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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Teach Good Manners and Get Into a Fight.

Donald Trump, minus teleprompter, is back,
mocking Obama and Clinton

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Incidentally. This story goes to another issue I've been harping on. Forget putting the Ten Commandments in Public Schools.The Commandments only speak to things people already know but ignore in mass.

The Ten Commandments are religious in nature and from the beginning of any attempt to install religious ideas or artifacts into tax supported Public Schools, a fight of extraordinary proportions will break out.

So, forget the Ten Commandments in Public Schools. That's a lost cause. However, something of extreme importance has been lost in our society. Good manners and empathy have completely disappeared from American society. Teach good manners and empathy starting from kindergarten and don't stop until the kids graduate from High School. 

My comment:
Trump's impolite and discourteous attitude towards the President of the United States, lays the groundwork for equal treatment of himself, should he become the President. My comment, for the most part, refers to an age old Proverb. “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. It sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be religious. It’s just good advice.

Disagreeing about policy is normal. However, calling the POTUS "stupid", or worse, shows a lack of respect one never teaches their eight-year-old child at the dinner table. Of course this assumes people are normal and they know how to raise children.

As we know, many people are not normal and they teach their children to be vulgar, disrespectful social misfits who grow up to be bad citizens. You know, like Republicans. There’s a generational consequence involved here.

We have a lot of people with bad manners today because they were taught to be discourteous by their parents as they grew up. Their parents were bad-mannered so they became impolite when they grew up. In other words, many people turned out to be like Donald Trump. Rude ill-mannered people will follow people like Trump every time.

Mr. Trump! You are not a good example for children to follow. Can you imagine little children acting like you? Children, calling adults names and being encouraged to do so by their parents?  Similar behavior is a lot like your campaign for President. You being the child and your toothless supporters egging you on.

Mr. Trump, people will do unto you, what you have done onto them. Your behavior today insures people will call you childish names, disrespect you and nullify your credibility as our POTUS, should you be elected. Your bad manners will spill over into your future. Your treatment of the President today insures equal treatment of you tomorrow. If you lose the election, people will have little respect for you in the aftermath. If you lose, you will become another Mitt Romney.

Above all else, one should respect the office of the President. Respect allows different points of view to be expressed. However, negotiations with you, after all your name calling, becomes impossible. What makes you think Obama or Clinton, sitting across the table from you, would ever discuss anything after all your name calling? The same principal applies to leaders of other nations. Incidentally, you are well on your way to insulting leaders around the world. Your bad manners will ultimately hurt Americans.

A small six-year-old child, publicly calling an adult insulting names, in front of other people, needs to be stopped and disciplined. A child needs to learn that calling the people you want something from, names, reduces your chance of getting something from them. It would seem Mr. Trump, you were not taught that lesson at home as you grew up.

In politics, you are that six-year-old child and you should have your mouth washed out with soap. By the way! This advice applies to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Mr. Trump, calling adults (Obama, Clinton) the kind of names spewing out of your mouth should disqualify you to be POTUS. Hopefully enough grownups will go to the polls in November and give you a good spanking. I wonder if there are enough adults in America to repudiate you, Mr. Trump? I guess time will tell.

You reap what you sow Mr. “Name Caller”. Your latest behavior means you deserve whatever you get. In order to pay you back for the way you are, people should just lie about you and call you names all the rest of your life. Now that would be justice. Or is that just vengeance? Who knows? It’s kind of like the Death Penalty. Justice? Vengeance? Take your pick.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the next adventure of, MILITANT DEMOCRAT. You can subscribe to both the Podcast and the Blog. It just depends on how much you want to be irritated. If you can’t take it anymore, just unsubscribe. Keep in mind, I’m not running for mayor and I really don’t care if you like me or not. Until next time, goodbye.
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