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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trump vows: ‘They’re not going to take your guns away’

Trump vows: ‘They’re not going to take your guns away’

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My Comment:
The only people Obama's executive orders affect is convicted felons, wife beaters, crazy people and members on a terrorist watch list. It doesn't take anyone’s gun away if they are law abiding. There is no slippery slope.

Donald Trump, Republicans and some very stupid Americans shaking in their boots and falling for ludicrous propaganda, proliferated by the NRA, need to get ahold of themselves and calm down. All this fake indignation, about the President doing what 85% of the American people want, casts an unfavorable shadow on the entire Republican Party.

Is this issue a demonstration of how Republicans would rule if they obtain the White House? We already know Trump and many Republicans have a streak of "DICTATORSHIP" running through their veins. Millions of Americans are supporting dictatorship with their support of guys like Trump and Cruz. This desire for a dictatorship runs counter to Democrats and Obama alike.

None of the actions taken by Obama would be necessary if Republicans hadn't gone against the will of the American people in the first place. The country said "yes, we want background checks, we want the gun show loophole closed". The Republicans, holding a minority view said, "screw what the American people want, let anyone buy an assault rifle, do nothing about the mass killings, distribute more guns so more killings can occur. Do what the NRA wants".

Republican madness is on full display for anyone to see. There is not a single Republican demonstrating responsible leadership by adhering to the will of the people. Republicans might be correct in their opposition to Obama’s executive orders, if there was a shred of evidence restricting gun sales to questionable people is unconstitutional.

However, that is not the case regarding this situation. This issue demonstrates the madness of half our nation. The world has taken notice. Vladimir Putin, Republican hero, has noticed. Many of our allies have noticed how half of America has turned to the dark side. The world should be concerned. A republican controlled America is a very dangerous prospect.

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