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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Manifesto of a Militant Democrat- Establish the Rule of Law regarding War Crimes

How to Establish the Rule of Law Regarding War Crimes

§ Re-establish the War Crimes Treaties President Bush nullified in order to protect himself and the military. If unable to re-activate the War Crimes Treaties, the President should introduce the War Crime Treaties to the Senate for new ratification. America must join the civilized world again.

§ Use the Geneva Conventions to prosecute war criminals if the War Crimes Treaties are not ratified again. President Bush did not nullify the Geneva Conventions. These treaties are still part of United States Law.

§ Article IV of the United States Constitution, Clause 2, provides that the Constitution, Federal Laws made pursuant to it and treaties made under its authority, constitute the Supreme Law of the land. The Supremacy Clause binds all State Courts to Federal Law. In case of conflict between Federal and State Law, Federal Law is supreme. Even State Constitutions are subordinate to Federal Law.

§ Under the Rule of Law, no President or elected official can ignore the law. If laws or treaties are part of the United States legal system then elected officials failing to enforce said laws are subject to impeachment and removal from office.

§ Prosecute the George W. Bush Administration for War Crimes and incarcerate or execute the guilty parties regardless of their position in the government. Apply the Rule of law.

§ Obtain the rosters of all US personnel stationed at prisoner of war camps around the world. Arrest each American Citizen staffing detention centers. Threaten all parties concerned with life imprisonment until they point out the guilty perpetrators of crimes.

§ Put to death or incarcerate anyone guilty of directing death by torture. American citizens committing murder in the name of the people will become an example to the rest of the world in order to re-establish this nation’s leadership as the moral compass in a turbulent world.

§ Guilty parties conducting torture, murder and kidnapping cannot use the defense “they were only following orders”. The Nuremberg trials invalidated this defense after WWII.

§ Anyone serving in the government of the United States of America takes an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Having sworn to defend the Constitution, any American violating their oath is subject to prosecution.

Our nation can only regain its honor and claim moral superiority above less civilized countries if our nation observes the Rule of Law again. The next time US prisoners of war are tortured our nation will have legal standing in voicing its objections if the Rule of Law is observed.

Otherwise, we must remain silent. One cannot support the violation of US Law only when it suites them as George W. Bush did. Failure to enforce the Rule of Law encourages future lawbreakers both foreign and domestic.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Manifesto of a Militant Democrat - Prosecute War Crimes

Prosecute Crimes against Humanity committed by Politicians and members of the military.

   George W. Bush, his Administration and the military committed War Crimes. Many, opposing the wars after 911, spoke of War Crimes but were ignored and ridiculed. Brave souls in our nation objected to atrocities committed by America but were shouted down by those perpetrating crimes, and those supporting the lawless nature of our politicians and our military.

   If you exercised free speech and spoke out against illegal war crimes, you were a traitor. You hated America and supported Islamic extremists. You were against the military. Military worship became a fanatic obsession by large segments of American society. This adoration has been inappropriate for a military force murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

   Journalists were hesitant to write stories condemning the illegal reasons for going to war and were timid to point out the murder of civilians by our military. Many people lost their jobs for speaking out and an atmosphere of fear permeated the free press and the American people.

   Sinister criminal elements of American society took control of our nation. Millions of ordinary citizens encouraged our government and our military to break laws, commit murder, torture human beings, and kidnap people.

   Large segments of American society gave their approval and elected a war criminal to a second term of office insuring the continued lawless behavior of our government and our military. When the campaign to re-elect George W. Bush came upon the people, it was very clear his administration lied to America about the reasons for going to war.

   It was very clear war crimes were being committed in the name of the American people. Politicians, soldiers and everyday Americans bragged about torture and murder and promised to do more of the same. Criminals walked free as though nothing had happened at all.

   Several hundred thousand innocent people had died for a lie. America was torturing people to death and the military had been set loose to commit war crimes with no oversight or guidance from elected officials or military commanders.

   The American people gave their approval and congratulated criminal politicians and trigger-happy video game killers in the military, when they elected George W. Bush for the second time. Politicians and military personnel shoulder major responsibility for crimes against humanity during the Bush years. However, a vast number of Americans, voting for criminal behavior, torture and murder while giving approval for additional crimes are guilty as well.

   People around the world were horrified to see our great nation break international law, commit War Crimes and watch the American people reward criminals for their deeds.

It is incumbent upon Americans to prosecute crimes against humanity by applying the Rule of Law.

   President Obama ignored the rule of law but his is not the last word.  American’s must correct the lawless behavior from our past and establish our nation as a beacon for justice the rest of the world can admire again.

   George W. Bush, with a wave of his wand, nullified the War Crime Treaties ratified by the Senate and signed into law by a President. It is a murky area within our Constitution and this loophole needs correction as soon as possible. However, that is another subject.

   No President should nullify US Treaties simply because he/she wants to protect themselves from future criminal charges. War Crime Treaties entered into by the United States would have forced President Obama to indict and prosecute George W. Bush and many members of his administration.

   Those same War Crime treaties would have forced the prosecution of many members of our Armed Forces. Many war criminals are now running free within the borders of the United States.

   Treaties entered into by the United States are meaningless to the world unless the United States restores its honor and becomes a nation ruled by law once again. Future Presidents will not be able to negotiate treaties with foreign nations because the United States is unreliable and will not abide by the Treaties it signs.

   Although George W. Bush nullified War Crimes Treaties in order to protect himself and criminals within the military, there is no reason why President Obama or some future President cannot wave a wand and restore those treaties into US law again.

   If a President cannot restore this nation’s past commitment to War Crimes Treaties by simply reinstating the treaties into US law, then this President, or some future President, should reintroduce those treaties to the United States Senate, ratify said treaties again and sign them into law.

   The United States must establish its commitment to the prevention of War Crimes and again take its place among civilized nations. Failing to uphold the rule of law today exposes American personnel in future conflicts to acts of torture and murder. As it stands now, should an American soldier be captured and tortured, the United States lacks moral and legal standing to object.

   Establishing the Rule of Law concerning War Crimes will also serve notice to future Presidents and future military commanders they cannot invade a country, commit War Crimes and go unpunished. Failing to prosecute politicians and military personnel for their crimes today, guarantees the behavior of the Bush Administration will be repeated in the future by yet some unknown President. Future individuals in the military will know that murdering people is acceptable if we do not establish the rule of law again.