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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Does Brexit and States Rights have the same goal?

Destroying Central Government is the latest Fad.

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With the exit of England from the European Union, does England’s action give credence to a movement in the United States to eliminate our Union? Some would say that England’s exit from the EU has nothing in common with the United States but upon careful analysis, there may be more shared ideology than one thinks.

First of all, is there a movement in America to destroy our Union? There is plenty of evidence, a mentality by certain Americans to revive the efforts of the Confederate States of America, does exist. “States’ Rights” is what it is called on our shores. With a similar desire in England, Brexit is the EU’s version of “States Rights”.

In our beginning, our founding fathers emphasized the word Union. The name of our country, the “United” States of America, reflects how people believed in our formative years. Our Founders gave us a Rule book (the Constitution) providing “Equal Protection Under the Law”, The “Due Process Clause”, a “Bill of Rights” and most importantly, the “Supremacy Clause”.

All these Clauses, and Rules were designed for only one thing. UNION! Americans, in our beginning years believed, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. At the time, this concept was quite unique in the worlds history. Unique because the “United” philosophy was prefaced by the term “By the People, FOR the People”. Emphasis on the word “FOR”.

The idea a government is “FOR” the people, treats all citizens equally and law is applied equally “FOR” all the people, is what made the American concept of government, unique in all the world. No other nation in the world had ever approached governing in this manner. In the past, people only existed to serve the government. America introduced the notion that government exists to serve and be “FOR” the people. Europe has envied America ever since. The European Union was a poor attempt to emulate the American dream.

In order to serve the people and to be “For” all the people, our Founders created rules to be applied equally to all the States. That’s why the term “Freedom of the Press” means exactly the same thing in California as it does in New York. “Freedom of Religion” does not have “special exceptions” in South Carolina because South Carolina has a preponderance of a particular faith.

Our government, being “FOR” the people, must protect “ALL” the people using “DUE PROCESS”, providing “EQUAL PROTECTION” under the law through the use of the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”. That is what the American dream is about. It is what made America unique in all the world’s history. A government “FOR” the people, using tools to guarantee the “Civil Liberties” of “All the People”, equally, can do no less.

Opposite to the vision of “Unity”, is the belief individual “State Sovereignty” knows what is best for its citizens. In America, it’s called “States Rights”. The Confederacy once opposed the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”. They fought a war over the issue. The American “States Rights” movement is equivalent to the Brexit movement in England. All over Europe people are opposed to a European version of the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”.

In America, many people no longer believe our national government has the final say in all matters concerning law. Many Americans have rejected the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE” and because they have, they no longer believe in the American Dream.

That my dear friends is at the heart and soul of almost all conflict in America. We are currently engaged in in a battle between those who still believe in “UNITY”, the American Dream, and those who believe in “State Sovereignty”, the destruction of the government envisioned by our Founding Fathers. This conflict was at the heart of North verses South, in our Civil War. This differing philosophy drives Brexit in England. This struggle is tearing America apart as we speak.

This idea of “State Sovereignty” has prevailed through most of human history and throughout most of the world. It is the practice of “State Sovereignty” that has prevented Europe from forming the United States of Europe.

When America first formed, the idea of a unified nation guided by “Federalism”, or the all-important “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”, gave birth to the most envied country in all the world. There are powerful forces within America today, who still believe in “State Sovereignty” and are intent on destroying the dream of men much wiser than they are. Republicans are in opposition to our Founding Fathers.

Europe still suffers under an old and antiquated notion of “State Sovereignty” and is the reason any attempt to provide government “FOR” all the people of Europe has failed. Civil Liberties and their meaning, varies widely in Europe, even under the illusion of the European Union.

If the “States Rights” movement in the United States progresses any further, “Civil Liberties” will vary widely from state to state, in America. “Freedom of the Press”, “Religion”, “Speech”, etc., Etc., would have different meanings and interpretations in each state.

Without a government “FOR” the people, insuring “EQUAL PROTECTION” through “DUE PROCESS”, enforced by the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”, individual American states would interpret “CIVIL LIBERTIES” in very different ways.

Ultimately, the goal of Brexit is to not adhere to a “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”, forcing a common set of laws all Europeans they must abide by. The English people have rejected “Unity” with their European neighbors. The English people don’t want to adhere to “EQUAL PROTECTION” under law applied to all the citizens of Europe. The English people don’t want “DUE PROCESS” enforced by the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE” of a government “FOR” all the people.

The English people decided to go their own way and they have inspired many Americans who would like to do the same thing. In a few years, “CIVIL LIBERTIES” in England will have different meanings than in other European nations. Many Americans want the same outcome for each state.

In the United States, under “States Rights”, Civil Liberties will have different meanings from state to state. If a state eliminates a Civil Liberty enjoyed by a citizen in one state, but not another, a central government “FOR” the people will not be able to provide “EQUAL PROTECTION” through “DUE PROCESS”, enforced by the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”.

States will interpret “Civil Liberties” according their local customs or religious beliefs. Absolute chaos will break out across America. The United States of America will come to an end.

 The “EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE”, “DUE PROCESS CLAUSE” and the “SUPREMACY CLAUSE” of a government “FOR” all the people will no longer exist in America under “STATES RIGHTS”.

That is in essence what Brexit is. A European version of American “States Rights”. An independent England, not subject to universal law, may work out for Great Britain, because that is how it has been in Europe for centuries. However, an American version of Brexit will not work in our fifty states.

Here is what I predict in the near future during our Election process. Donald Trump will embrace Brexit and suggest states have no obligation to adhere to a government “FOR” the people. The “States Rights” movement is already very strong in our nation. Millions will rally to his call for division.

Donald Trump will embrace Brexit style “States Rights” and Hillary Clinton will defend “Union”. A political “Civil War” is about to engulf our nation. It’s going to be Union verses Confederate Traitors. This war against our Union has been going on for a number of years already, championed by the Republican Party.

Democrats simply have not awoken to the fact, we are in a war and must defend our Union or we will lose all the things our Founding fathers envisioned. Brexit will be used by Republicans in many ways and the Confederacy could win through legislation, that which they could not win on the battlefield.

Brexit and “States Rights” have a lot in common.
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