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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sarah Palin Gave A Very Un-Sarah Palin Speech At CPAC

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My Response:

It’s about time Sarah Palin said something positive. She seems to have made a career of bad mouthing people. She’s been so bad with her name calling one must consider if she is truly a Christian. She has a lot of potential but needs to appeal to a broader base of support if she wants anyone to take her seriously in the future.

Regarding her subject. “Our Poor Veterans”. I wonder if anyone else is getting tired of hearing about our hero’s from the last two wars.  You know! How much they suffered. How much they are suffering today. Compared to previous wars, the latest crop of Veterans didn’t suffer too much, considering the pansy wars they participated in.

Current veterans didn’t suffer a fraction of the casualties suffered by Viet Nam era veterans, (WWII and Korea as well).  Present day veterans have one thing in common with Viet Nam vets. Invading a foreign country for false reasons and killing several hundred thousand innocent civilians based entirely on a lie, is their common ground.  

One can say Viet Nam, Afghan and Iraqi veterans have much in common with German soldiers in WWII. Good German soldiers performed their duty while invading foreign countries based a lies as well. Just imagine if Germany were to start making heroes of their soldiers in WWII. It wouldn’t go over too well, would it? Our bragging and boasting today is very distasteful around the world.

Thank you very much for serving your country. You get a pat on the back. However, people need to quit treating our trigger-happy video game killers as though they are some poor picked on class of Americans who deserve more than other veterans do. They don’t deserve more than their fellow Americans living on our streets today.

The truth is, during the ten-year history of our last two wars, our military suffered about 5,000 deaths or an average of about 500 per year. During that same period, around 400,000 Americans died from gunshot wounds, 500,000 died from lack of health care and another 400,000 died from car accidents.

It was more dangerous living in America than it was to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are more PTSD cases among American children living in our inner cities than the military ever experienced. It’s time to stop making excuses for a bunch of cry babies who didn’t suffer very much. We need to relieve taxpayers and stop draining our treasury supporting a bunch of losers.

Thank you Sarah Palin for your kind words. However, like so many of your kind, you need to get your head on straight. There are American values requiring much more attention than our veterans do.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wisconsin Senate approves right-to-work bill, sends to State Assembly

What does every dictatorship have in common? No unions. What does every free society have? Unions.

Dictatorships don't have a 40 hr. work week. They don't pay overtime if you work more than 40 hrs. Dictatorships don't have breaks or lunch periods.  Dictatorships make workers work long hrs., with no benefits, and they employ child labor. There is no retirement plan in a dictatorship and medical plans are only a dream for the workers.

If a company within a dictatorship does well, the workers will never share in its success even though the workers are the people who make companies succeed. That’s right, a millionaire’s money is worthless if they don’t have good workers to make their companies succeed and be profitable.

Congratulations UNION BUSTERS. Your goals match exactly the goals of corporate dictatorships. Don't think for one second corporations are your friend. Never believe corporations will give you a raise or a benefit if it hurts their profit margin. Corporations look after their shareholders first. You, lowly worker, will never get a break from your money grabbing company.

Many people in America enjoy the benefits Unions fought and shed blood for you. Thank you very much UNION BUSTERS. Back stabbers, traitors and ungrateful slobs.

Corporations would treat American workers like Chinese coolies if it were not for Unions and a government not in the hands of corporatists. Now that our government is bought and paid for by the likes of the Koch Brothers, and with the demise of Unions, who is going to look after the American worker?

The answer is, no one will look after you. The Chinese work model is descending upon us. Thanks to you UNION BUSTERS, Americans may have to move to China to get a raise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'

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Here we go again. Another example of how America has slid down that slippery hill. When 911 occurred, America lost more than a building and innocent lives on that fateful day. America stepped into a dark tunnel and the light at the end is absent

Yes, our country has a long history of civil rights abuses but over time, we always seemed to correct our mistakes. Currently, there is not a plausible movement to correct our errors. The people have accepted dictatorship and nobody complained.

After 911 America allowed a President and his entire administration to perform murder by torture, kidnapping, rendering and a false war murdering half a million innocent people. America cheered, bragged and boasted. America encouraged our leaders to commit further crimes. The American people accepted dictatorship and cheered. Europe cried. The world wondered what happened to the Golden land.

After 911, a new dictatorship spied on Americans without a warrant and Americans approved. Many people objected but were called names, chastised, even fired from their jobs for defending what America used to be. News services became afraid to report the news and lied to the people to protect their jobs.

Set loose by a criminal administration American soldiers went into Afghanistan and Iraq with virtually no restrictions. Murder and mayhem ensued and military commanders having the sense to stop such behavior in times past went silent.
US soldiers went on a killing spree as they exacted America's vengeance on old men, women and children.

Now those trigger happy video game killers have come home and many police departments employ them. Slapped on the back and congratulated for their crimes many of our heroes are now doing their trigger-happy, shoot first; ask questions later behavior on American citizens. Like a disease, this attitude spread to others who never served in the military.

Cops are killing unarmed people around the country and are getting away with it. They get away with it because America has accepted dictatorship. America has traded its civil liberties for security. America rewarded war criminals when they re-elected George W. Bush for a second term.

Is it any wonder an interrogation center in Chicago, depicted in this news story, can exist in our nation? Our leaders and their followers have committed massive war crimes. These criminals bragged the people made them heroes. An example has been set. It has become common behavior. Police officers secretly interrogating, torturing and even killing is the norm today.

None of those officers or political leaders who participated in or authorized such a facility in the United States will pay for what they have done. America has already accepted dictatorship. We are just too proud to admit it. The loud mouths, the bully's, the authoritarians and braggarts have taken over country and the people approve. The meek shall inherit the earth but not any time soon in America.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Making Excuses for Racists

A response to a comment made on my You Tube channel about a racist video I posted.

Here's the video I posted,

Here's the individual posting a comment.

steve jaubert

 Here is what he said.

Here's right back at you. There's another kind of guy who says what's on the mind of many Americans. There are more people like him than most want to admit. This is a uniquely Democratic attitude. Go look around and you can find him the same way you found this white man. Listen up and you can hear "cracker, honkey, wigger, whitey, redneck" and so forth. Republicans don't engage in this kind of language (to use your partisan approach). Until the Democratic party purges itself of this kind of voter don't vote Democratic.Now that makes about as much sense as your analysis.

So what's your point; finding some racist to play to a particular audience that feeds into you one-sided video to drum up some hate baiting? There's plenty "this guys" white, black and other ethnicity who are racists. Its too bad you can't put up some videos of them. How about some of jesse jackson referring to all of new york as hymietown or al sharpton referring to jews as "diamond merchants" and ancient greeks as "homos" and so on and on and on. How about this one that made me laugh stated by hispanic actress naya rivera that showering was such a "white people thing". Every culture does the racist thing so get a life camera guy.

It should not surprise you to hear this man calling obama any names that a lot of people aren't thinking but find something more interesting than your partisan baiting. This is not news. It solves nothing since it happens on both sides. The real issue this man is upset about I suspect (if you had a little creativity) is that he happens to be a white person and feels he is getting a raw deal from obama being a so-called leader of this country. He may have a racist way of expressing it but the same can be said about a lot of other people who aren't white caught on videos. Do you really think its all republicans are all democrats so cut and dry? How simplistic! It makes me feel you are building off your high-school education!

 Here is my response to him.

You can play the "poor picked on white guy" all you want, but it doesn't make up for the pure racial hatred expressed by this idiot in my video. This person runs around our apartment telling everyone he'd like to kill Obama. That's a common theme among poor picked on whitey.

You can't find this kind of hatred emanating from Democratic leaning web sites. I don't know of any Democratic militias running around in the woods pretending to kill rednecks. I don't know of any Democratic Legislatures passing nullification of Federal law bills. I have not heard any Democrat threaten secession.

I am not aware of any Democrats passing voter suppression bills in order to suppress Republican leaning constituencies from voting. I don't see white cops murdering unarmed white people in mass all over the country. In fact, I don't see many black cops killing unarmed people anywhere in our country.

I don't see Democrats telling people don't get health insurance and continue mooching off society. Continue being a deadbeat and expect society to pay their bills when they need health care. I don't see Republican concern for 50,000 dead Americans every year because of the lack of health care.

Republican racism is not restricted to black people. Republican discrimination extends to Latinos, Arabs, Indians and women in general. Religious prejudice is firmly entrenched in the Republican Party. Discrimination of every type is rampant within the Republican Party. Sure, there is some primitive behavior among people calling themselves Democrats but this behavior is far less prevalent among Democrats.

There are very few Democrats denigrating women and demanding women be obedient to their man. I don't see Democrats getting all upset about what kind of sex people practice in the privacy of their home.

The list goes on forever. The point is, Democrats are not perfect but they are a little less sick in the head than Republicans are. Despite what Republican religious braggarts say, Democrats are closer to the teachings of Jesus than Republicans are.

The last election is a good example. Mitt is not a Christian. Millions of Christians around the country proclaim their superiority over non-Christians and condemn anyone not saved or not believing Jesus is Lord, to hell. Because they are so wonderful and believe in Jesus, only they are going to heaven. Satan guides everyone else.

Yet in the last election, millions of superior Christians voted for a non-Christian. One can only conclude that these Christians hate blacks, liberals and Democrats more than they love Jesus.

In the election of Bush vs. Kerry the country knew beyond a doubt that Bush lied about Iraq, was spying on Americans, was kidnapping, rendering and torturing people to death and was responsible for the deaths of half a million innocent people.

Not all that mattered to Republicans. Over 40 million morally superior Republicans voted to give the War Criminal George W. Bush another term. Why? Because Republicans hate Democrats and Liberals more than they hate murderers.

In fact, Republicans will support any immoral behavior as long as they don't have to support women, blacks, Latinos, Jews, Democrats, Liberals or anyone who doesn't fit their make believe religious world.

Just read the comments referring to the video I presented. You will see your Republican friends in full bloom. As for you, don't make excuses for male chauvinist racial pigs suffering from religious superiority syndrome. Your excuses fall on deaf ears.

By the way. This response will be posted to my blog at

You are welcome to read my blog and get even madder.

Walker: 'I don't really know' whether Obama loves America

Comment made regarding a story located at:

We have all become accustomed to a lack of good manners. We have accepted racial prejudice as a normal behavior pattern. People telling lies for political purposes is now the norm. However, it is still difficult to accept the notion that a national political party exclusively practices these deviant patterns.

You know what I mean, right? Bad manners, racism and lying has become normal for the Republican Party. Rudy demonstrates a common attitude practiced by millions of Republican Americans. There is a bigger problem passed over by the news media though.

Scott Walker epitomizes this problem and as a potential Presidential candidate, he has disqualified himself for consideration to become President of the United States. Normal Americans would think so anyway. Scott Walker's silence regarding Rudy's discourteous, bad mannered and racist comments is the real story. It is the story not told.

One must accept that Rudy has a free speech right to make his comments. One does not have to accept the entire Republican Party being sympathetic with Rudy, because of their silence. Silence is acceptance. Good decent Americans collectively admonish Rudy's language. However, Republicans are not good decent people.

Scott Walker should have disagreed with Rudy's vulgar comments on the spot. The fact that he shook Rudy's hand afterwards and even contributed his own brand of lies demonstrates a very clear imperative. Scott Walker and the Republican Party need to learn some manners and cannot hold office until they clean up their act.

Decent Americans must confront a classless political party within our boundaries and prevent the worst elements of our society from making all the rules. It's not just Rudy. It's the entire Republican party and the millions of hate filled Americans supporting behavior by Rudy and others like him. Republican leadership is as guilty as Rudy, Rush, Cruze, Boehner, etc., etc., etc. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

From a story located at:

Another clear example of the importance of the "Separation of Church and State" concept in government. These same Kansas Legislators are in the process if bankrupting their state with their bad decisions and they have time to meddle in peoples personal affairs.

There needs to be a very clear definition of “Separation of Church and State". It should say something like, "All churches, shut up and butt out".

Nearly 100% of all social mayhem in our country is because religious nut jobs won’t quit sticking their noses in other peoples business. If they would just shut up for a little while, America might have some peace and quiet. We might actually get along without all this hatred emanating from lovers of Jesus. Imagine how peaceful it would be if religion stayed out of politics.

Texas attorney general argues gay couple's marriage is void

From a recent story located at:

Just a couple questions:

1. If tax paying US citizens are denied Civil Liberty's granted to other tax payers, should those tax payers be exempt from paying taxes?

2. In America, are Civil Liberty's distributed by ones beliefs? Can one belief system deny Civil Liberty's to others not like them?

3. Denying Civil Liberty's to American tax payers is a slippery slope. The NRA understands this. Denying Civil Liberty's can become habit forming. Allowed to succeed, people with authoritarian personality disorder would love nothing more than to restrict other Civil Liberty's all of us enjoy. Do we want churches to define our Civil Liberty's?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oklahoma Commits Sedition

In response to a story 2/19/2015

The language "that those who issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples can be subject to removal from office", is by itself a paradox for any government employee in Oklahoma who must take an oath to defend the Constitution  and uphold the laws of the United States. The oath of allegiance is universal for any public employee anywhere in this nation.

Asking state employees to violate their oath or face removal from office requires Federal intervention. This is not a 10th Amendment issue because the "Supremacy Clause" in Article VI supersedes any act of sedition committed by the Oklahoma legislation.

The legislators in Oklahoma, voting to defeat a lawful decision by a Federal Court, is an act of nullification and therefore, sedition. Nullification of Federal Law by elected officials is a rebellion. It is no different from what those Confederate Traitors did years ago. Never forget, the Confederacy once tried to destroy our nation. The Confederacy was the ISIS of their day.

Elected officials in the Oklahoma Legislature also took an oath of allegiance to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Even the proposal of a nullification law is a violation of their oath. Oklahoma Legislatures behaving like Confederate Traitors should be removed from office.

The United States currently has on the books many Sedition Laws. They have not been repealed. The President of the United States has the power to remove these traitors, by force if necessary. In addition, there is the 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, providing remedy for acts of rebellion.

The 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, was intended to keep Southern Traitors in line after the Civil War. However, the principal applies to current traitors in our midst. Abraham Lincoln did not have the tools to stop a rebellion. Modern day Presidents do.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oops—White House Loses $22 Billion on Student Loan Plans

Comment made on the following story:

Apparently, those who are commenting on this story know nothing about the Student Debt problem, nor have they shown an ability to read this story.

Average student debt is $29,000 according to this story. According to a previous story written a couple days ago, a student with a good degree makes about $80,000 per year. Ten percent yearly payback of $80,000 is paying off the loan at $8,000 per year. These students will pay back their loan in less than five years. They will never reach the 10 to 20 year period when their debt is nullified.

This program is not a giveaway. It simply enables students to pay off their debt in a more reasonable way. With this program, student debt has a better chance of being paid off.

There is another aspect to investing in education. A college graduate earns more money over their lifetime than a high school dropout. Increased income means more taxes paid. Most college graduates turn into income producing machines for the government when compared to uneducated tax payers.

College graduates will pay back far more in increased tax payments than their original education cost and become one of the best investments society can make.

Going by the comments in this story, the need for better-educated people is apparent.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Republicans Want to Send Message to SCOTUS on Obamacare

From a story dated 2/9/2015

I don't understand why republicans want to deny health care to millions of Americans? How does it help anyone if we go back to 50,000 dead Americans every year for lack of health care?

Millions of Americans have health care now, when they couldn't afford it in the past. Denying health care to people for pre-existing conditions and limiting payments for illnesses just to maximize profits has always been a shady way to do business. Taking away health care from millions of Americans seems like a cruel and heartless thing to do.

Insurance companies have always been liars and cheaters, so why do the victims of insurance companies want to keep sustaining those crooks despite the harm these companies have done to them in the past?

It doesn't make sense. I can understand why millions of moochers, expecting free health care when they get injured, might be upset because someone is telling them they can't be freeloaders anymore. Making a deadbeat become responsible has always been a tough proposition.

I have news for all the moochers out there. Going to an emergency room after a car accident and not having insurance is not free health care. There's no such thing as free health care. Somebody pays and if you can't, bankruptcy is your only answer. Bankruptcy will destroy you. They are working on changing the law so you can't bankrupt medical bills.

After hospitals and doctors pursue you, take your home, confiscate your car and put a lien on your wages just to pay for an accident your kid had, will make you wish for Obama Care (ACA).

I said in the beginning "I don't understand why republicans want to deny health care to millions of Americans?". I really know the answer, don't you? Ignorance and selfishness is driving opposition to the ACA and if successful, we all pay the price.

Does anyone think the Republicans can come up with something better? Republicans have had several years to come up with a plan and so far, they have fired only blanks. If you think just saying "NO" is a health care plan than maybe you’re just too stupid to have a conversation with.