be asking yourself, “what’s the matter with that guy”? This is what happens when somebody retires and thinks about things other than chasing women, getting drunk or staying quiet because if he speaks up too much, he could get fired.

Really dumb questions, don’t you think? Or are they?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Strong as ever! Religious Intolerance Comes Back to America!

Just minding her own business.
French police make woman
remove burkini on Nice beach

Inspirational story located at:

My comment:
I'll bet anything, Trump supporters love this story and picture. Historically, France has a habit of imposing religious authoritarianisms on people. That's why so many migrated here during our colonial days. Now we have four armed French cops imposing a law which legalizes religious discrimination on some hapless Muslim woman! I guess it took four big armed guys to get one little tiny woman to obey religious dictatorship. There you go! Very Trumpster (and Republican) in style and substance.

Looking at the comments attached to this story, written by the Trumpster minions. It looks like French attitudes migrated here with all those people from France who fled religious persecution, long ago. It's sad to see, such small minded thinking, driving an entire political party in America. Of course, I’m talking about the Republican party. Democrats don’t behave like this. If people want to make “America Great Again”, we need to get rid of this kind of attitude.

Who would have ever thought Americans would get upset about somebody practicing their religious beliefs in another country? Then, witness Americans cheer as four armed French cops take the poor woman's clothing off, embarrassing her in public and insulting her religion. This is very much in Trump’s panache, supported by Trumps thugs and toothless supporters. Is this the kind of behavior Americans are cheering for? Something happened to us.

Will we see this in America?  With Trump, you will.
Can Democrats save us from the worst our society has to offer? Or, have Democrats already lost the battle? Even if Hillary wins the 2016 election, the sickness of America will still be present. Hillary cannot cure what’s wrong with America. In fact, a Hillary victory could enflame America’s sickness even more and send all of us over the cliff’s edge. What then? More excuses?

It's the law, right? No recourse for the Muslim woman. What were the cops going to do? Shoot her if she didn't comply? They were sporting a lot of guns. Did they need riot gear to protect them from that dangerous Muslim woman?

Were the cops going to rip her clothes off, in a public style rape conducted by French storm troopers? From the Muslim woman’s point of view, that’s what it would seem like. For a religious Muslim man, killing Frenchmen is his only recourse. America insulted Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq in the most horrible ways.

Americans not yet born, will die in the future for what G.W. Bush and our military did. That’s how those Muslims are. They never forget. They always get revenge. Frenchmen will be killed because of their religious discrimination.

A lot of fun, right? Trumpsters getting off on the scene as they watch the disgrace of a Muslim woman on You Tube. Very peculiar to say the least. Do we have to go to black or Latino neighborhoods to find America again? Blacks and Latinos don’t root for this kind of stuff. Doesn’t it seem odd that only white people cheer for this kind of behavior?

I can't imagine Trump people getting in control of this country. Read some of the comments attached to this story and tell me you want those people making laws for all of us to follow. It's disgusting and very surprising to see so many Americans behave like Frenchmen.

Today’s Trumpsters also make a person wonder, how many more American values are they willing to trash? Let's see now. All men are not created equal. There is not equal justice under the law. People are guilty before proven innocent. Religious freedom no longer exists. Freedom of the press means nothing.

Round up 12 million Mexicans and throw them out of the country even if their children are American citizens. Breaking up families is perfectly alright. Trash the 14th Amendment with the wave of a wand. Lower people's wages. Force women to have babies they don't want. If someone speaks up against them, administer a good beating. Arm everybody to the teeth and hope everything turns out alright.

Yes, sir! We want Trumpsters in charge of everything. Next thing you know, a mass migration back to France will occur. What goes around, comes around. Right?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

North Korea, Trumpsters and Wal-Mart. It’s getting tough out there!

Silly Observations. Does anything make sense anymore?

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I was reading an article about North Korea and Kim Jong-un. The story basically stated North Korea might deploy hit squads to kill North Korean defectors who left their wonderful country. It shows the differences in cultures. It also demonstrates a problem the world has and will not address.

I had a wife who didn’t want to live with me anymore. I told myself, “ok, that’s fine”. I then helped pack her bags, opened the door and escorted her out to her car. Never saw that girl again. It never entered my mind, since she left me, I should hunt her down and kill her. I told myself, “if she didn’t want to be with me, it’s her loss, not mine”.

Apparently, North Koreans think it’s alright to hunt down your wife and kill her
because she left you. Culturally, they don’t realize they are better off getting rid of the malcontent than forcing them to stay. I know! I’m simple minded. Do I have too much common sense? In the end, I just think the little wife did me a favor when she left. Who wants to be around someone if they don’t like you?

So naturally all the comments following the story, focused on calling Kim Jong-un as many names as they could dream up. Have you ever noticed? There must be five Republicans for every Democrat trolling the internet. Whenever you see a comment on a story, having nothing to do with the subject matter or is filled with only name calling, you can bet it’s a Republican.

So, I chimed in with my “two cents” worth. As usual, I was an unwelcome participant in the conversation. Next to my name there is a small icon of Hillary Clinton. Boy, oh boy! It didn’t matter what I had to say about North Korea and Kim Jong-un, I became the target because all the Republicans thought of me as a Democrat and a Hillary supporter.

There were dozens of comments, about how I was a liberal in love with Hillary and how I must be one of those “Libtards”. Any conversation about Kim Jong-un was ended. It turned into a name calling contest among the Trump supporters to see who could call me the most vulgar names. The more I answered them, the more enraged they got.

Nevertheless, I tried to stick to the subject of the news story. So, I wrote the following:

I don't know about his "fat" or his "hat". Maybe he just has a "fat hat". Aside from all that, I am curious why the world is letting N. Korea go full steam ahead developing nukes and the means to deliver them. Sanctions mean nothing when Russia and China keep are providing him weapons and technology.

Just in case people haven't noticed, all of N. Korea's weapons are Russian and Chinese made. N. Korea doesn't make their own weapons. They don't have a manufacturing base able to build anything?

I especially love going to the store and having a hard time finding anything made in America. Wal-Mart is a Chinese outlet store. It seems N. Korea is an outlet store for Russian and Chinese weapons.

Maybe I'm just stupid. Ya" think? With regards to China. American consumers make Chinese dictators rich. They in turn, use their money, provided by Americans and give weapons to a country threatening America and its allies with nuclear destruction. In a little while, they will be able to go through with their threats. It’s just a matter of time.

As for you stupid Republicans, don’t just pop another beer and blame Obama. The solution to this problem is bigger than your next six pack. It’s going to take someone bigger than your "blowhard" to fix this problem without getting a lot of Americans killed.

Some future President will have to decide if she (ha, ha) wants continued cheap Chinese sunglasses or does she (ha, ha) want a bunch of dead Americans. China will have to decide if they want to continue to sell cheap sunglasses at Walmart or do they prefer a lot of dead Americans? Wal-Mart will have to decide if they support Americans who are not dead or do they support Chinese dictators who are helping someone to kill us.

Ok! There! I just solved this problem. I invite you to go with me down to Wal-Mart, buy a couple six packs of beer, get drunk and blame our government because Wal-Mart wants to use Chinese coolie labor to help kill all of us. Blaming the wrong people for this problem seems to be an American skill, ever since G.W. Bush.

Maybe I'm just stupid. Ya" think?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump, Bannon and the Mafia. Not a good sign!

A Criminal Enterprise Is Running for POTUS

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Everyone thinks the Trump campaign has sunk to new lows in modern politics. But, hold on just a second! It looks like we are headed for new levels of depravity. Bringing in Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News is a signal we are in store for even more pitiful behavior by Trump. I'm running out of words trying to describe this low life individual running for President.

I can only think of a few things Trump wants to do and they all require a dictator to accomplish them. I cannot think of single thing Trump advocates for, which will help people. His tax breaks only give temporary relief but in the end, will bankrupt the country. Then everyone suffers. Pure right wing nonsense. 


Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News has been printing and telling lies for a number of years. Can anyone point out anything truthful produced by this man? Trump has launched into so many lies during this campaign it's difficult to sit down and address his torrent of falsehoods in a single setting. Now that Trump has hired a consummate liar to manage his campaign, I’m afraid Trump’s campaign will only get worse, if that’s possible.

Alright, alright! Hillary isn't perfect. However, compared to the do nothing, no solutions,
cheating businessman, Donald Trump, Hillary is an angel. With the addition of Stephen Bannon, coupled with Trump, we are all in for disgusting political theater the rest of this campaign season.

Here's what I think, as though it matters. Hillary is holding back the most damaging information about Trump because she's too nice. With the addition of one of the biggest liars of all time to Trump's campaign, Trump will force Hillary to expose Trump's Mafia connections when he was running his casinos. There is already a lot out there regarding Trumps Mafia connection. Especially if the election gets close.

Taking a page out of Trump’s own campaign strategy handbook, Hillary doesn’t have to have specifics or proof of Trump’s Mafia involvement. All she has to do is keep hammering everyday about casinos, Mafia, drugs, prostitution, child pornography and murder. It is widely accepted by almost every American that gambling casinos and organized crime go hand in hand.

Hillary doesn’t have to develop the role casinos and the mafia already have in America. It is a widely accepted belief by Americans, about the correlation of casinos and the Mafia. Proof is not needed. Hillary just needs to keep pointing out the obvious entanglement of the Mafia, Casinos and Trump.

Sooner or later, somebody will shake loose and start backing her allegations up with testimony. Why, you might say? Because Donald Trump, Atlantic City Casinos and the Mafia is a fact of life. There are already investigations of Trump’s Mafia connections in the past and present. Those allegations and investigations just need to brought out into the open.

Mafia, casinos, prostitution, child pornography, murder and Donald Trump fit together like a tight glove. Is it any wonder Trump has sunk so low and become one of the biggest cheese balls in American politics? Trump, Stephen Bannon, Mafia, dirty business dealings, constant lying. What a combination. We are talking about the definition of Donald Trump.

After the election, one of the biggest questions on everybody's mind will be, "what do we do with the people who supported Trump?" Many of Trump's supporters are among the sickest people in this country. Just because Hillary gets elected, doesn't mean those people go away or shut up. With Trump's encouragement, they may start shooting.

No, Donald Trump inciting violence is not out of the question. His supporters are capable. Stephen Bannon may use his newfound influence to profit from more lies and even violence. The terrorist organization called the NRA could join in.

Bannon has been telling lies and inciting violence for years. The NRA has become a haven for militias who are practicing every day for when they can overthrow our government. The NRA is doing everything they can to arm the most violent people in America with the most potent weapons available. Donald Trump has obviously become the champion of Bannon conspiracies and NRA terrorist behavior.

Hopefully, none of this will come about. However, you have to live in a vacuum to think it can’t happen in America. The stage is being set by one of the most dangerous people to ever run for President and he has the backing of millions of very sick people. It isn’t funny anymore. It’s not a joke. Wake up and pay attention.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Arizona Is An Accomplice To Murder

Armed thugs on our streets
Take Two on Donald Trump's 
'Second Amendment' Comments

Inspirational story located at:

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My comment:
Normal people are not concerned about Donald’s use of “2nd Amendment Remedies” regarding Hillary Clinton. However, Donald did not address his "2nd Amendment remedy" to the general public. The general public are not as crazy as the people Donald Trump was speaking to.
More thugs

Donald Trump addressed his threatening comment to the NRA people. Who are the NRA people? Well, the NRA openly supports murderers, rapists, armed robbers, child molesters, wife beaters and every version of criminal mentality in America. By support, I mean the NRA wants to allow all these criminal elements to get any gun they want. No questions asked or any restrictions, whatsoever.

Not just any gun either. The NRA supports and promotes criminals obtaining military style assault rifles and carry their weapons in public. It seems the NRA would be perfectly happy if every violent criminal in America were riding up and down the street in a pickup waving their assault rifle in the air.

Deviant on the loose
Don’t try to tell me I’m not telling the truth. Forget all the propaganda about your right to own a gun. Forget all the fancy words. In Arizona, we have gun shows where any sleaze ball can obtain any weapon they want, with no questions asked. Marginal people can purchase an automatic assault rifle and the ammunition, with large capacity clips, put the weapon in the trunk of their car, drive to a nearby mall and fifteen minutes later kill dozens of people in the blink of an eye.

Police will eventually take him out but not until many people are dead. Investigators will swarm in, try to figure out who the killer was but won’t be able to ascertain the answer to that question for many days. They will find a receipt for the gun purchase and go back to the gun show in order to talk to the person selling the weapon.

The investigators will find nothing. The seller wrote down a false name. The seller has no idea who the gunman was. A background check was not conducted. The only concern the seller had when he sold the weapon was how many boxes of ammunition he could sell to the buyer.
Probably convicted felons

The NRA will defend the seller to their last breath. Attempts to prevent such a sale happening again will be defeated by politicians bought off by the NRA. The next month, another mass killing can occur. The NRA will take no responsibility for their actions and they will promote more murder in the future with their desire to arm all the deviants in America.

Let's not forget who makes up a significant portion of the NRA's membership. Neo-Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists, male Chauvinist pigs, the KKK, and on and on. Let’s not leave out the militias. Every weekend, militias are in the woods practicing for the day they can kill fellow Americans and overthrow our government.

Considering who makes up a significant portion of their membership, it’s just a matter of time when the US Government declares the NRA a terrorist organization. Each passing year, the NRA becomes increasingly more dangerous to the American people.

It's a lot of fun being a big man
Gone are the days when the NRA was one of the biggest environmental organizations, doing everything it could do to preserve our wilderness areas, in order to protect their hunting grounds. The NRA has gone from protecting our environment to protecting the criminal’s ability to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr. has certainly altered the purpose of the NRA. LaPierre is responsible for a lot of dead people in America who would be alive today if it were not for LaPierre’s meddling.

Terrorists know, all they have to do is come into America normally, drive to Arizona and buy all the weapons they need in order to murder Americans. It's really easy. There are so many people selling guns to any Tom, Dick or Harry in our state they can actually get discounts when buying large quantities of assault rifles.

If someone can’t find an already converted automatic assault rifle, (they might be sold out) there is plenty of instruction manuals at the gun shows telling you how you convert your assault rifle too full automatic. Arizona gun shows have declared open season on Americans and the NRA guarantees nobody will interfere with their desire to arm America’s criminals.

No! Donald Trump wasn't talking to normal Americans. He was talking to millions of sick violent Americans who know exactly what Trump means when he refers to the NRA taking action against Hillary Clinton if she becomes President. Donald Trump issued a call for violence and his clarion song is music to the ears of every deviant in America.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary’s election will not cure America’s sickness

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          I recently watched a video of a speech Hillary gave, provided by one of my friends on Facebook. She was speaking mainly about the dangers Donald Trump presents to America and she was using Trump's own words. She was very precise and because she was using Trump’s own words, her speech was effective.

 It reinforces what thoughtful people know to be true. My Facebook friends get it. However, my Facebook friends are more cognoscente of what’s going on around them, than Trumpsters. There are not enough people like my Facebook friends, living around me.

Every day, I go out for coffee at the local coffee shop in the morning. When I get there and sit down, 

I feel as though I'm a sparkler in a dark room.

It's not easy being the only Liberal in a coffee shop full of armed conservatives. People see a video like this and defend Trump by saying Hillary is a liar. One guy even accused Hillary of dubbing Trump’s words. No matter how much truth one presents, hatred cannot be overcome.

Yes, it is difficult living in my city, because hatred for Hillary spills over to every aspect of people's lives. There’s a lot of bitterness within the people of my city. There isn’t a lot of laughter heard on the streets, in neighborhoods or at stores, when the city is populated by conservative white people. If you want to hear people laughing and having a good time, you have to go to black and brown neighborhoods. It’s how things have turned out these days.

If you are not like them, here in my city, they will threaten you. They mean it too. I am not kidding when I say that if I speak out, I could be shot dead and the police would exonerate my killer.  I’ll just tell a quick story regarding one of the conversations I heard at the little coffee shop I like to go too. Why do I go there? This story will tell you why.

I’m sitting in this coffee shop listening to stories being told, when a particular conversation caught my ear. As usual, the shop was full of old “Baby Boomers”. You know the type, right? Fat old men with their pot bellies sticking out. They look like they need to take a bath, get a haircut and trim their grey beards. Even though some women and children were present, the most vulgar language possible was flowing from their toothless mouths like a grand festival celebrating crudeness. That’s the world of the “Baby Boomer”.

Have you ever noticed how “Baby Boomers” seem to be
the most disgusting people in your neighborhood?

I say that as a “Baby Boomer”. I have never gotten along with my own generation. Most “Baby Boomers” are disgusting people and I have never wanted to have much to do with them. I’ve always said, “the sooner “Baby Boomers” die off, the better off this country will be”.

One of those vulgar “Baby Boomers”, with his assault rifle leaning against the wall behind him, was talking about how easy it would be to take over the United States government if Hillary were elected President. Keep in mind, his proposal was meant only in the event Hillary is elected. He didn’t want to take over our government if Trump is elected.

He went on to say, about a thousand well-armed patriots could easily overwhelm Capital Security, during Hillary’s first State of the Union speech. The entire government would be centrally located and the patriots he spoke of so glowingly, could in one single stroke, eliminate most of the Democratic Party, including the President, Vice-President, members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Liberal members of the Supreme Court. It would be a great act of patriotism. It would be suicide but patriots must pay that price in order to save the country.

Well, to say I was a little shocked would be an understatement. Especially when I witnessed total agreement by all those who were present, including the women and children. One would tell me it was my duty to report the fantasies expressed by the Trump supporters in that little coffee shop.

But, you have to understand something about the town I live in. If I were to actually report something like that, many of the police in my town would beat me up for daring to report a conversation such as I just described. The police in this town are made up of Iraq Veterans who kicked people's doors down and murdered Iraqi citizens by the thousands. They brought that attitude to our police Department.

Besides, I think those big talkers are just that. Big talkers! However, it's their attitude which is widespread.

Don't get your confidence up too much about the political competition in this election cycle. The election will be close and you will not believe how many millions of people will vote for Trump. Hillary may win. Democrats may win. However, the problems this country has with conservatives will not go away. It's my belief we are on the verge of a Civil War. Hillary becoming President will not cure the sickness within our borders. The Republican Party will still be an enemy of our Union.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ivanka, you don’t know anything about your father. Shut up!

Ivanka Trump: Critics 'scared' of Donald Trump presidency

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My comment:
Cute girl! Speaks well for her father. She would probably be a nice person to know if you took all the politics away. However, that's where it stops. She’s not like most of us. Having everything provided to her, for her entire life, doesn’t make her like you and me.

Despite all her glowing testimonials about her father, the truth is, she only knows her father by what she has read in the newspapers. In other words, I know as much about Donald Trump as Ivanka does. Ivanka was raised by other people in her life. If she has some good qualities, it’s because of people other than her father.

Ivanka’s dad wasn’t there. Rule number one for parents. Be there! Trump provided the money. Trump paid for the nannies. Trump paid for her schooling. But, Trump was not a daddy! In order to be a daddy, you have to eat dinner with your child every night. You have to tuck your child into bed every night. You have to attend every parent teacher conference, for life.

Trump was a businessman and he was away from home constantly. Donald Trump was an absentee father. Truck drivers, traveling salesmen and people in the military have the same problem. Absence from a child’s life does not make a father. Lots of money doesn’t make a father. A man living in a tin shack who is home with his child every night, is a better father than Donald Trump.

This is a little diversion from the subject matter, but if you are a father and you miss the majority of your son’s Little League baseball games because you have to work, don’t call yourself a daddy. If you are a mother and because you work so late, you have to pick up dinner for your kids at McDonalds, don’t call yourself a mommy. You may be a mother and a father but you certainly are not mommy and daddy.
That is why Ivanka’s glowing praise for her father is a little hard to swallow. How much crap will people believe, anyway? At what point does someone just say, “Ivanka, you are a liar. You don’t know anything about your father. Shut up”!
She is being floated as a possible Cabinet member? Wait just a minute. Let's stop deluding ourselves. I prefer an experienced dentist over a rookie. By the same token, I want people in government to have a clue about what's going on. As nice as Ivanka is, she's not qualified. Sorry, if you are putting stock in anything this woman says about government, you are an idiot.

I know, there are those who think all government is bad. Everyone in government is a crook. People working in government are less smart that toothless Ralph, living in Georgia's hill country. It's a movement in our country that will last only as long as it takes people to find out amateurs don't get good results and maybe a few people who know what they are doing, isn't such a bad idea.

Even after the revolution is over and our current government has been destroyed, you will still need some sort of government. I mean, somebody will have to get roads built, right? After everyone gets pissed off and fires the experienced road builder, they might find out the amateur they put in his/her place, isn't doing so well.

Sweet girl, that Ivanka. However, on issues of government, she is the epitome of what an amateur is. She probably doesn't understand the Constitution any more than her father does. Putting amateurs in charge of government would have the same result as a first year dental student inside your mouth.

You start off thinking you have the problem solved but discover that the person inside your mouth made things a lot worse. Many times, amateurs running a revolution and promoting a new government, have the same bad results. History has shown that to be true.

Be careful! You may get what you wish for. A lot of times, fixing the damage a dentist does is far more painful and costly than the original problem. People like Donald and Ivanka, can make you have a lot of regrets.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

America is a decadent and primitive nation.

Controversial Parade Float Depicts Hillary Clinton in Prison as
Children Pelt It with Water Balloons

From a story located at"

My comment:

Republican behavior is really getting old now. A story like this highlights the struggle America and Democrats are engaged in. This story points out how sick America has become. This story, told in different parts of the world, lends credence to the notion, America is a decadent and primitive nation.

People like Donald Trump are a dime a dozen and traditionally have been pushed into a corner, left to rant and rave, where nobody can hear them. However, today, Donald Trump has become mainstream. It’s so easy to attack Trump for his lunacy. The real target is being ignored and I suppose it’s because nobody wants to tell the truth and alienate potential swing voters.

But, there comes a time when concerned people must confront the insanity threatening to take over our nation. The insanity of a parade float depicting Hillary Clinton in prison, as children pelt it with water balloons, is something to be very concerned about. It demonstrates a widespread illness within our population.

One can only assume the parade organizers were part of the disgrace because most parades require a permit in order to be allowed to participate. Permits are required because parade organizers don’t want to be associated with deviant displays. Apparently, the parade organizers didn’t think anything was wrong with the nature of this float. In other words, the parade organizers are as sick as the people who made the float.

Donald Trump did not dream up the parade float. Sick Americans did. These very ill Americans should be the focus of our concern, not Donald Trump. Long after Trump fades into obscurity, a very large number of bizarre people will still be loose in our country. They will still be training our children to be like them.

Giving water balloons to children to throw at a woman and a Democrat teaches those children to disrespect our national leaders and fosters the development of further mental disorders in children, lasting their lifetime. It also promotes sexism in children. The disease of sexism doesn’t go away for many all the rest of their lives.

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, children participating in the hatred promoted by hate filled adults, will grow up to not respect anyone different from them. The sickness of America perpetuates itself in future generations and getting children to admit their parents and friends were wrong, will be next too impossible. No admission of a sickness, no cure. A future generation of sick demented people is growing up before our eyes.

There is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. I would venture to say that among Democratic circles, you will never see an effigy of Donald Trump, in a public cage and children encouraged to exercise their most primitive instincts. Democrats don’t do things like that.

This difference highlights the war between Republicans and Democrats. We can only hope Democrats can stem the tide of insanity sweeping over America. If Hillary wins the 2016 Election, the biggest problem she will confront is how to cure the insanity demonstrated by people exhibiting the float in their little Iowa town.