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Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's really wrong with Obama Care.

Response to an article at:

Just shows what happens when the public option, or better yet, single payer is abandoned. The entire ACA was designed to profit the insurance companies and now everyone is paying the price.

The health Care industry (doctors, hospitals, drug companies, etc.) continue to charge double the inflation rate and insurance companies continue their vulgar profiteering. The problem with Obama Care is that Republicans forced Obama to compromise too much in order to protect the status quo. I'm mad at Obama for caving in to Republicans and not going for the gold.

Everyone who had worthless health policies have to get something that will really protects them now. People who have been mooching off the system have to pay their way for now on. Terrible, terrible. People can't mooch anymore. Being responsible is now a behavior Republicans are against. Go figure. According to Republicans, keep on mooching. Be a burden to society. Keep sucking off society. Great plan, Republicans.

Maybe now that we have taken the first step towards universal healthcare we will finally tell private insurance companies they can't profit off American misery and the Health Care Industry can't be as greedy anymore. Get rid of insurance for profit and get doctors and hospitals more concerned about helping people and less concerned about lining their pockets.  Go to a single payer system (Medicare for everyone) and straighten out those greedy, gluttonous pigs currently raping the American people.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Manifesto of a Militant Democrat - Intro

Manifesto of a Militant Democrat
(An introduction to an 8 part series about re-establishing the Rule of Law in America)
Disregarding existing law emboldens law breakers, now and in the future.

The United States has separate Rules of Law for ordinary citizens, corporations, politicians, military and wealthy individuals.

The Rule of Law must be applied equally to every segment of American society.
Currently, American citizens, the military and elected officials have demonstrated a willingness to abandon the Rule of Law.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon Free American Democrats
to take back  our most cherished quality,
The Rule of Law
Republicans will not save our nation! This task depends on Democrats.

Part 1) Prosecute Crimes against Humanity committed by Politicians and members of the military.

Part 2) Prosecute US Citizens who have participated in kidnapping, torture, murder and rendering.

Part 3) Prosecute individuals who tampered with the vote count and voting rights.

Part 4) Prosecute politicians or employees of Federal, State and Local agencies who knowingly spied on or gathered information of American Citizens without benefit of warrant.

Part 5) identify US Citizens who signed a petition to secede from the United States, revoke their citizenship and deny benefits they would otherwise receive.

Part 6) Remove elected officials from office if they have voted to nullify United States Law or have publicly advocated secession from the United States.

Part 7) Any State official opposing or obstructing the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws, shall be removed from office.

Part 8) the President, granted authority by the Sedition Act, can use Federal Troops to forcibly remove elected individuals engaged in sedition and insurrection.

Only Democrats can establish the Rule of Law once cherished by our Nation.

 (An introduction to an 8 part series about re-establishing the Rule of Law in America)