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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I don't consider Bruce Jenner to be a Hero

An American Hero: 40 years after gold,
Jenner comfortable in her own skin

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This story will make some people mad. Some will say they never expected me to say anything like this. Well, it's how I feel. No matter what you say, I am not condemning Jenner.  I'm just saying that I am sick of reading about this guy.
My comment"
Why is this person in the news again? Look, News Media people. I didn't read a single sentence of this story. I didn't look at a single advertisement connected to this story. I am average and normal. I don't associate with people like this.

I don't care what he does as long as he does it away from me. I will not invite this person to dinner and upset members of my family who are not comfortable around people like him. I don't want my children to see this person. I will not get in my car and go to a bar where people like him hang out. I do not seek the company of people like him. If I see someone like him, I go somewhere else.

Stop writing huge long news stories about this guy. There is a limited audience who cares anything about this type of person. Let him be whoever he wants. Just do it privately, and shut up. Don't promote his choice as something we should all aspire too.

Now, please! Work harder and write about something I would be interested in. Thank you very much.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Does Brexit and States Rights have the same goal?

Destroying Central Government is the latest Fad.

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With the exit of England from the European Union, does England’s action give credence to a movement in the United States to eliminate our Union? Some would say that England’s exit from the EU has nothing in common with the United States but upon careful analysis, there may be more shared ideology than one thinks.

First of all, is there a movement in America to destroy our Union? There is plenty of evidence, a mentality by certain Americans to revive the efforts of the Confederate States of America, does exist. “States’ Rights” is what it is called on our shores. With a similar desire in England, Brexit is the EU’s version of “States Rights”.

In our beginning, our founding fathers emphasized the word Union. The name of our country, the “United” States of America, reflects how people believed in our formative years. Our Founders gave us a Rule book (the Constitution) providing “Equal Protection Under the Law”, The “Due Process Clause”, a “Bill of Rights” and most importantly, the “Supremacy Clause”.

All these Clauses, and Rules were designed for only one thing. UNION! Americans, in our beginning years believed, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. At the time, this concept was quite unique in the worlds history. Unique because the “United” philosophy was prefaced by the term “By the People, FOR the People”. Emphasis on the word “FOR”.

The idea a government is “FOR” the people, treats all citizens equally and law is applied equally “FOR” all the people, is what made the American concept of government, unique in all the world. No other nation in the world had ever approached governing in this manner. In the past, people only existed to serve the government. America introduced the notion that government exists to serve and be “FOR” the people. Europe has envied America ever since. The European Union was a poor attempt to emulate the American dream.

In order to serve the people and to be “For” all the people, our Founders created rules to be applied equally to all the States. That’s why the term “Freedom of the Press” means exactly the same thing in California as it does in New York. “Freedom of Religion” does not have “special exceptions” in South Carolina because South Carolina has a preponderance of a particular faith.

Our government, being “FOR” the people, must protect “ALL” the people using “DUE PROCESS”, providing “EQUAL PROTECTION” under the law through the use of the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”. That is what the American dream is about. It is what made America unique in all the world’s history. A government “FOR” the people, using tools to guarantee the “Civil Liberties” of “All the People”, equally, can do no less.

Opposite to the vision of “Unity”, is the belief individual “State Sovereignty” knows what is best for its citizens. In America, it’s called “States Rights”. The Confederacy once opposed the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”. They fought a war over the issue. The American “States Rights” movement is equivalent to the Brexit movement in England. All over Europe people are opposed to a European version of the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”.

In America, many people no longer believe our national government has the final say in all matters concerning law. Many Americans have rejected the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE” and because they have, they no longer believe in the American Dream.

That my dear friends is at the heart and soul of almost all conflict in America. We are currently engaged in in a battle between those who still believe in “UNITY”, the American Dream, and those who believe in “State Sovereignty”, the destruction of the government envisioned by our Founding Fathers. This conflict was at the heart of North verses South, in our Civil War. This differing philosophy drives Brexit in England. This struggle is tearing America apart as we speak.

This idea of “State Sovereignty” has prevailed through most of human history and throughout most of the world. It is the practice of “State Sovereignty” that has prevented Europe from forming the United States of Europe.

When America first formed, the idea of a unified nation guided by “Federalism”, or the all-important “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”, gave birth to the most envied country in all the world. There are powerful forces within America today, who still believe in “State Sovereignty” and are intent on destroying the dream of men much wiser than they are. Republicans are in opposition to our Founding Fathers.

Europe still suffers under an old and antiquated notion of “State Sovereignty” and is the reason any attempt to provide government “FOR” all the people of Europe has failed. Civil Liberties and their meaning, varies widely in Europe, even under the illusion of the European Union.

If the “States Rights” movement in the United States progresses any further, “Civil Liberties” will vary widely from state to state, in America. “Freedom of the Press”, “Religion”, “Speech”, etc., Etc., would have different meanings and interpretations in each state.

Without a government “FOR” the people, insuring “EQUAL PROTECTION” through “DUE PROCESS”, enforced by the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”, individual American states would interpret “CIVIL LIBERTIES” in very different ways.

Ultimately, the goal of Brexit is to not adhere to a “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”, forcing a common set of laws all Europeans they must abide by. The English people have rejected “Unity” with their European neighbors. The English people don’t want to adhere to “EQUAL PROTECTION” under law applied to all the citizens of Europe. The English people don’t want “DUE PROCESS” enforced by the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE” of a government “FOR” all the people.

The English people decided to go their own way and they have inspired many Americans who would like to do the same thing. In a few years, “CIVIL LIBERTIES” in England will have different meanings than in other European nations. Many Americans want the same outcome for each state.

In the United States, under “States Rights”, Civil Liberties will have different meanings from state to state. If a state eliminates a Civil Liberty enjoyed by a citizen in one state, but not another, a central government “FOR” the people will not be able to provide “EQUAL PROTECTION” through “DUE PROCESS”, enforced by the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”.

States will interpret “Civil Liberties” according their local customs or religious beliefs. Absolute chaos will break out across America. The United States of America will come to an end.

 The “EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE”, “DUE PROCESS CLAUSE” and the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE” of a government “FOR” all the people will no longer exist in America under “STATES RIGHTS”.

That is in essence what Brexit is. A European version of American “States Rights”. An independent England, not subject to universal law, may work out for Great Britain, because that is how it has been in Europe for centuries. However, an American version of Brexit will not work in our fifty states.

Here is what I predict in the near future during our Election process. Donald Trump will embrace Brexit and suggest states have no obligation to adhere to a government “FOR” the people. The “States Rights” movement is already very strong in our nation. Millions will rally to his call for division.

Donald Trump will embrace Brexit style “States Rights” and Hillary Clinton will defend “Union”. A political “Civil War” is about to engulf our nation. It’s going to be Union verses Confederate Traitors. This war against our Union has been going on for a number of years already, championed by the Republican Party.

Democrats simply have not awoken to the fact, we are in a war and must defend our Union or we will lose all the things our Founding fathers envisioned. Brexit will be used by Republicans in many ways and the Confederacy could win through legislation, that which they could not win on the battlefield.

Brexit and “States Rights” have a lot in common.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Republicans Love Liars and Killers

Amid campaign troubles, Trump goes on attack against Clinton

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My comment"
The saddest thing happening on this campaign is all the people cheering for a classless name caller. Trump is a disgrace. If he spoke to me like that, to my face, I would deck him. People that support him behave in much the same manner.

You call someone a liar out here on the streets, you better be able to back it up with your fist. Hiding behind political immunity, knowing he will never have to answer for anything he says, demonstrates what a coward Trump is.

This nation re-elected a war criminal by the name of G.W. Bush. Lies, kidnapping, murder, financial disaster seems to be the requirements Republicans love in a President. It is possible, Trump is worse than that murdering fool, G.W. Bush. Because of our national sickness, worshipping Trump becomes the norm. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is elected.

Because the nation re-elected the war criminal Bush, it’s not hard to believe they would elect someone like Trump. Bush killed half a million innocent people. Trump has threatened to kill millions. Sounds like someone only Republicans can love.

There's a sickness in our society and the disaster Bush created did not cure our nations illness. The disaster created by G.W. Bush, made the madmen of our nation (the Republicans) double down and plead for even more of the disastrous policies which nearly destroyed America. Perhaps a guy like Trump will make people realize how sick our nation is. Millions of people cheering for Trump is a national sickness.

Today's speech is an example of a seriously ill man, becoming drunk with power and his authoritarian followers demonstrating their illness, in full bloom. Today’s classless performance, can only be matched by his seriously clueless followers.

Personally, I'm of the opinion this nation is scaring the world with its potential Republican leaders, like Trump. Many nations, especially our adversaries, are paying close attention to this next election. The problem with authoritarian liars like Trump and the defective people he will install in government, is that they create the possibility of future war and a correction may not be possible in normal ways.

Nations like Russia and China could easily perceive Donald Trump as a threat and may cause them to pursue a course that would eliminate the American hazard. At the very least, increased militancy by Donald Trump, will cause other nations to increase their military buildup in order to protect themselves. Nations like Iran and North Korea would have to build up their nuclear programs to prevent an invasion from a man prone to shooting off his mouth and acting without thought. His latest speech is an example of what I am talking about.

It usually takes a war to stop people like Trump who gain power through the manipulation of likeminded people. I can’t stand the thought of Trump and his followers running this country. After a few years of Trump and his followers, taking up arms may be the only way to stop him. God, I would hate to see us have another Civil War. Dictators do not take kindly to free elections, which end their dictatorship. A Presidential election may not solve the Trump problem in the future, if he is elected in 2016.

The trouble is, a sickness has been brewing in this country for a number of years. The results of that sickness is someone like Trump and his followers. Republicans made Donald Trump. Trump rose up out of the cesspool of bad ideas and a breeding ground for irresponsible notions fostering hatred for our government. Republicans created a Donald Trump atmosphere and Republicans are responsible for the mess they created. Now, it’s not clear the Republicans can stop the monster in our midst.

One of the unique characteristics of our political system is that we have the freedom to vote ourselves into a dictatorship. Voting our way out of dictatorship, is much more difficult.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My neighborhood needs some gun contol

A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs

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My comment:
So let me get this straight. The majority of Americans want better background checks. A majority of Americans want to close the gun show loophole. A majority of Americans don't want people on a terrorist or no fly list to buy a gun. So.....those good ideas failed to pass in the Senate.

So much for the will of the people. The next time you hear a Republican tell you how he is just doing what the people want, call him a liar, right to his face. A security cop might beat you up, but it would be worth it. Your good buddy Republican is doing the will of gun makers and a fringe element of our society gone stark raving mad. He's not doing anything for you.

What does all this mean? I live in a neighborhood where people, getting out of jail for murder, rape, armed robbery, etc., etc., come into my neighborhood and live in halfway houses. They sit on their porch playing with their assault rifles, aiming their guns at passing cars. Some of those cars are cop cars.

Cops know who the convicted felons are. Parole officers come by once a week to check on our neighborhood felons. Our felons have no fear about losing their guns. When it comes to guns, the cops are as bad as the felons.

It means people on a terrorist or no fly list, can buy any gun they want. We have a lot of students from the Middle East going to school here. They’re learning to fly airplanes. What? They are not citizens. No problem getting any gun they want. You ever been to a gun show in Arizona? If you think I’m kidding, I’m not! Any gun they want! No questions asked.

If you go to an Arizona gun show, don’t look like you took a bath and got a haircut recently. People will suspect you are a Federal agent of some kind. Plan your trip to one of our gun shows by not shaving for at least a week and don’t take a bath. It helps if you have long stringy, greasy hair as well. Go to Goodwill and buy the shabbiest clothing they have. Brush up on your vulgar language and rehearse a story about how you hate Liberals and the government. After proper preparation, you can browse one of our gun shows.

People don't buy from licensed gun dealers. Licensed gun dealers will report you if you are a little weird. A gun dealer reported the killer in Florida. A lot of good that did. Since a lot of the people selling and buying guns at Arizona gun shows, are just this side of a burnt egg, nobody is going to report you.

An Arab guy can walk into one of our gun shows, wearing all black and sporting an ISIS flag on his shirt. He can buy whatever he needs. All he needs is cash. An ISIS member doesn’t have to smuggle his weapons into the United States in order to accomplish his dirty deed. There are plenty of loyal Americans, willing to help him kill as many US citizens as possible, for the right amount of cash, before he departs for the land of virgins.

            At the gun shows in this area, you rub shoulders with rapists, murderers, armed robbers, wife beaters, child molesters and members of the Mexican Cartel, while you browse for a gun to buy. Always, nearby, you can get fully automatic weapons.

I saw M-48 Grenade Launcher ammunition behind one counter. If you don't buy a fully automatic weapon, don't worry. There’s plenty of literature, at the show, teaching you how to convert your assault rifle to full automatic. Oh! By the way. Don’t try to take pictures at these gun shows. People, at our gun shows talk real tough, dress up like hobos and discuss openly, overthrowing our government, but, they are very afraid of cameras.

To top it all off, a lot of people think this gun trade is just fine. No problem, right? Except my neighborhood is really dangerous with people arming themselves for when they get to kill Federal Officers or even better, they can try to overthrow our government. You can expect felons wanting to do that.

The United States Senate just approved everything I have just mentioned. Any effort to stop what is going on in my neighborhood, was defeated. This election is about those who still have their sanity and those who have lost it. 

Please, please! Don’t let Republicans take us further down that rabbit hole. Now excuse me, I need to take a shower and shave. After all, I am a Democrat.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sanders Refuses to be a Democrat

Sanders not ending campaign inThursday's video speech -spokesman

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My comment:
The thing getting lost in all of Sanders demands is that HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! His demand that two long time and loyal Democrats be removed from the Convention Committee is not for him to say. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT!

          The authority to demand, a lifelong Democrat, loyal to the Party and the head of the DNC be removed, has not been granted to him. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Being a Socialist and demanding to influence the Democratic Party's Platform should not be given credibility. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT!

          He has had ample time to join the Democratic Party. He has refused. He has had time to endorse the Democratic Party's Nominee and he has refused. He has announced he will go to the Convention and attempt to steal the Nomination from Hillary Clinton. This cannot be tolerated.

          When the Primary season is done and Hillary is the Party's Nominee, Sanders will go back to Vermont and run as an Independent Socialist. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Never has been! Never will be! If he doesn’t support Hillary now, so what. His supporters have no choice but to vote for Hillary in November.

Catering to the “Bernie or Bust” crowd does not warrant giving excessive power to a non-Democrat who has blatantly refused to support Democrats and the choice Democrats have made for their Nominee. The “Bernie or Bust” crowd were never going to vote for Hillary and nothing Bernie says will alter their choice. They hate Hillary as much as Republicans do. 

          Democratic voters did not choose a Socialist. They chose a Democrat to be the Nominee of the Democrat Party. When Bernie Sanders joins the Democratic Party, he should be allowed to have a voice. But, HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT and he should shut his mouth for now! He has to earn his place as a Democrat and prove he is loyal to the Party before attempting to alter the Party’s apparatus.

The Democratic Party was doing just fine before they made the mistake of letting a Socialist run on the Party ticket. Appeasing a Socialist in an attempt to gain a few votes, votes that were never going Democrat anyway, is a bad mistake. The mistake is as bad as letting Bernie attach himself to the Democratic Party, debate Democrats and have his name printed on the Democratic ballot.

Never make that mistake again in the future. There is no telling what kind of wingnut will try to pull a Bernie Sanders style coup in the future. Democrats must guard against the likes of Bernie Sanders and keep the Party Democrat only. If a Socialist Party can draw enough Democrats away from the Party to render the Democratic Party moot, so be it. In the meantime, people like Bernie should be cast away. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Democrats don’t need his kind.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Republican Propaganda Worked! Democrats did not respond in time.

Hillary Clinton Pushes the DNC Into General Election Mode
Inspirational story located at:

This is one of the comments made on a story published by MSN. I did not correct his spelling or grammar:

Comment by: 
I will say this just one time and thats it.......I will not vote for Hillary clinton Bill and Hillary are both liars.....they are the biggest Liars in Washington....I do not trust them from bottom of heart....she has never done anything good for this USA.....

This was my reply:
Thirty years of false allegations. No indictments, No convictions. Seven Republican investigations, spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money and not a single indictment on Benghazi. No indictments on the Email account. Do you know what? She hasn't done anything wrong! She has not lied about anything! You are the liar!

Hillary has not been indicted, much less convicted of anything, in 30 years. Not even a traffic ticket. The entire Republican establishment would launch million dollar investigations and try to put Hillary in jail if she so much as even jaywalked across the street. If she had done anything wrong, do you think Republicans would let her off the hook? They would spend millions of taxpayer dollars just to put her in jail for one day.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have helped millions of people throughout their careers. Just because you are uninformed or choose to ignore the facts, doesn't make their accomplishments just disappear. It can be easily said that instead of sitting around and telling lies about people, like you, they have contributed to society in ways you cannot understand or will not recognize.

However, do you know what is wrong? People like you repeating lies some propaganda marshal fed you. It's obvious you lack the ability to look up anything on your own and determine if you should keep lying about people, or not. Purposely refusing to look up the facts and just let your hatred guide what comes out of your lying mouth, is what is wrong.

I’m not saying the Clintons’ are perfect. Who is? But, I would rather have people like the Clintons, who have done no wrong and have helped so many, making decisions on things involving me. I do not want lazy ignorant people, who allow themselves to be manipulated into telling lies about people, anywhere near a process making laws for all of us to follow.

It's your hatred and lies that makes people like you worse than the Clintons.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Teach Good Manners and Get Into a Fight.

Donald Trump, minus teleprompter, is back,
mocking Obama and Clinton

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Podcast located at: insert address when complete.

Incidentally. This story goes to another issue I've been harping on. Forget putting the Ten Commandments in Public Schools.The Commandments only speak to things people already know but ignore in mass.

The Ten Commandments are religious in nature and from the beginning of any attempt to install religious ideas or artifacts into tax supported Public Schools, a fight of extraordinary proportions will break out.

So, forget the Ten Commandments in Public Schools. That's a lost cause. However, something of extreme importance has been lost in our society. Good manners and empathy have completely disappeared from American society. Teach good manners and empathy starting from kindergarten and don't stop until the kids graduate from High School. 

My comment:
Trump's impolite and discourteous attitude towards the President of the United States, lays the groundwork for equal treatment of himself, should he become the President. My comment, for the most part, refers to an age old Proverb. “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. It sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be religious. It’s just good advice.

Disagreeing about policy is normal. However, calling the POTUS "stupid", or worse, shows a lack of respect one never teaches their eight-year-old child at the dinner table. Of course this assumes people are normal and they know how to raise children.

As we know, many people are not normal and they teach their children to be vulgar, disrespectful social misfits who grow up to be bad citizens. You know, like Republicans. There’s a generational consequence involved here.

We have a lot of people with bad manners today because they were taught to be discourteous by their parents as they grew up. Their parents were bad-mannered so they became impolite when they grew up. In other words, many people turned out to be like Donald Trump. Rude ill-mannered people will follow people like Trump every time.

Mr. Trump! You are not a good example for children to follow. Can you imagine little children acting like you? Children, calling adults names and being encouraged to do so by their parents?  Similar behavior is a lot like your campaign for President. You being the child and your toothless supporters egging you on.

Mr. Trump, people will do unto you, what you have done onto them. Your behavior today insures people will call you childish names, disrespect you and nullify your credibility as our POTUS, should you be elected. Your bad manners will spill over into your future. Your treatment of the President today insures equal treatment of you tomorrow. If you lose the election, people will have little respect for you in the aftermath. If you lose, you will become another Mitt Romney.

Above all else, one should respect the office of the President. Respect allows different points of view to be expressed. However, negotiations with you, after all your name calling, becomes impossible. What makes you think Obama or Clinton, sitting across the table from you, would ever discuss anything after all your name calling? The same principal applies to leaders of other nations. Incidentally, you are well on your way to insulting leaders around the world. Your bad manners will ultimately hurt Americans.

A small six-year-old child, publicly calling an adult insulting names, in front of other people, needs to be stopped and disciplined. A child needs to learn that calling the people you want something from, names, reduces your chance of getting something from them. It would seem Mr. Trump, you were not taught that lesson at home as you grew up.

In politics, you are that six-year-old child and you should have your mouth washed out with soap. By the way! This advice applies to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Mr. Trump, calling adults (Obama, Clinton) the kind of names spewing out of your mouth should disqualify you to be POTUS. Hopefully enough grownups will go to the polls in November and give you a good spanking. I wonder if there are enough adults in America to repudiate you, Mr. Trump? I guess time will tell.

You reap what you sow Mr. “Name Caller”. Your latest behavior means you deserve whatever you get. In order to pay you back for the way you are, people should just lie about you and call you names all the rest of your life. Now that would be justice. Or is that just vengeance? Who knows? It’s kind of like the Death Penalty. Justice? Vengeance? Take your pick.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the next adventure of, MILITANT DEMOCRAT. You can subscribe to both the Podcast and the Blog. It just depends on how much you want to be irritated. If you can’t take it anymore, just unsubscribe. Keep in mind, I’m not running for mayor and I really don’t care if you like me or not. Until next time, goodbye.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Faster Executions: That won't stop murder!

'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting

Inspirational story located at:

My comment: I won't be commenting on the tragedy of this young womans murder. That's another story.

Someone commented that if we just convict and execute people faster this kind of murder would stop. I disagree.

No... the murder rate will not decrease with faster executions. Did you read the story? The killer, killed himself after the murder. No chance for your vengeance. The threat of death row has not stopped people from committing murder.

          We kill people around the country using death row on a regular basis. It doesn't stop this kind of murder. We also release people on a regular basis from death row because it turns out they are innocent. We also know, with DNA testing, we have executed quite a few innocent people. 

Hillary is of such high character, I hope she will address executions in America when she becomes President.

Your knee jerk reaction is understandable but may also be based on your love for killing people without Due Process. What happened to you? Did they stop teaching Civics at the high school you attended? I bet you have no idea what Due Process is. I know Trump doesn’t like Due Process.

I wouldn't want your kind of person in charge of criminal justice in my state. You are just one step away from authorizing police to be judge, jury and executioner. Come to think of it, some of that is going on right now. I mean, kill a little kid with a toy gun and everyone makes excuses and cheers. Jeeze!

Opinions like yours are derived from each person’s perspective. If you are accused of murder and you didn't commit the crime and a stranger called for your quick execution, you would probably be writing different words today.

Careful now! Authoritarianism can get out of control. Are you a Trump supporter by chance?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hillary Haters Keep Telling Lies!

Hillary Clinton Clinches the Nomination.
Will Bernie Sanders Fight On?

Inspirational story located at:

My comment:
What a bunch of bright people. Hillary is a crook? She lacks integrity? She is a liar? People will vote for her because she is a woman? She's ugly? Apparently, a lot of you have a pretty high opinion of yourself.

If there is a lack of integrity, it is with all you easily duped people repeating lies you have been fed by your right wing propaganda masters. There isn't an independent thought among any of you. Your type of person wouldn’t make a very good Democrat.

Here's some truth for you. Hillary has been helping people her whole life. Millions of people are better off because of her. How many name callers and liars can say that about themselves? People like you? Not possible!  Hillary doesn't just call names and tell lies. She actually does something to help people. That’s for real! There is record you can verify if you were not so determined to just lie about her.

She has some faults but nothing compared to you people. Almost thirty years of intense scrutiny and constant lies about her have people making up stories just to satisfy some strange need to falsely accuse her of things she has not done.

I would suggest your hatred for Hillary has been carefully cultivated by propaganda experts much smarter than you. Weak minded people are always easy to manipulate. Propaganda marshals certainly maneuvered you.

I can prove what I'm saying. Thirty years of false accusations, lies and bald faced hatred has not produced a single indictment or conviction. After all these years, not a single lie about her has been proven true. Yet you people keep telling lies.

Prove Hillary is lying about anything. Show a single indictment. Bring up a single conviction for anything. Just don't mouth off. I have my proof. She’s done no wrong. Where is your proof? I would be against her if she had done anything wrong. If she were convicted of anything, I would support someone else.

You are going to try and tell me, someone with Trumps record is a better person than Hillary? Liars! What’s the matter with you people?

Don't use the propaganda you have been spoon fed as your proof either. People spreading lies about other people are despicable. It makes one wonder what your personal lives are like. I bet you tell lies about your family, friends and fellow workers as well. Especially if you think they are Democrats.

Disgusting Republicans! No wonder I left the Republican Party! I don’t want liars and name callers to get control of this country. Especially since so many are like you.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Yea! A Chance to Kill Federal officers!

A major Native American site is being looted. Will Obama risk armed conflict to save it?

Inspirational story located at:

My Comment:
The story gets all involved with everyone's rights, everyone's concerns, local control and States Rights. On and on and on. The real story, more powerful than all the minutia is, "Will Obama risk armed conflict to save it"?

In the middle of all the complications regarding the land in question, is the notion there are Americans, who are itching to kill other Americans, just because they want the freedom to destroy the land. Even worse, they don't want the government to protect the land from greedy, selfish people like them.

The issue has become an opportunity for armed conflict. The truth is, most of the gray haired, potbellied thugs complicating the issue, don't live anywhere near the land in question. The issue is less about land management and more about a threat to kill Federal Officers.

The problem Obama introduced is when he allowed armed criminals to point guns at Federal Officers in the past. Not doing anything then, triggers the same problem today. Criminals in the past, threatening armed conflict, got off free of any consequences.

Therefore, criminals today, threatening Americans lives over this land dispute, are safe in the knowledge there will be no consequences. One can only wonder, if these anti-American thugs are willing to sacrifice their lives, for their right to destroy land not belonging to them?

In our cities, if a criminal points a gun at law enforcement, there is a pretty good chance that person will be dead almost instantly. Christ! If you are a twelve-year-old kid with a toy gun, you can get killed and your uniformed killers get off Scott free.

So now we have armed militias threatening Federal Law Enforcement personnel because they want the imaginary right to destroy the land if they feel like it. Kill a few of them the next time they point guns at fellow Americans. They will think twice before threatening law Enforcement in the future.

Cut off the problem now or see the problem get bigger in the future. City cops don't let people wave guns around. The Feds should have the same attitude.