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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hillary Haters Keep Telling Lies!

Hillary Clinton Clinches the Nomination.
Will Bernie Sanders Fight On?

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My comment:
What a bunch of bright people. Hillary is a crook? She lacks integrity? She is a liar? People will vote for her because she is a woman? She's ugly? Apparently, a lot of you have a pretty high opinion of yourself.

If there is a lack of integrity, it is with all you easily duped people repeating lies you have been fed by your right wing propaganda masters. There isn't an independent thought among any of you. Your type of person wouldn’t make a very good Democrat.

Here's some truth for you. Hillary has been helping people her whole life. Millions of people are better off because of her. How many name callers and liars can say that about themselves? People like you? Not possible!  Hillary doesn't just call names and tell lies. She actually does something to help people. That’s for real! There is record you can verify if you were not so determined to just lie about her.

She has some faults but nothing compared to you people. Almost thirty years of intense scrutiny and constant lies about her have people making up stories just to satisfy some strange need to falsely accuse her of things she has not done.

I would suggest your hatred for Hillary has been carefully cultivated by propaganda experts much smarter than you. Weak minded people are always easy to manipulate. Propaganda marshals certainly maneuvered you.

I can prove what I'm saying. Thirty years of false accusations, lies and bald faced hatred has not produced a single indictment or conviction. After all these years, not a single lie about her has been proven true. Yet you people keep telling lies.

Prove Hillary is lying about anything. Show a single indictment. Bring up a single conviction for anything. Just don't mouth off. I have my proof. She’s done no wrong. Where is your proof? I would be against her if she had done anything wrong. If she were convicted of anything, I would support someone else.

You are going to try and tell me, someone with Trumps record is a better person than Hillary? Liars! What’s the matter with you people?

Don't use the propaganda you have been spoon fed as your proof either. People spreading lies about other people are despicable. It makes one wonder what your personal lives are like. I bet you tell lies about your family, friends and fellow workers as well. Especially if you think they are Democrats.

Disgusting Republicans! No wonder I left the Republican Party! I don’t want liars and name callers to get control of this country. Especially since so many are like you.
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