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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meet the veterans who have joined the Oregon militiamen

Meet the veterans who have joined the Oregon militiamen

From a story located at:

My comment:
There are lot of fake warriors coming out of our recent "PANSY" wars. Vietnam veterans using Delayed Stress Syndrome as an excuse for the failures in their lives are nothing in comparison to this latest bunch of crybabies faking their heroics. 

Our current crop of veterans have one tenth of the casualties but ten times the claims for mental stress. One gets the feeling it is all about getting free money. Is there anything more disgusting than faking military service or bravery? Americans are so easily manipulated. Anyone one can elicit tears from willing dupes (American people) ready to believe anything about the military.

Malingering is a disgusting malady. The guys in this story are among the worst we have to offer. Faking their military experiences, seeking attention and behaving like a big man with a gun is one of the most deplorable behavior patterns known to man. Expose them for what they are. 

Liars seeking attention!
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