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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cruz/Paul: They Are Who They Ondorse

Ted Cruz/Rand Paul: barking up the wrong tree
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While it is important to appeal to a particular block of voters, these two candidates for President of the United States, in 2016, need to watch their step if they intend to win a general election.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul seem to have forgotten Barack Obama won two elections quite handily and most of the people voting for Obama were Christians. They weren't Fundamentalist Christians. They were the majority of Christianity in America. Cruz and Paul are catering to a minority.

Fundamentalist Christians have a hard time realizing they are not the majority. However, not everyone in this country believes they are superior to others because they are going to heaven and everyone else is a non-believer destined for hell. Fundamentalists demonstrate a false sense of grandeur and this belief is common to all fundamentalist religions.

This attitude is yet another twist on delusions of grandeur. History is full of people suffering from superiority complexes. Notions of superiority, in any form, religious or otherwise, is a foreign mentality which is not native to America. At least this was the dream, right?

In America, delusions of grandeur by certain religious ideologies is especially damaging. They don't care whose civil liberties they trample on. All attempts to limit the civil liberties of people deemed inferior is promoted by religious philosophy exclusively. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to have a discussion with American fundamentalists? It's like talking to a brick wall.

It’s very unfortunate, but among Republicans an individual can’t get their Party’s nomination unless they toe the line to Fundamentalist Christianity. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are repeating the mistakes Mitt Romney made when he ran for President. In some backward way, these two men seem to think if they appeal to a minority, the majority will vote for them. Things don’t work that way.

During the 2012 Primary season, Mitt painted himself into a corner when he accepted the views of the most drastic Christians contradicting views he had in the past. He contradicted his own religion in his desire to be President. Anyone wanting to be President that bad, should never be President. People saw him for what he was and rejected him.

I am of course speaking about normal people. Many Christians, loving hypocrites, voted for Mitt anyway. What do I mean by that? As we all know, fundamentalist Christians in America proclaim if you don’t think Jesus is Lord and Jesus hasn't Saved you, than you’re not going to heaven. You’re a tool of Satan. Mitt Romney, by definition, betrays all that Christians believe.

In the 2012 election, we actually saw millions of hypocrites voting for a hypocrite. It was truly a sight to witness. I’ll never know why so many Christians, believing as they do, voted for a non-Christian knowing full well Mitt wasn't  going to Heaven and was Satan’s tool for evil doing. Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

One can only surmise Fundamentalist Christians hate Blacks, Democrats, women and Liberals more than they love Jesus. How else can one explain the hypocritical view of these rabid Fundamentalists? Their beliefs and their action defines what a hypocrite is.

When Ted Cruz and Rand Paul accept the endorsement of anyone behaving as these Fundamentalists do, they become whom they pander too. He who walks with wise men shall be wise. Walk with hypocrites and be one.