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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

North Korea, Trumpsters and Wal-Mart. It’s getting tough out there!

Silly Observations. Does anything make sense anymore?

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I was reading an article about North Korea and Kim Jong-un. The story basically stated North Korea might deploy hit squads to kill North Korean defectors who left their wonderful country. It shows the differences in cultures. It also demonstrates a problem the world has and will not address.

I had a wife who didn’t want to live with me anymore. I told myself, “ok, that’s fine”. I then helped pack her bags, opened the door and escorted her out to her car. Never saw that girl again. It never entered my mind, since she left me, I should hunt her down and kill her. I told myself, “if she didn’t want to be with me, it’s her loss, not mine”.

Apparently, North Koreans think it’s alright to hunt down your wife and kill her
because she left you. Culturally, they don’t realize they are better off getting rid of the malcontent than forcing them to stay. I know! I’m simple minded. Do I have too much common sense? In the end, I just think the little wife did me a favor when she left. Who wants to be around someone if they don’t like you?

So naturally all the comments following the story, focused on calling Kim Jong-un as many names as they could dream up. Have you ever noticed? There must be five Republicans for every Democrat trolling the internet. Whenever you see a comment on a story, having nothing to do with the subject matter or is filled with only name calling, you can bet it’s a Republican.

So, I chimed in with my “two cents” worth. As usual, I was an unwelcome participant in the conversation. Next to my name there is a small icon of Hillary Clinton. Boy, oh boy! It didn’t matter what I had to say about North Korea and Kim Jong-un, I became the target because all the Republicans thought of me as a Democrat and a Hillary supporter.

There were dozens of comments, about how I was a liberal in love with Hillary and how I must be one of those “Libtards”. Any conversation about Kim Jong-un was ended. It turned into a name calling contest among the Trump supporters to see who could call me the most vulgar names. The more I answered them, the more enraged they got.

Nevertheless, I tried to stick to the subject of the news story. So, I wrote the following:

I don't know about his "fat" or his "hat". Maybe he just has a "fat hat". Aside from all that, I am curious why the world is letting N. Korea go full steam ahead developing nukes and the means to deliver them. Sanctions mean nothing when Russia and China keep are providing him weapons and technology.

Just in case people haven't noticed, all of N. Korea's weapons are Russian and Chinese made. N. Korea doesn't make their own weapons. They don't have a manufacturing base able to build anything?

I especially love going to the store and having a hard time finding anything made in America. Wal-Mart is a Chinese outlet store. It seems N. Korea is an outlet store for Russian and Chinese weapons.

Maybe I'm just stupid. Ya" think? With regards to China. American consumers make Chinese dictators rich. They in turn, use their money, provided by Americans and give weapons to a country threatening America and its allies with nuclear destruction. In a little while, they will be able to go through with their threats. It’s just a matter of time.

As for you stupid Republicans, don’t just pop another beer and blame Obama. The solution to this problem is bigger than your next six pack. It’s going to take someone bigger than your "blowhard" to fix this problem without getting a lot of Americans killed.

Some future President will have to decide if she (ha, ha) wants continued cheap Chinese sunglasses or does she (ha, ha) want a bunch of dead Americans. China will have to decide if they want to continue to sell cheap sunglasses at Walmart or do they prefer a lot of dead Americans? Wal-Mart will have to decide if they support Americans who are not dead or do they support Chinese dictators who are helping someone to kill us.

Ok! There! I just solved this problem. I invite you to go with me down to Wal-Mart, buy a couple six packs of beer, get drunk and blame our government because Wal-Mart wants to use Chinese coolie labor to help kill all of us. Blaming the wrong people for this problem seems to be an American skill, ever since G.W. Bush.

Maybe I'm just stupid. Ya" think?
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