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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Overcome Republican Advantage in Media Coverage

Dated 7/29/2015

On MSN's political page there are 20 stories. Fifteen of those stories focus on Republicans in one way or the other. It's like that every day. Many Republican candidates were represented. Democrats are missing.

There is not a single mention of Hillary. We are losing the media war. If one-sided reporting in favor of Republicans is not reversed, we will lose the election. Republicans are masters of manipulating the media outlets. They are doing it right now.

We need to start debates among Democrats seeking the nomination, now.  Perceptions are forming now. The election is being won or lost right now. A clear difference between the Parties needs definition now. Waiting to react later will not overcome opinions formed today.

Get Democrats debating as soon as possible. Have Democrats debating Republicans as Bernie suggested. Grab the headlines today or grab your butt tomorrow.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Will Obama's Iran firewall hold?

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My Comment:

Iran doesn't need the United States to implement this agreement. Republicans have rendered
America moot overall on this subject. When Republicans announced the agreement would be voided in the future, they announced to the world we can’t be trusted. Republicans turned America into a bunch of back stabbers.

Iran should just ignore the US, proceed with the agreement with the other nations involved and just thumb their noses at America. Republicans attacking Obama with all their lies and name-calling is in affect also telling our allies (Britain and France) they are equally wrong about the agreement and they are as stupid as Obama. That’s not how you treat friends.

China and Russia also signed onto this agreement and American behavior in these negotiations cannot possibly encourage those half enemies to enter any agreement with America in the future. We cannot be trusted because of Republicans. Insulting Obama also insults them.

Russia, China, England and France should just implement the agreement, make all the money and let American Republican children cry in their sandbox. When these other nations develop strong economic ties with Iran, they will be less likely to support American aggression against iran in the future.

The golden age of American leadership was severely eroded when Bush and the entire Republican Party invaded a nation based on American lies. The entire world, including our strongest allies, lost faith in us because of Republican behavior in the past,

America has become a double crossing, warmongering nation controlled by extremist religious fanatics. We have become as dangerous to the world as any movement within the Muslim community.

In terms of pure body count, America is the most dangerous nation on earth. We have become like this because of religious Republican extremism distorting everything this nation has ever stood for. Far too many Democrats have been complicit in the moral decay of our nation. Those Democrats should be purged.

If there are Democrats shaking in their pants because they fear Republican retribution in their next re-election effort, they should know they have as much to fear from Democrats needing to purge themselves of phony pretenders behaving like Republicans.

Until America becomes responsible in the world theater once again, the world should ignore the most dangerous nation on earth. Threats of more war by Republican religious warmongers should be ignored by the rest of the world. Implement the Iran accords without American participation. Ignore America.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Elder Bush in fair condition after breaking bone in neck

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My Comment:
Nobody cheers for Bush's injury. If they do, something is wrong with that person. Unless of course, they seek vengeance and that mindset has its own folly. It is hoped someone as old as the Senior Bush will ease on to the afterlife with as little suffering as possible. Isn't that a universal wish for all people?

However, many people may not have the same thoughts. I would venture to say there are many people around the world who wish for the most painful and horrible death our past President can experience. If you had a child killed by the senior Bush, because of his decisions, you may not have a lot of sympathy for George H.W. Bush.

If you are a relative of the 6,000 Panamanians inside those collapsed apartment buildings our military took out, you may not be so kind towards Bush senior. After all, they all died so Bush could keep Noriega from spilling the beans about those drugs Oliver North and he sold on American streets in order fund illegal activities.

Some people say that as a result of the first Golf War, half a million Iraqi's died from all the carpet-bombing and embargoes resulting in starvation and lack of medical supplies. If you are an Iraqi mother who lost her newborn child because there were no medical supplies, you might be glad to hear of Bush's broken neck. Bush was responsible for that.

Considering all the innocent dead people scattered around the world due to Daddy Bush's decisions, one cannot but wonder if God will punish the man when he knocks at the pearly gates. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Graham: Iran deal ‘akin to declaring war on Israel’

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My comment:
Iran is no more a threat to the world than Iraq was. Being afraid of their own shadow appears to be a Republican trait they are willing to use for their own political benefit. Fear was the tool Republicans used to get us into a war crimes situation just a few years ago. The American people,
easily manipulated were taken advantage of by liars, warmongers and profiteers.

Flush with success, Republicans are using the same tactics to manipulate the American people again. The words coming out of Republican mouths appear to originate from the pits of Hell. Only Satan would engage in the destructive behavior displayed by the Republican Party today.

Once a person gets over their fear and realizes negotiations for a peaceful settlement are far better than Republican solutions, this is not such a bad deal. This is true if there was nothing to fear in the first place. Pretending Iran is a greater threat than Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea is just going too far. How much more damage will these Republicans do to our nation anyway? They are single handedly destroying America.

There is another issue in play seldom spoken about. The issue of course is that United States opinion doesn't matter much anymore. After invading a country for no reason and killing half a million people just for fun, America lost its moral standing in the world. After kidnapping people, torturing them to death and bragging about it didn't help our credibility either.

Getting indignant and blustering about how evil Iran is falls on deaf ears in the International Community. There is a political party in the United States in control of two thirds of our government that will not admit any errors in the past and is threatening more of the same mistakes in the future. War criminals threatening more war crimes will not restore our honor in the eyes of the world.

The truth is, America has become so irrelevant that if other nations involved in this negotiated deal with Iran implemented the terms of the agreement, end of story. Are Republican egos so out of control they have forgotten several other world powers are part of this deal as well? The world doesn't need the United States to lift the sanctions. Just ignore the warmongers in the United States and carry on.

Because of George W. Bush and his Republican friends, the United States just doesn't matter anymore. America is like a bunch of crazy people waving their arms around on top of a hill, shouting at the top of their voice but no one listens. Those people over there are just nuts. Thanks a lot Republican fools.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

'Religious freedom' bill picks up momentum in House

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My Comment:
There needs to be a clarification of the term "Separation of Church and State". An Amendment to our Constitution spelling out what "Separation of Church and State" means to the American people is profoundly needed. As of now, "Separation of Church and State" is left to opinion, which varies decade by decade within our nation and is subject to interpretation by a court system, which changes
personnel on a regular basis.

Clearly, Republicans are now measured by religious dogma. Opening Pandora's Box, allowing for discrimination against a segment of our society based on a religious belief, emboldens religion to take further steps imposing their doctrine on all of society.

You cannot allow legal discrimination based on religion and then expect religion to stop at the door representing their hate for gay marriage. Religious hate has no boundary. A secular society must halt religious intolerance before it gets out of control.

There are over 100 elected co-sponsors in the National Republican Party supporting a religious hatred bill and attempting to legalize their animosity with a law. Religion has already made inroads into our secular government. Stop it now or regret it later. The power of religious hatred is very solid among Republicans.

If a law is passed, legally discriminating against US taxpayers based on a religious belief, do not be surprised if more laws supporting religious beliefs are passed in the future. Religious beliefs are very difficult to oppose. An Amendment to the Constitution would clarify how far religion can go before they are stopped by a guiding principal ensconced into our governing document.

There is a problem of course. There is always a problem. Because people have been slow to recognize the invasion into our legal system by religion, it may be impossible to pass an Amendment expounding what "Separation of Church and State" means to our way of life.

The people who would oppose such an Amendment have a large religious membership into the elected legislative bodies needed to pass such an Amendment. It may be too late to do anything about it. Welcome to a Christian version of the Taliban. Wake up dummies! It can happen here.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

As Donald Trump surges in polls, Democrats cheer

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My comment:
It doesn't matter what Trump says. The more outrageous he becomes the more his popularity surges. He could start talking like Ted Nugent and he might get his party's nomination. The Donald Trump phenomenon isn’t new. It's been going on for some time now. This irresponsible voting pattern among Republicans emerged in earnest with the Bush/Kerry election. Some say even earlier than that.

After his first term, George W. Bush had been proven a liar. The country knew he had lied about weapons of mass destruction. The nation knew he committed war crimes when he authorized kidnapping and murder by torture. Several thousand US soldiers and a few hundred thousand innocent Iraqi's died for a lie.

US citizens were aware he authorized spying on American citizens without a warrant. Many Democrats predicted massive debt with his economic policies. They were right. It was no secret he was destroying American credibility worldwide and that with the help of ideologically driven Republicans, he was bankrupting the nation. 

Armed with all this knowledge, Republicans re-elected G.W. Bush for a second term. The Republican Party put their stamp of approval on murder, kidnapping, torture and an economic policy known to create disaster. The Republicans quite literally bragged about all there errors and elected a Nugent/Trump style individual to be President again.

Skipping ahead, when the Obama/Romney election came about, the Republicans demonstrated a total disregard for anything resembling what they believed in. Much of the Republican Party is populated by Jesus loving people who completely ignored their most fundamental belief. Jesus is Lord and anyone not like them is going to Hell.

Because of their hatred for anyone who is a Democrat and especially because of their deep rooted racial prejudice, Republicans voted in mass for a rich snob who demonstrated his disdain for common Americans in many ways. Mitt Romney was a pathological liar, which only strengthened his credibility among Republicans in the same way they loved the liar George W. Bush.

In the ultimate act of hypocrisy, despite their belief anyone not saved like them would go to hell, they voted for a non-believer, destined for Satan's fiery pits, to be President of the United States. Republican irresponsibility came to a peak during the Obama/Romney election. It can safely be said that Republicans hate Black Liberal Democrats more than they love Jesus or our nation.

Therefore, the success of Donald Trump should not come as a surprise to any of us. The more outrageous he becomes, the better his chances are of getting his party’s nomination. In the months ahead, we will probably watch Trump become saved and gullible Republicans will flock to his corner.

Despite claims of moral superiority, Republicans love liars, cheats, murderers, thieves and false Christians above all else. Donald Trump can win the election if nominated. Especially if lazy Democrats sit on their butts, chase women and smoke dope instead of going out to vote. Don’t laugh, it could happen.