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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Attacking Hillary About Her E-mail Account Is an Attack on America

Another Republican Attack on America

From a story located at:

My Comment:
This is such an out of proportion issue. If people want to go after Clinton about her private e-mail server they need to go after Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and most of the members of Congress who have done same thing in the past or currently do the same thing now.

It’s analogous to when the most belligerent and aggressive Republicans were going after Clinton about his extra marital affairs when they were having their own affairs at the same time. The hypocrisy of Republican behavior goes beyond the ridiculous.

Many of the most boisterous Republicans about Clinton’s E-mail server need to take down their own private server before they are exposed for the hypocrites they are. On the other hand, the more hypocritical a Republican is, the more they are rewarded by their constituents. Hypocrisy seems to drive the popularity of Trump and Cruz.

This whole issue about an E-mail server is not the subject of Republican two-facedness. Republicans are scared to death another Democrat will become President and obstruct their desire to destroy our form of government. Never forget the continuous attack on our Constitution and Civil Liberties practiced by Republican Legislators in many states throughout our land.

With a Democrat as President they won’t be able to further their States Rights plans. They won’t be able to pass nullification laws and it will be a lot more difficult for states to seceed from the Union. With a Democrat in the Whitehouse they won’t be able to attack women’s rights, equal pay or their health care. With a Democrat in office it will be much more difficult to take health care away from twenty million Americans.

They will have a more difficult time taking food away from children. It will be a lot more difficult to hand over Social Security funds to the vultures on Wall Street. With a Democrat in office Medicare will be safe for a little longer.

With a democrat in office fewer American soldiers will die because of a lie. Foreign policy will make more sense and the likelihood of another 911 will be diminished. Military armies like ISIS will not be so easily created because of our wrong-headed foreign policy. That’s right, ISIS was created by Republicans. Republicans have been wrong 100% of the time regarding foreign policy. They won’t admit their errors and want to continue making errors in the future.

Until Republicans grow up, a Democrat in the Oval Office is America’s best chance of surviving threats from abroad and from within. Hillary and Bernie are head and shoulders above any of the dangerous and irresponsible Republicans running for POTUS. Trying to Destroy Hillary in order to put people like Trump or Cruz into the Whitehouse is equivalent to an attack on America.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Republican Wanting to Abuse Workers

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin GOP Senator,
Fights for A Seven-Day Workweek

From a story located at:

 My comment:
What these Republicans are not telling you is that many workers, especially in the food industry, are forced to work overtime hours but are not paid overtime.

The agencies charged with enforcing labor laws have been cut to the bone with budget cuts. Small business employers know there is very little chance they will be caught because nobody is watching the chicken coup.

There was a day when employers paid overtime without the need of government enforcers. Employers were just better people in those days. Today, employers will cheat their workers every opportunity they get.

Greed and selfishness is the new American Capitalist model. I work at such a place. None of us have any loyalty to our employer. We all do as little work as possible. We will steal from our employer if we can. We will go to another job if we get a little more pay or the boss isn't as abusive.

It's because the boss only cares for his own welfare. The boss cares nothing for the workers making him money. Employers reap what they sow. We taught the modern world about Capitalism, then we forgot the lessons we taught.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Republicans Hate Socialists More Than They Love Jesus - Bernie can't be elected

Why Bernie Sanders won’t be elected

A lot of Republicans seem filled with hatred towards their fellow Americans. Their hatred has been successfully cultivated since the days of Ronald Reagan.  Make no mistake, there has been a carefully orchestrated effort to demonize the words Democrat, woman, black, Latino, Catholic, welfare and of course Liberal. However, no single word in America epitomizes Republican loathing more than the word “Socialist”
Arguments can be held as to who is orchestrating this hate campaign. That’s another story altogether. Nevertheless, Republican strategists, going back to Reagan, have created a generational atmosphere of hatred which persists to this day. They are very good at what they do.

Actually, the campaign of hate has been successful because it has been so effective. An entire generation of Americans absolutely hate Democrats. An entire generation of Americans have succumbed to a very effective propaganda campaign. An entire generation of Americans think Democrats have all become Socialists and are
the enemy of America.

Many of us have experienced the moment when a Republican discovers they are talking to a Democrat. Effectively, the conversation is over. No matter how logical or true your words, the Republican immediately stops listening and begins the name calling.

All Democrats have heard the words, “you’re just a Liberal”. Or, “you are a socialist and hate America”. At that point, the conversation turns bitter. The words Democrat, Liberal and Socialist are synonymous with all things evil. Over the years many people like Bill O'Reilly have advocated imprisoning Liberals. Militias talk about killing Liberals all the time. A vote for Bill Clinton was a vote for Satan.

Ronald Reagan painted Jimmy Carter as a Socialist. Bush Senior depicted Dukakis and Clinton as Socialists. Bush Junior successfully labeled Gore and Kerry as Socialist sissies who wanted the government to control Americans and regulate business in a massive Socialist/Communist conspiracy.

Yes, Republican propaganda demonized Democrats, woman, blacks, Latino’s, Catholics, welfare queens and of course the word Liberal but the overwhelming derogatory label having the most impact was the word “Socialist”. Labeling Carter, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore and Kerry Socialists won the Presidency for Republicans. Those campaigns were very effective.

However, the Republicans veered from their successful Socialist branding strategy against Obama when they stressed the black racial card. Republican strategists mistakenly thought the race issue would be stronger than the Socialist issue. They were wrong and Obama was elected twice.  By the way, America is to be credited with that wonderful change.

Now we come to the 2016 election. Republicans won’t be able to play the racial card this time except to point out how those un-American, black socialist, welfare scammers, overwhelmingly vote Democrat.  They will of course point out the unholy sinners in the gay community. All the Latinos will vote Democrat because they want to stay in America illegally and mooch welfare.

Gun nuts around the country will claim falsely that Democrats want to disarm law abiding citizens so it will be easier for the United Nations to take over America. States’ Rights advocates want a Republican President who won’t lift a finger if a state secedes.

Make no mistake! None of those minor issues can sway the election as much as labeling a Democrat a Socialist. Don’t underestimate the power of branding someone a socialist in America.

Bernie Sanders is ahead of his time because America is not ready for his kind. Someday in the future, after the worst generation, to ever grace our shores, finally dies off and disappears from the scene, a Socialist President will get elected in America. I am of course, talking about the Baby Boomers. The worst, most pitiful bunch of crybabies in the history of America. (I’m a Baby Boomer).

Bernie Sanders will be remembered as the father of American Democratic Socialism at some National Convention in the future. If he is nominated today, the lightening rod of Socialism will motivate five to ten million additional republicans to vote. It will be enough to elect someone like Cruz or Trump because, as in other elections, Republicans vote against someone, not for them.

Republicans hate Socialists more than they love Jesus! Bernie can’t be elected.

Gas Leak in Los Angeles Has Residents Looking Warily Toward Flint

Gas Leak in Los Angeles Has Residents Looking Warily Toward Flint

A really bad and unfortunate situation. It has to be frustrating, waiting for something to be done. As I understand it, the health department is trying to kick a private corporations butt to get them to move faster. On the other hand, the problem may be so big neither a corporation or a government can fix the problem right away. Hmmmm! What to do?

The focus of this story is whether people can trust government again. The government didn't cause this problem. A corporation did. So it comes down to a simple choice. Do you trust government to fix the problem or do you trust a corporation to fix it?

Let's see. Government agencies don't operate on as high a profit margin as corporations. If you don't like the way a government does its job, elect new officials. The people are the stockholders. Government is more likely to operate within regulations than a corporation. Wait a minute, I may be wrong. Government officials are now controlled by profit seeking corporations.

Corporations must answer to stock holders, not the people. In order to make more profit, corporations are likely to attempt a skirting of regulations. In all likelihood, as is the case many times, a corporation ignored regulations, installed inadequate safeguards, all for the sake of more profit. That's probably what happened here.

If the general public doesn't like what a corporation does, there are no elections to cure the problem. The public cannot replace corrupt corporate management with an election. The only recourse is for elected officials to make corporate bosses obey regulations and the law.

Just a minute! I may have made an error. If corporations control government officials with bribes and campaign donations and elections cannot solve the problem, we may have a bigger problem than we thought. Do we have a Fascism problem?

So, we have a paradox before us. Corporate propaganda has successfully manipulated Americans, in the last twenty years, to blame everything on Government when in reality government and corporations are one and the same.

In this story everyone is blaming the government, when a corporation is at fault. That's what I call a great propaganda campaign. Separation of Church and State has been somewhat successful although it is being twiddled away slowly but surely. We should establish a principal of "Separation of Corporation and State".

Keeping corporations out of government would be as good for the country as keeping religion out of government. Too much common sense? Fascism has become too dominate? Can’t fight corporations? Sad, really sad!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama vetoes attempt to kill clean water rule

Obama vetoes attempt to kill clean water rule

                                By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
The notion that it is alright to poison the public's water sources in order to protect someone's land rights or a corporation's profits, clearly exemplifies the opposing views in our political system. One side clearly does not care about other people and the other side does.
Offering the argument that one side is just a bunch of liberals who want big government to interfere with the right of landowners to do as they please, has no standing. Landowners have never been able to do as they please with their land, when it is to the detriment of people not living on their land.
Wars have been fought since the beginning of time over this issue. Selfish, self-centered landowners and businesses claiming they can divert or poison water sources for their own personal pleasure or for the purpose of profit, ultimately lose the argument. However, victory over greed and selfishness often must be paid for by innocent victims not living on the land causing their demise.
There is a very clear difference in political thinking going on in this nation. Hopefully, people will always be in power to prevent harm done by people interested only in their personal gratification. It is the role of government to protect all the people even if it means teaching good manners to those individuals devoid of good manners.
People who do not own the land in question and who will not suffer the consequences of improper resource management, are the most curious of the lot. There are people who do not own the land in question, protecting land owners they don’t know. They will never suffer the consequences if a land owner they don’t know, poisons people, they also don’t know, who are making the loudest noise.
When people claim it is alright to poison or even kill people as long as it isn't them, something else is going on and no amount of logic will sway their view. It’s obvious another agenda is in play and it is probably rooted in just hating our black President. Racial prejudice is one of those maladies guaranteed to defeat all notions of fairness or common sense. If a white Republican President vetoed this bill, many Republicans would be praising him.
You either care about other people or you don't. If you are selfish and greedy, you must be made to have good manners by force of law. Let's hope people like Obama will always be around to make the greedy little children of the world behave themselves.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Presidential candidates waste no time weighing in on Iran prisoner releases

Presidential candidates waste no time
weighing in on Iran prisoner releases
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
     I think people should reserve their opinions until they know what happened. I hear a lot about how innocent the hostages were but they wouldn't be hostages if in fact they broke Iranian law. I'm not defending Iran but I think we should get our own justice system in order before we point fingers at another country's system of law.

     In this country we shoot unarmed people dead in the streets. We execute innocent people on a regular basis. We put people in jail for life just because they had enough dope to make a dozen doobies. We have people in this country that want to execute women for getting an abortion.

     Sure enough, Iran has some strange laws. However, many people reading my comment, having experienced American justice, realizes we should shut our mouths before we pass judgement on someone else, when we have so many problems to fix at home.

     Complicating the problem are too many national leaders and uninformed voters mouthing off, expressing make believe indignation, in order to make a political point or demonstrate their racial prejudice against the POTUS.

     People complaining about this tiny little matter are simply oozing with hatred for anything Obama, anything Democrat or anything that might be a good outcome for the same. I used to be a Republican but I can't stand the attitude of so many Republicans today. It's a sad day when I dislike Republicans more than I dislike Iranians.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court set to hear challenge to public sector unions

U.S. Supreme Court set to hear challenge to public sector unions By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
This whole ant-union movement shows the power of corporations and political groups to achieve the same goals as any dictatorship in the history of the world.

There is a simple fact. FREE SOCIETIES HAVE UNIONS. DICTATORSHIPS DON'T. Corporations are the new American dictatorship.

Big business has never liked unions because they cut into corporate profits. It is the same thinking suffered by Chinese workers. Corporations have brainwashed American workers into thinking Unions are bad, they are good. Many indoctrinated Americans think this is true.

An entire political party and its current front runner believe Americans are paid too much. There should not be a minimum wage. Child labor is alright. Health care should not be paid by employers. No sick leave. No maternal leave. No more vacation pay. In other words, everything for corporations and nothing for the workers that make them successful.

Americans reap what they sow. Unions worked hard to give workers a decent wage. Corporations won't be satisfied until the Chinese labor model is part of American culture. Congratulations you easily manipulated fools. Corporations will take everything from you.

It's difficult to understand why you people love corporations so much. They have never given you anything without a fight. Now you cower like pansies and let corporations take everything from you. Chickens! Cowards! Lovers of dictatorship. Pretty soon you can immigrate to China and make the same wage. You reap what you sow.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Koreas slide into Cold War: America prepares to profit

Koreas slide into Cold War: America prepares to profit

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My obnoxious comment:
Something very drastic will have to be done about North Korea. A missile defense system just off their shore to intercept missiles when they are their most vulnerable. A surprise strike on their leadership when they are all gathered together. Ground forces that will need to destroy the North Korean army because they will fight to the last man. Just guessing. No telling how all that mess will turn out.

When we are done there will be no infrastructure left and several million North Koreans will starve to death or die of disease. Much like Iraq. Hundreds of millions of American tax dollars will be spent by some future administration whether it is Democrat or Republican. This assumes there is enough profit in the endeavor for the American Military/Industrial Complex to go in and steal tax
dollars the way they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If it's a Republican Administration, a lot of profiteering will occur and nothing will get done. The Democrats will probably screw up as well because profiteers seem to be in control our country. I don’t see anyone stopping the march of Fascism in America.

Bernie Sanders is the only politician making sense but he doesn’t stand a chance of becoming President. Besides, big business Republicans will stop his efforts to alter the course of corporatism. We will probably go to war because defense industry stocks are down.

However, make no mistake about it. Russia and China will do nothing to help us because they are incapable and they know America's military and its foreign policy will eventually bankrupt our country. It happened to Russia once. They know it can happen to us.

They will be very pleased! Some say the old Soviet Union broke apart because they spent too much money on the military trying to keep up with the US. We are making the same mistake today. The Russians are right about us because of their experience. All they have to do is sit around and pick up the pieces when it all happens. China is just lurking in the shadows.

It's just a matter of time when we fall apart. If it were up to the Texas governor we will disintegrate long before military bankruptcy happens. What is wrong with Texas? We may have to arrest most of the politicians in Texas just to preserve our Union.

We could let Texas seceed, cut off all their military pensions, stop Social Security payments, close all the military bases, refuse aid the next time a hurricane levels their coastline and laugh our butts off when they cry like babies.

Get ready for a mass migration out of Texas. The only people left in Texas will be a bunch of mad white guys shooting each other down in the streets, beat up and abused wives, children trying to move to their uncle’s house in the northern states and religious nut cakes making all kinds of laws no one wants to follow. Texas will be begging to join the Union again and I for one would like to thumb my nose at them.

My son will outlive me, hopefully. However, I don’t envy what he will witness in the future. Nations all over the world will jump with joy when the United States falls apart. After all, our nation has killed about 20 million people around the world since Vietnam. There are a lot of angry relatives out there. They won’t thank us for killing their loved ones and they would like to see the same happen to us. Just human nature.

The only countries that will miss us are those who have enjoyed American welfare dollars or a buildup of their military forces so they can kill lots of people. America used to export ideas. Now we just export weapons. Israel will miss us because they will have to finance their own killing machine in order to kill lots of Palestinians or nuke their arch enemies, the Muslims. That will be a lot of fun to watch in the future.

Republicans may take over the country, several states will secede, children will be back in the factories working for less than a minimum wage which has been reduced by corporate greed mongers satisfying a few stock holders.

Women will be put in jail or executed for sticking a coat hanger up themselves in a hot tub of water. Birth control will disappear and millions of unwanted children will squirm around on the streets begging for food while Republicans without empathy will just step over their dead bodies. We will become like Brazil in that respect.

Does this all sound very negative? Perhaps it is. However, looking at the trends demonstrated in the news, I may not be far off the mark. We can always hope Russia and China will become agents of peace. North Korea will stop building nuclear bombs.

Texans will become Americans again and Trump supporters will finally shut up. Corporations will develop social responsibility, respect their workers and acquire some patriotism towards America.

      America will become the tenth largest military and stop telling everyone how to think or else we will kill them. Just think of all the things we could do if we cut our military budget in half. Doing this though will require a dressing down of Corporate Fascists. Not easy to do.

Whew! We have a lot of work to do.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Obama vetoes bill to repeal signature health care law

Obama vetoes bill to repeal signature healthcare law
 By Gary Donovan Snay

Take off the gloves. The differences are very clear between the parties for the coming election. Mobilize those who are threatened with the loss of their health care. Register people who are threatened and do everything to get them to the polls.

In Wisconsin, Speaker Ryan is rejoicing at the prospect of denying 260,000 constituents of their health care. This will result in the deaths of several thousand Wisconsin citizens dying from lack of medical services. Mobilize, register and vote Paul Ryan out of office.

The central focus should be how many Americans will die if Obamacare is repealed. Republicans have been promising a better plan since the ACA was made law. However, they have failed to produce a replacement and you can bet the barn if they do come up with an alternative plan, it will benefit their rich donors and the American people will suffer.

The lines are drawn. Each parties position is clear. An election is coming and the people must vote for their own protection. If Obamacare is repealed, more people will die from lack of health care in the next ten years than all our casualties fighting the war on terror, combined.

The coming election will be a matter of life and death for many Americans.

Meet Kimberly Corban, the pro-gun rape survivor who challenged Obama on CNN

Meet Kimberly Corban, the pro-gun rape survivor who challenged Obama on CNN
 By Gary Donovan Snay
From a story located at:
My comment:
The bottom line? Obama's proposal to implement stronger background checks does not prevent Kimberly Corban from obtaining a firearm. Obama’s proposals don't prevent her from taking her gun wherever she goes. Obama’s proposals don't infringe on her right to own a gun. Obama's proposals won't prevent one of her young children finding her gun and accidentally killing a sibling or Kimberly one day.

Her ability to get a gun will not be affected unless of course, she's a convicted felon or a raging loon. All this stuff about restricting availability of firearms only applies to those people who shouldn't have a gun in the first place. I wish this simple fact would register with the pea brains screaming so loud about implementing what 90% of the American people want.

It is so frustrating watching the reasoning of these anti-Obama crazies. I've seen interview after interview of people claiming what a dictator Obama is and then later in the interview admitting they don't want convicted felons to be able to get guns legally. Since they don’t want convicted felons to get a gun they are asked if they indeed support Obama’s recent proposal regarding guns?

Oh no! They will never admit they support something Obama proposes. Their hatred for a black president is so deep they are willing to be complete hypocrites just to oppose the president. If one confronts them with their specious opinions their answer is always to call you a liberal or some other dirty name, they perceive will put you in your place.

Incidentally, in case no one else has noticed, the people screaming the loudest and being the most illogical are white people. Is it my imagination or does it seem like Black, Hispanic and Oriental people in America have more common sense than those who perceive themselves superior to others?

The bottom line? Grownups and Democrats, along with the brown and black people of America are going to have to make the white children of America behave themselves.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

GOP candidates bash Obama’s gun plan

GOP candidates bash Obama’s gun plan

From a story located at:

A commentator Dave Chitwood wrote: I didn’t correct his spelling

Its about using his pen like a dictator. You Libs realy do need to wake up before all your rights are taken away with a stroke of the pen.

My reply:
     If you don't like the Prez doing what the Congress refuses to do, encourage your Republican friends to get off their duff's and do what 90% of the people want.

     You are right. This kind of action needs to be done by the Congress. However, Republicans have made it clear any kind of weapon should be available to anyone whether they are a murderer, a terrorist, a minor child, a wife beater or any number of crazy classifications.

     Obama's executive order does not prevent you from getting a gun, unless of course, you are one of the above marginal characters. If you are marginal and obtained guns in the past, some adult should take your toys from you before you do your crazy thing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trump vows: ‘They’re not going to take your guns away’

Trump vows: ‘They’re not going to take your guns away’

From a story located at:

My Comment:
The only people Obama's executive orders affect is convicted felons, wife beaters, crazy people and members on a terrorist watch list. It doesn't take anyone’s gun away if they are law abiding. There is no slippery slope.

Donald Trump, Republicans and some very stupid Americans shaking in their boots and falling for ludicrous propaganda, proliferated by the NRA, need to get ahold of themselves and calm down. All this fake indignation, about the President doing what 85% of the American people want, casts an unfavorable shadow on the entire Republican Party.

Is this issue a demonstration of how Republicans would rule if they obtain the White House? We already know Trump and many Republicans have a streak of "DICTATORSHIP" running through their veins. Millions of Americans are supporting dictatorship with their support of guys like Trump and Cruz. This desire for a dictatorship runs counter to Democrats and Obama alike.

None of the actions taken by Obama would be necessary if Republicans hadn't gone against the will of the American people in the first place. The country said "yes, we want background checks, we want the gun show loophole closed". The Republicans, holding a minority view said, "screw what the American people want, let anyone buy an assault rifle, do nothing about the mass killings, distribute more guns so more killings can occur. Do what the NRA wants".

Republican madness is on full display for anyone to see. There is not a single Republican demonstrating responsible leadership by adhering to the will of the people. Republicans might be correct in their opposition to Obama’s executive orders, if there was a shred of evidence restricting gun sales to questionable people is unconstitutional.

However, that is not the case regarding this situation. This issue demonstrates the madness of half our nation. The world has taken notice. Vladimir Putin, Republican hero, has noticed. Many of our allies have noticed how half of America has turned to the dark side. The world should be concerned. A republican controlled America is a very dangerous prospect.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meet the veterans who have joined the Oregon militiamen

Meet the veterans who have joined the Oregon militiamen

From a story located at:

My comment:
There are lot of fake warriors coming out of our recent "PANSY" wars. Vietnam veterans using Delayed Stress Syndrome as an excuse for the failures in their lives are nothing in comparison to this latest bunch of crybabies faking their heroics. 

Our current crop of veterans have one tenth of the casualties but ten times the claims for mental stress. One gets the feeling it is all about getting free money. Is there anything more disgusting than faking military service or bravery? Americans are so easily manipulated. Anyone one can elicit tears from willing dupes (American people) ready to believe anything about the military.

Malingering is a disgusting malady. The guys in this story are among the worst we have to offer. Faking their military experiences, seeking attention and behaving like a big man with a gun is one of the most deplorable behavior patterns known to man. Expose them for what they are. 

Liars seeking attention!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A response to a new FaceBook Group - Uncensored Religious Debates

From a new Group on FaceBook:

Uncensored Religious Debates

Located at:

My first contribution:
Hello Joe Mann. You added me to this group without my permission. Nevertheless, I'll hang around for a bit just to see how things transpire. So far, after reading some postings, this group seems intent on bashing God and those who believe in him/her. I think this is an Atheist group.

I sympathize with the notion there is not some all-knowing entity watching and recording every breath each of us take. I grew up in a very Methodist church environment but it all changed at the age of 20 when I was in an Infantry unit that suffered 300% casualties in only one year.

I'm talking the Nam of course. I'm not a Vet who fought in recent pansy wars. Excuse me! Did I irritate someone? Nevertheless, it occurred to me in that place, if there is a God, he isn't watching. I've been Agnostic since 1968.

I have never recovered and to this day I don't think there are consequences for the things we do in life unless of course one speaks to the impact on the here and now and the course of events into the future.

When I think of the wonderful life I have had, only because I survived, I get a little melancholy thinking back on all those who perished so young. I dwell on the marriages that did not occur.

I dream of children not born and how the course of mankind's history was altered because men waged war on people whose only fault was that they loved their country and they defended their land and their honor.

I will follow this group until it becomes apparent it is nothing more than a name calling extravaganza. I am very political and focus on the impact of religion on our nation. I feel as though the secular nature of our government is vanishing and like all nations embracing too much religion, our nation is doomed to fail.

In all the history of mankind, there has never been a successful religious government. Christianity in America is setting all of us up for a big fall. People like you and me will soon become targets for punitive measures and I am interested in how we can stop the insanity overcoming our nation.