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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama vetoes attempt to kill clean water rule

Obama vetoes attempt to kill clean water rule

                                By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
The notion that it is alright to poison the public's water sources in order to protect someone's land rights or a corporation's profits, clearly exemplifies the opposing views in our political system. One side clearly does not care about other people and the other side does.
Offering the argument that one side is just a bunch of liberals who want big government to interfere with the right of landowners to do as they please, has no standing. Landowners have never been able to do as they please with their land, when it is to the detriment of people not living on their land.
Wars have been fought since the beginning of time over this issue. Selfish, self-centered landowners and businesses claiming they can divert or poison water sources for their own personal pleasure or for the purpose of profit, ultimately lose the argument. However, victory over greed and selfishness often must be paid for by innocent victims not living on the land causing their demise.
There is a very clear difference in political thinking going on in this nation. Hopefully, people will always be in power to prevent harm done by people interested only in their personal gratification. It is the role of government to protect all the people even if it means teaching good manners to those individuals devoid of good manners.
People who do not own the land in question and who will not suffer the consequences of improper resource management, are the most curious of the lot. There are people who do not own the land in question, protecting land owners they don’t know. They will never suffer the consequences if a land owner they don’t know, poisons people, they also don’t know, who are making the loudest noise.
When people claim it is alright to poison or even kill people as long as it isn't them, something else is going on and no amount of logic will sway their view. It’s obvious another agenda is in play and it is probably rooted in just hating our black President. Racial prejudice is one of those maladies guaranteed to defeat all notions of fairness or common sense. If a white Republican President vetoed this bill, many Republicans would be praising him.
You either care about other people or you don't. If you are selfish and greedy, you must be made to have good manners by force of law. Let's hope people like Obama will always be around to make the greedy little children of the world behave themselves.
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