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Saturday, November 28, 2015

GOP eyes spending bill as leverage in refugee fight

GOP eyes spending bill as 
leverage in refugee fight
By Gary Donovan Snay
From a story located at:

My comment:
One must laugh at the GOP and all their paranoid followers. Some of the things that define a Republican is their shaky knees and notion of superiority. Republicans are afraid of their own shadows. They all think they are better than anyone else. You know what? That's paranoia.

I can't imagine how scared these Republicans would be if they had 10,000 nuclear weapons aimed at them, like back during the cold war. What a bunch of chickens. Americans were simply better and braver in those days. All Americans. Republican and Democrat. This Syrian thing? It’s nothing! Stop being such crybabies.

You people need to stop worrying about Syrians and start worrying about 30,000 gun deaths in this country every year. Worry about Republican efforts to go back to the days when 50,000 Americans died every year from lack of Health Care. Get concerned about Republican efforts to violate voting rights, pass nullification laws, violate Federal Court decisions and call for secession.

There are a lot of things going on within the Republican Party far worse than a bunch of destitute refugees trying to keep their children from getting killed. Just take a look at the radical clowns running for President of the United States on the Republican side of things. The Republican Party is far worse a threat to America than a bunch of scared refugees.

It's as though half the country has gone insane and they are huddled up in the bomb shelters built during the cold war. Now, now Republican children. Do not be afraid! Take our Democratic Party hands and we will take you to a therapist for counseling. In time, you will recover.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Federal Appeals Court Finds Wisconsin Anti-Abortion Law Unconstitutional

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My Comment
This kind of ruling is driving the movement for States Rights. Not just abortion but anywhere in the country where Republicans are passing laws restricting Civil Liberties guaranteed by Law. Threats of secession are coming exclusively from the Republican Party. This movement is endorsed by the Republican National Committee through their silence.
All the Republican candidates for President will claim the Federal Courts have no jurisdiction even though they most certainly do. Nullification Laws and threats of secession accompanied by the wide spread passage of laws in any state controlled by Republicans, is an announcement of Republican hatred for our Founding Fathers, our legal system and our nation.
PAY ATTENTION! A war is going on threatening the United States of America. A large army hiding behind Free Speech and Freedom of Religion has been waging a one sided war against America for well over twenty years. This Army has been waging a one sided war. Periodically our Federal Court system fires a few volleys to stem the assault. However, our Federal Court system is under attack as Republicans devise ways to nullify the Federal Courts powers.

Yes, there are terrorist threats. However, the greatest threat is from within. Millions of people are longing for the day when they can bring this nation down by altering its character. You won't like the results they seek.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Jersey's Chris Christie: Obama 'naive' on IS threat

New Jersey's Chris Christie:
Obama 'naive' on IS threat
 By Gary Donovan Snay

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My comment:
I am so worn-out by these Republicans complaining all the time and doing nothing but calling names. So far, I have the feeling Republicans are racist. There is a lot of racist talk among Republicans and their national leaders ignore it.

They want back alley abortions again but won’t help the unwanted children. They don't want women to use birth control causing more unwanted children they don’t want to care for. They don’t want to educate unwanted children either, unless their Jesus can teach the kids how to bomb other countries.

They don't want to feed children. They won't fund veteran’s programs. They want to give my Social Security to Wall Street so profiteers can take it from me. They want 50,000 Americans to die each year for lack of health care.

They want to bomb everyone they don't agree with. They want to spy on churches and make certain religions wear badges. They want to throw 12 million people out of the country even if some of them are citizens. They don’t care how many black citizens get killed by cops. In the last 10 years 300,000 Americans have been killed by guns and that’s just fine by them.

They don't want to obey Supreme Court rulings. They pass nullification laws for the purpose of defying our government. Many Republicans want to secede from the Union. They want 50 independent nations making their own laws and defining Civil Liberties any way they want. Many Republican states pass laws purposely violating American civil liberties. They do everything they can to prevent Americans they don’t like from voting. They don’t care.

They hate the United States and prove it every time they open their mouths. The problem is, they have numbers and half the country is angry and full of different ways to destroy our nation. When these Republicans are done, the only happy people left in America will be victims of downs syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome and mercury poisoning. Oh, let’s not forget all the farmers in Iowa praising Jesus. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Donald Trump on waterboarding: ‘If it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway.’

Donald Trump on waterboarding: ‘If it doesn’t work,they deserve it anyway.’

By Gary Donovan Snay

Story located at:

 My Comment:
People who believe torture is alright are not allowed to say a word when one of our captured soldiers in the future is water boarded. America has lost its moral leadership in the world when a political leader like Trump and millions of people in our nation, claim torture is alright.

The next time enthusiasts of lawlessness see a US soldier tortured to death, shut thy mouths. When the United States claims torture is alright, lesser countries will do even worse. We lead, they follow. If horrendous things happen to our soldiers, you are partially at fault.

At least the Germans have admitted their errors and have regained their honor by pursuing their War Criminals to this very day. Honor and respect to Germany. Disrespect and dishonor to America for what this nation did during the Bush/Cheney years.

Some of you claim the world does not respect America because of Obama. You could not be more wrong. If anything, the world condemns Obama for not throwing Bush, Cheney, commanding generals, common soldiers and CIA operatives in jail for War Crimes. America committed those crimes, then congratulated their criminals for breaking the law. Republicans made heroes out of War Criminals.

The world does not respect America because we have not admitted our errors. At the same time leading Presidential contenders claim they would torture again and millions of Americans cheer him. The United States executed Japanese soldiers for waterboarding our troops after WWII.

The United States led the world with the Geneva Conventions forbidding torture. We led the world because we were better people than what exists within our shores today. The Republican Party has denigrated and insulted the people of America when not a single Republican condemns the words of Donald Trump.

Silence is acceptance and it would appear Republicans are nothing more than a bunch of criminals wanting to lead our nation. Republicans are the reason America is not respected in the world anymore. Armed to the teeth and potentially led by maniacs, the world has much to fear.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A body at rest: Congress planning a light schedule for next year

A body at rest: Congress planning
a light schedule for next year

From a story located at:

My comment:
I firmly believe if the Democrats were in control of the Congress there would be a lot more work getting done. Don't get me wrong, the Democrats need to clean out their useless members as well. It's just the job isn't so big with Democrats.

If the Congress is not working very much and refusing to do the business of the nation, there is only one
real answer. The Republicans are running the show, they are in control and whatever goes on because the Congress is 100% owned by them. The Republicans are setting the legislative agenda and if people get the idea Congress is not doing its job, point your finger at the Republicans.

No one should be surprised though. At the core foundation of the Republican Party is a deep rooted hatred of our Federal Government. Frankly speaking, Republicans want to eliminate the Federal Government except for their profit making defense industry. Profit for private corporations, not for the government. Corporations contribute to their campaigns; government wants to limit those contributions.

If nobody is doing the business of the nation, it's because the controlling party in Washington doesn't believe in government. The controlling Republican Party wants to eliminate as much government as they can.

Ghosts of the old Confederacy have taken control of Republicans and there is a strong movement to create 50 independent nations, independent of a central government. If Republicans had it their way, each state would be allowed to define how the Bill of Rights are defined. There won’t be any more homosexual marriages, for example.

So, when you hear the House of Representatives planning on only 111 days of work for 2016 there is a good reason this happening. Republicans control the House, they hate government and they want government to fail. It's simple Dorothy, really simple.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone for Obamacare as Health-Care Approval Fades

The Thrill Is Gone for Obamacare
as Health-Care Approval Fades

From a story located at:

My comment:
The need for Universal Health Care has not diminished. Skyrocketing costs of Health Care was not alleviated with Obamacare. Health Care for profit is still the overriding problem plaguing Health Care in the US. Allowing private corporations to continue profiting from people's desolation was a fundamental error when Obamacare was signed into law.
There is not a single successful Universal Health Care program in the world, operated by corporations’ intent on maximizing dividends for stockholders. The same can be said in many other areas as well.

Schools for profit, prisons for profit, utilities for profit, mandated auto insurance, are all examples of services provided to the people by embezzlers at higher costs than if government ran those necessary programs. Obamacare was doomed to failure from the moment profit for corporations was written into the law.

School, prisons, utilities, insurance, Veterans Services, Social Security and Health Care are all part of the "Commons". To insure domestic tranquility and provide for the common good, the "Commons" must be run by government. The “Commons” should not be sold to the highest bidder.

Turning over the "Commons" to profiteering corporations whose sole purpose is to exploit profits for its shareholders, with no regard for the common good, can only lead to disappointment. Profiteering from the necessities of life is the source of much malcontent among the people.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Clinton, Sanders to address strategy to fight Islamic State

Clinton, Sanders to address
strategy to fight Islamic State
By Gary Donovan Snay - Democratic Vision - 11-19/15

From a story located at:

My Comment:
I happen to agree with you. I would consider a Republican if they were not such hypocrites. All I hear from Republicans is name calling and a desire to destroy government.

I'm on Obama Care and get a very good deal. I pay much less than I used too. I'm also on Social Security. All I know is, if all these Republican hypocrites get their way, I will suffer a great deal of harm. Destroying everything and not replace it with something better will not get my vote.

As far as national security goes, I don't want to hear another word from Republicans. They were completely wrong about everything. It would be impossible for Howdy Doodee to make more mistakes than the Republicans have.

Republicans want to point out how Hillary voted for the Iraq war. If there is any fault on Hillary’s vote is that she believed the same lies the rest of the country fell for. The only thing the Bush Administration did really well was lying.

How could Hillary, who is much smarter than all Republicans combined, possibly do worse than the Republicans have? Never trust a Political party that wants to destroy our government, take away our civil liberties such as voting and kill more Americans waging useless wars with no solution in sight. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Justice Antonin Scalia Questions Logic Behind Gay Rights

Justice Antonin Scalia Questions Logic Behind Gay Rights Protections
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My Comment:
Abandoning Equal Protection Under the law because of a religious belief is not justice. Drawing a moral equivalence between child molestation and being born gay is why Scalia is such a bad judge. His logic, if taken to the extreme, opens the door for laws grounded on religious belief.

At any given time, laws can be approved based on religious beliefs. The Muslim world does that right now. There is still a large portion of our religious society that doesn’t believe women should be allowed to vote. If by chance this religious view obtains a majority, it doesn’t mean Scalia, who might hold that religious view to be true, should ignore Equal Protection Under the Law and take away women’s right to vote.

Equal Protection Under the Law was not conceived to protect the majority. Our Civil Liberties are not supposed to protect just the majority. As a judge, Scalia is charged with the obligation to protect the rights of a single person if that person’s rights are violated by the majority.

Anti-Abortion laws in our country represents a struggle between two religious views. One religious view says life begins at conception and is a viable human being in the womb. Another religious view believes life does not take place until the first breath. People may disagree about when life begins but laws should not be made supporting one religious view over another.

Legislators and judges showing favoritism of one religious view over another is one of the reasons we have protections for individuals written into our constitution. When judges support religious interpretation and codify those views into law, showing preference for one view over another, problems occur.

You may find yourself in the majority today but ten years from now you may find yourself in the minority. That’s why Equal Protection Under the Law is so important. It’s also why the day may come when your individual rights can be violated if judges like Scalia continue to hold legal views contrary to the core values of our nation.

Saudi Arabia and its judges do not understand Equal Protection Under the Law. It looks like more and more Americans don’t understand it either. When a Supreme Court Justice doesn’t understand this concept and Americans embrace discrimination as acceptable because of their religious beliefs, then we have more in common with Muslims than many want to believe.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Deal with ISIS: Bring Back MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)

Deal with ISIS: Bring Back MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)

I hate this subject! I hate war! I hate guns! I hate the military! I have been against any kind of war all of my adult life because I learned nothing good comes from war. Every single day of my life, memories of combat deaths while serving Infantry in Viet Nam are as fresh in my mind as the day those deaths occurred, forty-seven years after the fact.

I am also a child of the 60’s and I am as pure a baby boomer you will ever know. I was born nine months to the day after my father came home from WWII. That must have been a good reunion.

Because I am a baby boomer, I also grew up during the Cold War. I remember watching Nikita Khrushchev on television pounding his shoe on a table at the UN proclaiming the Russians
will bury us. He had several thousand nuclear weapons aimed us at to back up his boast.

I also have memories of the nuclear bomb drill all us kids practiced my whole childhood as we tucked ourselves under our desks in a pretend effort to save our lives in the case Russia decided to kill all of us. I see Americans shivering with fear at the little pip squeaks who attacked us on 911 and how Republicans are scaring Americans once again over ISIS. It’s an amazing thing to watch Americans turn into such chickens when compared to Americans during my childhood.

I was a Senior in high school when the Cuban Missile Crises hit our nation like a brick. John F. Kennedy was the President and Republicans were respectable. Republicans were honorable people in those days. Not like these backstabbing liars calling themselves Republicans today. Every single person in America was paying attention to the events transpiring with Cuba. Everyone knew we could all die very soon.

I was walking home from school when the air raid sirens went off. I may have been a stupid high school kid back then but I knew what those sirens meant. All day long our teachers talked with students about the crises at hand and turned on radios with the news coming out of Washington. It was also a time when high school students cared about what was going on around us.

Upon hearing the sirens go off, I ran the last mile home to find my mother loading clothes and food into the car. Dad worked at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and he had a reserved place for us in one of those Atlas Missile Silos. He called home and told my mother to get the kids and head out to the base pronto. Mom had a special pass allowing us through the gate in the event it was needed.

On the way to the base, I remember my mother sobbing quietly as she drove. All us kids could see the tears streaming onto her cheek. We said nothing. As we travelled on the highway we could hear various air raid sirens gaining strength as we got closer than reseeding in volume as we passed by. I have never forgotten that day.

We arrived at the gate only to be told the crisis was over. We could turn around and go back home. I was a stupid kid back then and many people who knew me then and know me now say not much has changed. I remember thinking, “well, that was fun! Hey mom, can I have one of those sandwiches you made?” What a day.

Over the next couple of days’ dad would tell us what happened as we ate dinner together. Yea, we used to eat dinner together as a family every night, without fail. My dad was somewhat of a big shot in the defense Industry and he seemed privy to facts other people were not aware of.

He told us that Bobby Kennedy pleaded with the Russian Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko and Alexei Kosygin to get the ear of Nikita Khrushchev and stop the madness about to happen.

Soviet and American bombers were in their final “Fail Safe” pattern, Russian and American submarines were going through their final countdown before launch and Atlas Missiles were being fueled and blast doors were sliding open for launch.

Nikita Khrushchev listened and called off the nuclear strike. Mankind was saved because of MAD (mutual assured destruction). Gromyko and Kosygin convinced Khrushchev that if he launched a strike against the United States, his wife and children, his parents and his brothers and sisters would all be dead. Khrushchev himself would not survive.

If either Russia or America so much as launched a single missile, everyone in their home country would die. MAD presented quite a deterrent to nuclear war. America would destroy Russia and Russia would destroy America. Make no mistake it would happen and everyone understood that simple fact.
ISIS must now learn that lesson! They must understand the existence of all they love is at risk if they continue their murderous ways. America held back on 911 and many Western Countries have suffered terrorist attacks beyond comprehension. Terrorist attacks will continue and they will escalate if the world keeps halfheartedly dealing with the barbarous behavior of this ISIS group.

Simply using ground troops and bombs is not enough to stop the murder and mayhem ISIS is generating. Indeed, a modest response only guarantees and encourages continued atrocities in the future. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France should send a bomber over the capital city of ISIS and incinerate Raqqa, Syria with a nuclear air burst.

Incomprehensible you say? During the Cold war both Russian and American nuclear crews knew if they launched their weapons millions of people would die. There was no doubt on either side their enemy would perform their duty. The world averted holocaust.  

ISIS must now learn that lesson. Each time ISIS commits an atrocity, their families will die. Sooner or later, like Khrushchev, they will get the message. They will also stop their murder or they will cease to exist. Yes, it’s cruel. No more cruel than the Cold War. However, it may be the only way to stop the ISIS problem.

Don't Listen to Republicans They Will Kill Your Children

Obama: Attacks 'terrible' setback in Islamic State campaign

From a story located at:

My Comment:
      I would have to agree with the President. Unless the American people are willing to support a permanent military presence in terms of ground troops, national treasure and lives, we should not repeat the errors of the previous administration.

      Overwhelmingly, the American people don't want to put combat troops into that area of the world. With the Paris attacks tempting Americans to insert troops into combat, bolstering a false
sense of bravado, the enthusiasm for more war would soon subside as body bags started coming home.

      President Obama is correct to not leave a ground war for the next President to deal with. On top of that, the Political Party bragging the most and being the most belligerent has prevented any new authorization for combat. It appears they only want to blame the President for events they are responsible for and not put themselves on the line authorizing war.

      President Obama is in a Constitutional no-man’s paradox. Wage war against ISIS without authorization and take constant criticism or stop all combat operations because of a do nothing Congress. In any event, all Republicans want to do is blame Obama.

      All we know for sure is that we cannot listen to the Republicans because they have been so wrong on foreign policy in the recent past. The entire mess in Syria and with ISIS is entirely the fault of wrongheaded Republicans and George W. Bush. The lies they told, leading up to Iraq, even convinced Democrats to vote for that war.

      The same Republicans who lied us into a war in the recent past are at it again. They won't take responsibility for the gross mistakes they falsely convinced America to take. They won't take responsibility for the wasted lives America lost pursuing a false policy that was destined from the beginning to fail.

      All they want to do is not authorize further combat operations. They don't want to tax the American people to fight another war. They just pretend how wise and tough they are when it has become obvious they don't know what they are talking about.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Save the Nation from Republicans or Watch it Perish

Save the Nation from Republicans or Watch it Perish

I compare a lot of Republicans (not all) to latent Confederate Traitors. Today’s Republicans have much the same goals the Confederates had during our civil war. Destroy the Federal Government and create 50 independent nations (in modern terms) making their own laws.

Civil Liberties in Kansas would not be like those in California. Civil Liberties would not be uniform across our land. Never forget! That is what “States Rights” people want. The Confederate mentality does not regard “Equal Protection Under the Law” as necessary if those protections contradict their political or religious ideas.

Confederate Traitors and Fundamentalist Christians absolutely hate many of our Civil Liberties. They hate having a central government tell them they have to obey our nations laws. Time and time again, Confederate Traitors attempt to violate the laws of our nation and repeatedly our Federal Government corrects the errors of their ways. Secessionists hate our government telling them they have to obey national laws. They just hate it!

People forget their history. The Confederacy was formed only for the purpose of seceding from
the Union and uniting their state armies to accomplish their task. If they had prevailed, none of the states would have stayed in a temporary Confederacy. General Lee wanted to form an independent nation called the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alabama and Georgia were shooting at each other over border disputes before the war ended. The "States Rights", “autonomous state” mentality, was argued fiercely at the Constitutional Convention.

The Federalists won the day and we have our current government. However, the notion of 50 independent nations not governed by a central regime has not died off. Today, that philosophy has re-emerged in the Republican Party. This “States Rights” movement is supported by every single Republican candidate wanting to take the reins of power.

There is not a single Republican Candidate willing to save the Union the way Abraham Lincoln did. Not one Republican Candidate would send troops to Central High School in Little Rock and enforce Federal de-segregation laws the way Eisenhower did. If the South had won the war, there is a good chance Arkansas would still be segregated. Mike Huckabee would not have fixed Arkansas.

A “States Rights” Congress and a secessionist President will accomplish what the Confederacy could not get done on the battlefield. A couple more Supreme Court Justices sympathetic to the Confederate cause will codify in law this rebellion.

No outside force can defeat this nation militarily. However, we are at risk from forces working within our borders to defeat the American dream. The destruction of our nation is well on its way. Just look at Republican candidates for President, State Governors who routinely advocate violating Federal law and Republican State Legislators passing nullification laws.

Everyone who loves this nation needs to wake up. This is no small matter. Sitting at home and not voting will destroy the nation. We need a Supreme Court that still believes in one nation under the same laws. Republicans will not give you that dream.

This 2016 election is about Union Blue Democrats stepping forward and saving our Union once again. Complacency will insure defeat. The assault on our nation is much more sophisticated than during our Civil War. Save the Union or watch it perish.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Congress evading war powers even with US mission in Syria

Congress evading war powers even with US mission in Syria
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My Comment:
Obama should go on national TV and announce all military operations have been suspended because he doesn't feel as though he has proper authorization from the Congress to wage war.

Force Congress to exercise the Constitutional authority granted to it by our founding fathers to declare war. This applies to both sides of the aisle. There have been far too many wars and far too many lost lives going back to Korea when the Congress first gave up its war making powers. It’s simple! Declare war or don’t.

Declare war and do the job right or get out and let others spend their national treasure and bury their children. If there is war, tax the people to pay for it. You can't put wars on a credit card. If the Congress doesn't want to tax the people, don't authorize war. Much of our national debt comes from credit card wars.

If members of Congress will not take responsibility for the votes they cast, they should resign and let responsible people take their place. The President can't be blamed if he ceases military operations because Congress won't act. There should be more than one person acting in the interests of our nation.

Every member of our government and every citizen should in our nation should be willing to own up to a decision requiring the death of many people. If war is decided, every person in America should be willing to pay for that decision with their money. If they don’t want to pay, don’t wage war.

Adhering to the Constitution by all parties concerned would be refreshing and lend strength to the idea we have the best system in the world. Failing to exercise the duties outlined in the Constitution contributes to the disillusionment many Americans have in our system.

Mr. President! Stop all military operations until the Congress does its job. Not waging war in futile efforts would be refreshing, anyway. Perhaps if more than one person decided on having a war or not having a war, better decisions would be made.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Religion is Overcoming the American Constitution

Religion is Overcoming the American Constitution
By Gary Donovan Snay

Perhaps not in this election cycle, but soon. Someone like Ben Carson will be President. The Congress will be controlled by people like Ben Carson and the Supreme Court will become a religious review board. Ben Carson is really talking about the overthrow of the United States of America.

This problem has been growing for years. Apathy and a fear of religion has prevented
corrective action. Mainstream religion has been silent long enough. Government is no longer capable of solving the religious problem in America. Religious entanglement has already rendered government incapable of remedial action.

Mainstream religion has to take a stand. Along with our government, all religions, not like Ben Carson's, are threatened as well. Ben Carson is only the tip of the iceberg. These people hate a secular nation. They hate our Constitution. They hate Separation of Church and State. They will change everything and you won't like what they do.

History has shown the blight of mankind (religion) can destroy any government. Evidence of our coming destruction is demonstrated every day. Don’t take this issue lightly. There has been a war going on for a couple decades. They have been firing canon shots at America in a one-way war. They have been emboldened by the lack of response by our government and our people.

Defend your way of life now or let people like Ben Carson dictate how you live your life in the future. This is a very real threat to our country and it is time to pay attention.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The World Should Fear a Paranoid America

The World Should Fear a Paranoid America
By Gary Donovan Snay

The symptoms of paranoia are when someone suffers from persecution complexes and also has delusions of grandeur. Ben Carson displays both these traits to the extreme. I’m not saying Ben Carson is a clinically Paranoid individual. He is a Social Paranoid as explained below.
Americas favorite Uncle Tom
When you think about it, isn't Social Paranoia a common factor among many Americans today? Have you ever wondered why it's so hard talking to people like Ben Carson? It's because Social Paranoia is one of the most difficult mental disorders to cure.
When talking to someone who has delusions of grandeur, nothing you say will impact them. When pointing out their facts are wrong, they immediately accuse you of persecuting them. We have all experienced that moment, when in the course of a conversation, you state irrefutable evidence and the person’s response is to call you a liberal. They cut off the conversation by saying you hate America or you’re not a believer. For all intent and purpose, the conversation is over.
It's really called Social Paranoia. Germany had a bad case of Social Paranoia after WWI. When persecution complexes combined with the belief in their superiority, the Nazi movement grew
Don't empower this guy
into the nightmare we know occurred in those years. Social paranoia was not the exclusive domain of the Nazi’s in Germany but infected the entire German nation.
In the course of a few years, the Germany went insane. In America, the signs of insanity become stronger and stronger each day. During the Bush/Kerry election, signs of insanity was exposed to its fullest. Many people in America and Europe couldn’t believe what they had witnessed.
By the time the Bush/Kerry election had arrived the nation knew there was something wrong with George W. Bush. It became well known that he lied America into an unnecessary war killing at least 200,000 innocent people. He authorized kidnapping, rendering and death by torture violating every rule of law both internationally and nationally. He authorized mass surveillance of the American people without warrant, violating US law.
There was massive evidence of war crimes being committed in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
Exploiter of fear
Yet the American people gave George W. Bush a second term supporting his lawless behavior. With the American people’s support, war crimes continued and Europe gasped. What happened to America? The German people supported Adolf Hitler and America supported George W. Bush. Yes, it is the same Social Paranoia at work.
The American version of Social Paranoia has a different personality. Social Paranoia in America is taking a different course, hopefully. Nevertheless. people like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee are able to stir up the same emotions German leaders once exploited.
Like Germany, American Social Paranoia is driven by religion. The Donald Trump movement is driven by Social Paranoia as well but the religious component is not as apparent. Nevertheless, much of Donald Trump’s support emanates from Fundamentalist Christians and their paranoid cohorts owning guns.
Super paranoid
There is one notable exception. The gun movement isn’t an entirely religious crusade. However, much of the gun movement is in alliance with religion. Some of the most strident philosophies regarding guns are held by church going Americans. The symptoms of Social Paranoia are the same though. There is no evidence anyone is trying to disarm America yet a very strong persecution complex exists. When someone carries an assault weapon into Taco Bell, ignoring other people’s feelings, a strong notion of superiority is being exhibited. This is Social Paranoia. It’s not clinical, it’s social.
Social paranoia is growing in America and like Germany, it has a religious overtone.  It is never spoken by most because it is not politically correct but there is a simple truth about WWII Germany. Germany was 90% Catholic in those days. Catholics operated the death camps. Catholics murdered millions in Russia. WWII was a Catholic war supported by nearly all Germans in that historical era.
Today we have a religious movement in America driving our own version of Social Paranoia
Would have done well in Germany
. Make no mistake, our version can grow to be just as dangerous as Germany's version. It is not uncommon to see delusions of grandeur practiced by elements of the American people with respect to civil liberties, a disregard for other religions, disrespect for women and a loathing of people with brown or black skin. Accusations of persecution proliferate among millions of Americans when confronted with the error of their thinking.
Racism drove Germany into insanity and racism towards our President has exposed American recklessness by large portions of our society. It’s exactly the same thing, just a different time and a different boogie man. American paranoia makes excuses for war crimes, lawlessness and even suggests it’s alright to settle the Muslim problem with the use of nuclear weapons and the genocide of an entire race of people. That’s right! Large sections of the American people see nothing wrong with committing genocide.
Germany saw nothing wrong with their version of genocide either. America is just one election and one more terror attack away from committing genocide on an entire religion. Americas paranoid sector is actively fantasizing about this solution right now as I type these words. This should be no surprise to anyone.
An example of what could happen to all of us
The American people practiced genocide against the American Indians and it black population all with religious participation. All those crimes were committed because of a sense of superiority and a persecution fear of interracial mingling. Social paranoia ran rampant in those days.
America fire bombed many Japanese cities killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and of course America incinerated two Japanese cities with its new toy, the Atomic bomb.  In those days there was a very strong sense of superiority over the Japanese people and when we incarcerated Japanese Americans out of our fear of persecution, social paranoia ran wild within American circles. To this day people defend America’s paranoia.
Many leaders in the Republican Party exploit Social Paranoia in America. They use it to gain political advantage. Just the other day the people of Houston voted to rescind civil rights protections for tax paying American Citizens.
Those election results were accomplished by a growing power grab by Socially Paranoid
Exploiter of paranoia and superiority
Christians. Christian paranoids loaded up their church buses and voted in mass while Democrats sat on their duff and did nothing. Germany was taken over in a similar manner. It only gets worse in the future.
Many legislative bodies in America routinely vote to deny American citizens the right to vote. These same legislative bodies do everything in their power to deny women health care and their right to choose what they do with their own bodies. The same paranoia driving crimes against Indians, blacks and Japanese is alive and well in America. The delusion of superiority elects war criminals, denies civil liberties and ponders genocide.
A Dominionist

Ben Carson is not alone. There are millions of Socially Paranoid Americans just like him. Ben Carson and any Uncle Tom willing to betray his own race for political gain will be a temporary hero to the paranoid among us. While it may be cute for a little while, Ben Carson will never be President. In order to completely satisfy the Socially Paranoid population of America a white man will have to carry the day. In America, paranoia is the exclusive property of white people.