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Friday, June 17, 2016

Republican Propaganda Worked! Democrats did not respond in time.

Hillary Clinton Pushes the DNC Into General Election Mode
Inspirational story located at:

This is one of the comments made on a story published by MSN. I did not correct his spelling or grammar:

Comment by: 
I will say this just one time and thats it.......I will not vote for Hillary clinton Bill and Hillary are both liars.....they are the biggest Liars in Washington....I do not trust them from bottom of heart....she has never done anything good for this USA.....

This was my reply:
Thirty years of false allegations. No indictments, No convictions. Seven Republican investigations, spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money and not a single indictment on Benghazi. No indictments on the Email account. Do you know what? She hasn't done anything wrong! She has not lied about anything! You are the liar!

Hillary has not been indicted, much less convicted of anything, in 30 years. Not even a traffic ticket. The entire Republican establishment would launch million dollar investigations and try to put Hillary in jail if she so much as even jaywalked across the street. If she had done anything wrong, do you think Republicans would let her off the hook? They would spend millions of taxpayer dollars just to put her in jail for one day.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have helped millions of people throughout their careers. Just because you are uninformed or choose to ignore the facts, doesn't make their accomplishments just disappear. It can be easily said that instead of sitting around and telling lies about people, like you, they have contributed to society in ways you cannot understand or will not recognize.

However, do you know what is wrong? People like you repeating lies some propaganda marshal fed you. It's obvious you lack the ability to look up anything on your own and determine if you should keep lying about people, or not. Purposely refusing to look up the facts and just let your hatred guide what comes out of your lying mouth, is what is wrong.

I’m not saying the Clintons’ are perfect. Who is? But, I would rather have people like the Clintons, who have done no wrong and have helped so many, making decisions on things involving me. I do not want lazy ignorant people, who allow themselves to be manipulated into telling lies about people, anywhere near a process making laws for all of us to follow.

It's your hatred and lies that makes people like you worse than the Clintons.

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