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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Koreas slide into Cold War: America prepares to profit

Koreas slide into Cold War: America prepares to profit

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My obnoxious comment:
Something very drastic will have to be done about North Korea. A missile defense system just off their shore to intercept missiles when they are their most vulnerable. A surprise strike on their leadership when they are all gathered together. Ground forces that will need to destroy the North Korean army because they will fight to the last man. Just guessing. No telling how all that mess will turn out.

When we are done there will be no infrastructure left and several million North Koreans will starve to death or die of disease. Much like Iraq. Hundreds of millions of American tax dollars will be spent by some future administration whether it is Democrat or Republican. This assumes there is enough profit in the endeavor for the American Military/Industrial Complex to go in and steal tax
dollars the way they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If it's a Republican Administration, a lot of profiteering will occur and nothing will get done. The Democrats will probably screw up as well because profiteers seem to be in control our country. I don’t see anyone stopping the march of Fascism in America.

Bernie Sanders is the only politician making sense but he doesn’t stand a chance of becoming President. Besides, big business Republicans will stop his efforts to alter the course of corporatism. We will probably go to war because defense industry stocks are down.

However, make no mistake about it. Russia and China will do nothing to help us because they are incapable and they know America's military and its foreign policy will eventually bankrupt our country. It happened to Russia once. They know it can happen to us.

They will be very pleased! Some say the old Soviet Union broke apart because they spent too much money on the military trying to keep up with the US. We are making the same mistake today. The Russians are right about us because of their experience. All they have to do is sit around and pick up the pieces when it all happens. China is just lurking in the shadows.

It's just a matter of time when we fall apart. If it were up to the Texas governor we will disintegrate long before military bankruptcy happens. What is wrong with Texas? We may have to arrest most of the politicians in Texas just to preserve our Union.

We could let Texas seceed, cut off all their military pensions, stop Social Security payments, close all the military bases, refuse aid the next time a hurricane levels their coastline and laugh our butts off when they cry like babies.

Get ready for a mass migration out of Texas. The only people left in Texas will be a bunch of mad white guys shooting each other down in the streets, beat up and abused wives, children trying to move to their uncle’s house in the northern states and religious nut cakes making all kinds of laws no one wants to follow. Texas will be begging to join the Union again and I for one would like to thumb my nose at them.

My son will outlive me, hopefully. However, I don’t envy what he will witness in the future. Nations all over the world will jump with joy when the United States falls apart. After all, our nation has killed about 20 million people around the world since Vietnam. There are a lot of angry relatives out there. They won’t thank us for killing their loved ones and they would like to see the same happen to us. Just human nature.

The only countries that will miss us are those who have enjoyed American welfare dollars or a buildup of their military forces so they can kill lots of people. America used to export ideas. Now we just export weapons. Israel will miss us because they will have to finance their own killing machine in order to kill lots of Palestinians or nuke their arch enemies, the Muslims. That will be a lot of fun to watch in the future.

Republicans may take over the country, several states will secede, children will be back in the factories working for less than a minimum wage which has been reduced by corporate greed mongers satisfying a few stock holders.

Women will be put in jail or executed for sticking a coat hanger up themselves in a hot tub of water. Birth control will disappear and millions of unwanted children will squirm around on the streets begging for food while Republicans without empathy will just step over their dead bodies. We will become like Brazil in that respect.

Does this all sound very negative? Perhaps it is. However, looking at the trends demonstrated in the news, I may not be far off the mark. We can always hope Russia and China will become agents of peace. North Korea will stop building nuclear bombs.

Texans will become Americans again and Trump supporters will finally shut up. Corporations will develop social responsibility, respect their workers and acquire some patriotism towards America.

      America will become the tenth largest military and stop telling everyone how to think or else we will kill them. Just think of all the things we could do if we cut our military budget in half. Doing this though will require a dressing down of Corporate Fascists. Not easy to do.

Whew! We have a lot of work to do.
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