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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My neighborhood needs some gun contol

A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs

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My comment:
So let me get this straight. The majority of Americans want better background checks. A majority of Americans want to close the gun show loophole. A majority of Americans don't want people on a terrorist or no fly list to buy a gun. So.....those good ideas failed to pass in the Senate.

So much for the will of the people. The next time you hear a Republican tell you how he is just doing what the people want, call him a liar, right to his face. A security cop might beat you up, but it would be worth it. Your good buddy Republican is doing the will of gun makers and a fringe element of our society gone stark raving mad. He's not doing anything for you.

What does all this mean? I live in a neighborhood where people, getting out of jail for murder, rape, armed robbery, etc., etc., come into my neighborhood and live in halfway houses. They sit on their porch playing with their assault rifles, aiming their guns at passing cars. Some of those cars are cop cars.

Cops know who the convicted felons are. Parole officers come by once a week to check on our neighborhood felons. Our felons have no fear about losing their guns. When it comes to guns, the cops are as bad as the felons.

It means people on a terrorist or no fly list, can buy any gun they want. We have a lot of students from the Middle East going to school here. They’re learning to fly airplanes. What? They are not citizens. No problem getting any gun they want. You ever been to a gun show in Arizona? If you think I’m kidding, I’m not! Any gun they want! No questions asked.

If you go to an Arizona gun show, don’t look like you took a bath and got a haircut recently. People will suspect you are a Federal agent of some kind. Plan your trip to one of our gun shows by not shaving for at least a week and don’t take a bath. It helps if you have long stringy, greasy hair as well. Go to Goodwill and buy the shabbiest clothing they have. Brush up on your vulgar language and rehearse a story about how you hate Liberals and the government. After proper preparation, you can browse one of our gun shows.

People don't buy from licensed gun dealers. Licensed gun dealers will report you if you are a little weird. A gun dealer reported the killer in Florida. A lot of good that did. Since a lot of the people selling and buying guns at Arizona gun shows, are just this side of a burnt egg, nobody is going to report you.

An Arab guy can walk into one of our gun shows, wearing all black and sporting an ISIS flag on his shirt. He can buy whatever he needs. All he needs is cash. An ISIS member doesn’t have to smuggle his weapons into the United States in order to accomplish his dirty deed. There are plenty of loyal Americans, willing to help him kill as many US citizens as possible, for the right amount of cash, before he departs for the land of virgins.

            At the gun shows in this area, you rub shoulders with rapists, murderers, armed robbers, wife beaters, child molesters and members of the Mexican Cartel, while you browse for a gun to buy. Always, nearby, you can get fully automatic weapons.

I saw M-48 Grenade Launcher ammunition behind one counter. If you don't buy a fully automatic weapon, don't worry. There’s plenty of literature, at the show, teaching you how to convert your assault rifle to full automatic. Oh! By the way. Don’t try to take pictures at these gun shows. People, at our gun shows talk real tough, dress up like hobos and discuss openly, overthrowing our government, but, they are very afraid of cameras.

To top it all off, a lot of people think this gun trade is just fine. No problem, right? Except my neighborhood is really dangerous with people arming themselves for when they get to kill Federal Officers or even better, they can try to overthrow our government. You can expect felons wanting to do that.

The United States Senate just approved everything I have just mentioned. Any effort to stop what is going on in my neighborhood, was defeated. This election is about those who still have their sanity and those who have lost it. 

Please, please! Don’t let Republicans take us further down that rabbit hole. Now excuse me, I need to take a shower and shave. After all, I am a Democrat.
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