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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Faster Executions: That won't stop murder!

'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting

Inspirational story located at:

My comment: I won't be commenting on the tragedy of this young womans murder. That's another story.

Someone commented that if we just convict and execute people faster this kind of murder would stop. I disagree.

No... the murder rate will not decrease with faster executions. Did you read the story? The killer, killed himself after the murder. No chance for your vengeance. The threat of death row has not stopped people from committing murder.

          We kill people around the country using death row on a regular basis. It doesn't stop this kind of murder. We also release people on a regular basis from death row because it turns out they are innocent. We also know, with DNA testing, we have executed quite a few innocent people. 

Hillary is of such high character, I hope she will address executions in America when she becomes President.

Your knee jerk reaction is understandable but may also be based on your love for killing people without Due Process. What happened to you? Did they stop teaching Civics at the high school you attended? I bet you have no idea what Due Process is. I know Trump doesn’t like Due Process.

I wouldn't want your kind of person in charge of criminal justice in my state. You are just one step away from authorizing police to be judge, jury and executioner. Come to think of it, some of that is going on right now. I mean, kill a little kid with a toy gun and everyone makes excuses and cheers. Jeeze!

Opinions like yours are derived from each person’s perspective. If you are accused of murder and you didn't commit the crime and a stranger called for your quick execution, you would probably be writing different words today.

Careful now! Authoritarianism can get out of control. Are you a Trump supporter by chance?
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