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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Save the Nation from Republicans or Watch it Perish

Save the Nation from Republicans or Watch it Perish

I compare a lot of Republicans (not all) to latent Confederate Traitors. Today’s Republicans have much the same goals the Confederates had during our civil war. Destroy the Federal Government and create 50 independent nations (in modern terms) making their own laws.

Civil Liberties in Kansas would not be like those in California. Civil Liberties would not be uniform across our land. Never forget! That is what “States Rights” people want. The Confederate mentality does not regard “Equal Protection Under the Law” as necessary if those protections contradict their political or religious ideas.

Confederate Traitors and Fundamentalist Christians absolutely hate many of our Civil Liberties. They hate having a central government tell them they have to obey our nations laws. Time and time again, Confederate Traitors attempt to violate the laws of our nation and repeatedly our Federal Government corrects the errors of their ways. Secessionists hate our government telling them they have to obey national laws. They just hate it!

People forget their history. The Confederacy was formed only for the purpose of seceding from
the Union and uniting their state armies to accomplish their task. If they had prevailed, none of the states would have stayed in a temporary Confederacy. General Lee wanted to form an independent nation called the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alabama and Georgia were shooting at each other over border disputes before the war ended. The "States Rights", “autonomous state” mentality, was argued fiercely at the Constitutional Convention.

The Federalists won the day and we have our current government. However, the notion of 50 independent nations not governed by a central regime has not died off. Today, that philosophy has re-emerged in the Republican Party. This “States Rights” movement is supported by every single Republican candidate wanting to take the reins of power.

There is not a single Republican Candidate willing to save the Union the way Abraham Lincoln did. Not one Republican Candidate would send troops to Central High School in Little Rock and enforce Federal de-segregation laws the way Eisenhower did. If the South had won the war, there is a good chance Arkansas would still be segregated. Mike Huckabee would not have fixed Arkansas.

A “States Rights” Congress and a secessionist President will accomplish what the Confederacy could not get done on the battlefield. A couple more Supreme Court Justices sympathetic to the Confederate cause will codify in law this rebellion.

No outside force can defeat this nation militarily. However, we are at risk from forces working within our borders to defeat the American dream. The destruction of our nation is well on its way. Just look at Republican candidates for President, State Governors who routinely advocate violating Federal law and Republican State Legislators passing nullification laws.

Everyone who loves this nation needs to wake up. This is no small matter. Sitting at home and not voting will destroy the nation. We need a Supreme Court that still believes in one nation under the same laws. Republicans will not give you that dream.

This 2016 election is about Union Blue Democrats stepping forward and saving our Union once again. Complacency will insure defeat. The assault on our nation is much more sophisticated than during our Civil War. Save the Union or watch it perish.

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