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Monday, November 21, 2016

Brown and black people will save our Union

Whites will Destroy America

I can just hear it now. There will be all kinds of accusations that I hate the white race. They will of course be wrong. I don’t hate the white race. I hate American whites. White people around the globe don’t behave like American whites. American whites own their own special brand of venom.

When German whites temporarily went crazy during WWII, whites around the world didn’t follow suite. As American whites slide further and further into their own unique abyss, the rest of the white world isn’t following the American version of insanity. Whites in other parts of the world remain intact.

It's hard to tell what went wrong with white people in America. It's as though a collective insanity has enveloped the crackers’ of our nation. After WWII, a common theme kept emerging by those who recall how mad men took over the German nation. The speed at which the insanity enveloped Germany surprised everyone. The insanity of Donald Trump and his insane white base has a similar flavor. No, we are not at the stage Germany evolved too. However, the insanity of white American is still in its infancy.

I'm white and identify more with black and Latino citizens than I do with my own race. Brown minorities seem to have a better handle on what this country is all about. One doesn't hear the level of hatred coming out of the mouths of our brown/black people as we hear coming from self-righteous white supremacists trying to destroy America. Only the white people in America claim superiority over others. Our Black and Latino populations make no such claims.

Blacks and Latinos aren’t trying to keep people from voting. Blacks and Latinos aren’t t trying to limit people's civil liberties. Blacks and Latinos don't talk about secession or States Rights. Blacks and Latinos don't advocate religious bigotry or discrimination. Blacks and Latinos don't praise sexual predators. Blacks and Latinos don't think it's alright to be a crooked business man.

It's ironic! "Democrats depend on Blacks and Latinos to save our union" 

Isn't that odd? Blacks and Latinos still believe in the things that made this country great. All those Latinas crossing our border believe in America more than the disgusting, paranoid and racist, religious bigots sporting white skin, in America. 

It has become apparent to me, the poorest black, the most destitute Latino, understands what America stands for, better than Donald Trump. The Republican Party, headed by Trump, has become the enemy of freedom loving people all around the world. It’s not just American blacks, Latinos, Muslims and gay citizens living in fear. The world is aghast at what the white people in the United States of America have done. 

Ultimately, the brown people of our nation will save our Union. Quite a reversal of rolls, don't you think? I plan to be with them. I am so ashamed of white people in this nation. It is simply disgusting how they made someone like Trump POTUS. As one celebrity said. "It was a white lash".

The history of mankind has shown there is nothing more dangerous than white people getting out of control. Just disgusting.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump Executive Orders will take your breath away.

Where Trump Could Make Major Shifts — Without Congress

From a story located at:

My comment:
All you legal geniuses out there proclaiming Obama broke the law with his executive orders are part of that "guilty before proven innocent" crowd. You people have no basis for your declarations.

If anyone thinks the Republican Congress went easy on Obama and let him break the law, needs to get ahold of reality. If Obama had broken any laws, the Republicans would have been all over him. He broke no laws despite all your pitiful attempts to make up law and tell lies.

This is how it is, Trump nitwits. Obama's Executive Orders were legal under the Constitution. The lack of any legal action by Republicans is proof of that. People proclaiming Obama broke laws are only repeating the lies of the ignorant and un-American pontificators they listen too.

The truth is, Obama issued fewer Executive Orders than any other modern president. About half as many as G.W. Bush. Trump has the authority to rescind Obama’s Executive action but his efforts will only hurt people. 
Say what you will, Obama’s Executive actions were designed to help people. Trump's Executive orders will only damage people.
Going out of his way to injure people seems like a Trump thing to do.  I wonder what dark shadow all you legal beagles will crawl out from when you see all the executive orders the dictator Donald Trump issues in the near future. Will you cry that he is breaking the law when he harms millions of people, violates civil liberties and generally trashes the Constitution? Probably not. The people that put him in power, are worse than Trump.

All of us can hardly wait to see the Executive Orders of a man who is a sexual predator, a child rapist, a misogynist and a religious bigot who takes advice from a neo-Nazi. Trump has spent his life cheating and stealing from people. The problem, of course, is that the people who put Trump in power, will cheer everything he does, even if repealing Obama Care kills their own mother.

Yea, Trump is bad. However, the people who put him in power are much worse. You reap what you sow, “dung for brains”. Democrats will have a lot of work to do, repairing the damage you and Trump have done. From the looks of his coming administration, it seems trump is hiring every village idiot he can put his hands on. I can hardly wait to see Donald Trump’s Executive Orders. Knowing what kind of people Trump supporters are, I’m sure you will be very proud.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Before you jump off a bridge, wait and see what happens

If he scares the people of our nation too much,
he won’t be re-elected.

The outcome of the election was devastating for those of us who opposed Trump. Calamitous predictions abound as to the damage Donald Trump will do to our nation and to the world. It’s possible the fears held by Democrats are genuine and have validity. After all, Trump proposed several controversial and dangerous policies during the campaign. The “sickness” of America agreed with him and made Donald Trump the leader of the free world. Just a fact of life.

However, gain strength in the knowledge Donald Trump told a lie about 75% every time he opened his mouth. It’s very possible he also lied to his base as well. There is a very good chance Trump will betray the people who put him in office. It’s just that Trump supporters are more gullible than Clinton supporters. They are also more prone to violence than Democrats. Betraying Trump’s supporters could turn very bad for him.

If you think Democrats are mad at Donald Trump, wait until he has betrayed his base. Think whatever you want, Democrats are inherently more stable than Trump supporters. Once Trump betrays the lawless crowd he appealed too, they will turn on him with a vengeance. The only loyalty Trump supporters and the Republican Party have is to their own self-interests and their desire to destroy the United States.

The moment Trump doesn’t come through with his wild ideas and starts looking like a government stooge, it’s curtains for him. Trump supporters just are not as mature as Clinton supporters. The reaction by Democrats after losing is far more controlled than if Clinton had won. I feel as though Trump supporters would have started shooting, if Clinton won.

If Trump actually pursues his insane policies and is successful, then within two years we will know if America is lost. However, I believe Donald Trump will be as easily manipulated by people far more intelligent than he is. It is possible Trump will be led around by the nose in the same manner G.W. Bush was manipulated by Dick Cheney.

In the real world, Donald Trump might turn out to be a pussycat. Especially since the 2020 campaign has already started. If he scares the people of our nation too much, he won’t be re-elected. The Republican Party knows that simple truth too. Even a dummy like Trump can see the writing on the wall.. In the end, Trump will become a politician.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trump, close to victory, is an American disgrace. America will still be sick after the election. The cure? Destruction of America!

I am ashamed of America and would not give a single drop of blood for Republicans populating our soil today.

This election is over for me. I'm sick and tired of this whole campaign scene. I am disgusted by Trump and even more disappointed by the American people. Today we see Hillary’s Emails coming back into such prominence only ten days before the election. Compared to all the allegations leveled at Trump, these Emails seem frivolous in comparison. This whole email fuss is Obama’s fault. However, that’s another story.

Michelle Obama once said she was finally proud of America (paraphrase). I am the opposite. For the second time in my life, I am ashamed of America. The first time, was the re-election of the war criminal, G.W. Bush. His re-election said a lot about my beloved country. My nation worshiped a murderer and rewarded Bush with a second term. I cannot be proud of that. The second shame, has been the emergence of Donald Trump.

Today I see predictions of election results for Trump and have come to realize Donald Trump will win many states
and millions of Americans will vote for a very flawed man. After the election of Bush and now with so much support for Trump, it has occurred to me there is a sickness upon our land and if this national malady doesn't reverse itself soon, the nation I shed blood for, will fail.

Yes, I shed blood for my nation in the ‘Nam. However, my blood and the blood of my friends, was not sacrificed on foreign soil for the America I live in today. In this campaign season, I have had to witness a major candidate for POTUS proclaim he will incarcerate his political opponent should he win the 2016 election. America, supporting such a small little man is so shameful.

At the Republican National Convention, people chanted, “throw her in jail”, led by a man aspiring to be the President of the United States. Advisors to Trump have said Hillary Clinton should be put before a wall and killed. Millions of Americans believe Hillary should be incarcerated or killed. Mainstream Republican politicians are silent and thus give credence to the primitive behavior of half our nation. I am very ashamed of Republican behavior. The Republican Party is a source of great shame.

Silence is acceptance and now the people I shed blood for (Republicans), are disrespectful of all those who gave everything for our nation during my term of service and all those who shed blood before me. People tell me I should be proud of America. I was proud in the past and was willing to give my life for our nation. I am ashamed of America today and would not give a single drop of blood for sick people populating our soil today.

At this point in time it doesn't matter who wins the election. The sickness will still be upon us. If Hillary wins, she will be nullified by the Republican illness permeating our land. Already stories have emerged on how Republicans will nullify Clinton’s term of office with continuous investigations.

John McCain has proclaimed Republicans will not confirm any Supreme Court Justice submitted by Hillary. She will be but a temporary stopgap to the ultimate ruin of our nation by Republicans. If Trump wins, he will hasten our demise. Republicans control most of the legislative bodies in our nation. They will continue to do harm to America. I am not proud of John McCain’s behavior or of his Republican buddies.

There is a story in today’s news about how Republicans are threatening armed revolution if Hillary wins. Their fears are based on falsehoods but it is part of their overall sickness. I cannot show pride in my nation when so many Americans despise our nation’s history of supporting whomever is elected. How can one be proud of Americans if they threaten to use arms if they lose?

In either outcome (Hillary or Trump), the America I bragged about and supported in the past, will become even worse than what we have witnessed in recent years. This overwhelming force of hatred will stop only when all the people suffer beyond imagination. Hatred cannot be stopped with good intentions or love for Hillary. Just ask the Germans about the power of hatred.

German hatred did not stop until Germany was destroyed. It will take the destruction of America to stop this American version of hatred festering in our land. German hatred during WWII and American hatred today is very similar in nature and the outcome will be comparable as well.

I am finished with this election. I will vote for Hillary out of hope. However, I am also scheming on how I can leave my beloved country whether she wins or loses. Hillary's victory will not save this nation. I am sick and tired of Republican hatred. I am ashamed of America and have come to realize a simple election will not cure what is wrong with the USA.

If you think Hillary's victory will cure our national sickness, you are wrong. It's time to think about how we will save our Union, if you stay. The Union and Lincoln once saved our land. A new “Union Blue” reason will need to emerge in order to save our nation once again. This time, the threat comes from latent “Confederate Traitors”. This time we must save America from Republicans.

However, there is no evidence of a movement to restore America. Democrats are good but they are lazy. Democrats have not been scared enough. The only thing capable of countering Republican hatred, is fear. Americans have not been scared enough to stop the demise of our land.

If enough people get scared about Republican intentions, they may be able to save the Union. So far though, apathy by Americans only insures our demise. Less than half of Americans will vote in the coming election. America reaps what it sows. I fear my country is gone. It was a good run but it is gone.

I am so ashamed of America at this point in time. My beloved country is close to electing a madman. I am so ashamed. I have only a few years left. My time is past. Those who have followed me don’t care. I shed blood twice during the Vietnam era. Once for my nation in war and secondly in my effort to stop war. I am most proud of helping to stop the war. People today just don’t care about preserving America.

I do not see an effort to save our nation from Republicans and Donald Trump. People who used to care are gone. People of good conscience, have not replaced those of good will in the past. I am so ashamed of the American people. Donald Trump being so close to victory is not something I can be proud of.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The real threat to America has been ignored

Donald Trump is the Republican Party.
The real battle comes after the election!

Democrats will be very surprised how many votes Trump gets. It will be a sad statement of the American people. The Republicans nominated a racist, religious bigot, who clearly practiced predatory sexual assaults and is accused of child molestation. That’s just for starters.

He stole money from people on a regular basis, cheated vendors and used tax laws to avoid paying his fair share.  It appears Russia is attempting to alter the election in Trumps favor. Almost every word coming out of Trump's mouth is a lie.

Yet, Donald Trump will get about 40 million votes. He will carry several states and may place our country into a crisis by challenging the results of the election. The possibility of promoting armed insurrection is very real. His followers are capable of armed conflict if Trump eggs them on. Donald Trump has demonstrated a propensity for the unusual. Don’t expect a civil end to this election.

The Republican Party is responsible for Donald Trump, yet they will try to disavow Trump when he is defeated on election day. We cannot allow the Republicans to slip away from what they have done. At the same time, we should not just blame Donald Trump. He is only a symptom. The Republican Party and the American people are to blame for Donald Trump.

After Hillary wins, the sickness brought upon us by Republicans and Trump will not vanish. The Republican Party will still obstruct our government and Donald Trump’s followers will still be threatening all the rest of us. Many of those threats will involve militias and guns.

After Hillary’s victory, the real fight will begin. Get ready for the most outlandish behavior witnessed in our lifetimes by the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s followers. If you think the election is bad, wait until you see the Republicans and their Trump supporters after the election. You will be dumbfounded.

Cheer for a Hillary victory. Brag and boast for only a short time. The honeymoon will be very short.
The real battle is about to begin. There is a sickness upon the land and it will not be easy to deal with. 
The coming years will be more contentious than the Obama years. Cheer your heart out for our first female President but prepare to shed tears when the Republicans nullify her Presidency. The campaign season has focused so much on Trump the real threat to America has been ignored.

The Republican Party, on the whole, is much worse than Donald Trump. Republicans are trying to destroy our nation. Trump is too stupid to do as much damage to our nation as the Republicans are capable of.

John McCain has already announced Republicans will not confirm any Supreme Court nominee presented by Clinton. His statement is only the first shot, by Republicans, aimed at Hillary. Many more salvos are forthcoming. In addition to destroying Hillary’s Presidency, the Republicans will continue their campaign to destroy America. 

Donald Trump is what the Republican Party has become. His loss will not alter the real threat to America. The Republican Party will continue their hatred and their disdain for our nation. Just be ready for the onslaught. Start thinking about how we will save our nation. 

What will you do when Republicans gain control of the Oval Officer and both branches of government? That day is coming. Prepare for the inevitable. Perhaps not this time. However, total Republican control is just around the corner.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sexual assault will follow Trump the rest of his life

Mark Burnett Breaks Silence on
‘The Apprentice’ Footage, Donald Trump

From a story located at:
A free Podcast of this article can be found HERE

My comment:
Even if Trump becomes the Prez, all the recordings and accusations will not go away. Accusations by women who were assaulted by Trump will continue to surface now that Trump has made himself a well know political figure. Some accusations will be false and some will be true but the constant need to defend himself will follow him for many years to come.

Only a dictator can stop the release of more recordings and accusations involving Donald Trump. Trump’s entire persona is damaged for the rest of his life. People will always look at his wife with suspicion because of her pornographic past. All of Trump’s past and present wives have a seedy look about them. A personality trait has emerged about Donald Trump.

People still chastise Hillary because of her support for Bill, after all these years. As anyone knows, Hillary’s support of Bill Clinton after his affair in the Whitehouse has become a campaign issue used against Hillary, more than twenty years after the event.  It will be the same for Malania Trump. However, Malania doesn’t have the moral character of a Hillary Clinton. Many people believe Malania will ditch Trump if more allegations come to light. She will get a nice fat paycheck in the process.

Trump is finished forever, even if he wins the election. His entire term of office will be mired in lawsuits and investigations. Many lawsuits, both criminal and civil, are waiting in the wings for Trump and they won't go away. This is true whether he wins the election or not. Becoming the POTUS will only embolden his accusers. If found guilty of sexual assault, the Congress will have no choice. They will have to impeach Trump.

There is a good chance criminal charges are about to be levied against Trump because he clearly admitted to sexual assault in one tape. It's only the beginning. More testimony and more women will be coming forward. Just ask Cosby how that works. Should Trump not win the election, these issues will still prevail. His deep pockets invite lawsuits.

The Republicans had clear choices during the Primaries and could have won the coming election pretty easily if Republican voters had shown a little maturity and nominated a person without all the baggage Trump has. Donald Trump’s nomination speaks volumes for Republican voters.

The nomination of Donald Trump has to be one of the most stupid things Republicans voters have done in recent years. They just handed the election to the Dems. It does point out one other thing. People like Trump are a dime a dozen. One can always find a "deplorable" like Trump. They are always ready to step forward, if people let them.

By the way, as a sidebar, what did Hillary mean when she said many of Trump's supporters are "deplorable"? After carefully listening to her speech, I interpreted her intention was to point out that people who are racists, neo-Nazi's, white supremacist, male chauvinist pigs, radical gun enthusiasts, etc., etc., are the "deplorable" people she was referring too, as Trump supporters.

She was also right to declare this type of person to be non-redeemable. People who have gone over the edge and have become non-productive social misfits cannot be saved. The only way society will ever be rid of the "basket of deplorables" is for them to die off and stop being a scourge on society. Unfortunately, the "basket of deplorables" support Trump nearly 100%. The "deplorables" in our society don't support decent people like Hillary.

Unfortunately, as is always the case when Hillary is involved, many people who do not suffer from a social sickness, making them one of the deplorables, have used her true statement as though she was talking about normal Republicans as well. Hillary was not talking about people who don't suffer from some social malady. However, hatred for Hillary misinterpreted what she said, once again.

No! The real story is about the people who voted for Trump. Trump is dangerous but the people supporting him are even more so. What's really sad, after all the revelations, is that Trump will get forty million people to vote for him. Many of his votes will come from the diseased "deplorables" Hillary spoke about.

I hate to keep saying this, but, the massive support for Donald Trump only proves that for Republicans, it's not the man they support. It's all about the hate they have for Democrats. Donald Trump has demonstrated maximum hatred for Democrats and his hate propelled him to the nomination.

This says a lot about the American people. The election will still be close. It’s a statement about America. The world needs to stay on their toes. A very dangerous America is emerging when people like Trump gain such high support. The insanity, which re-elected G.W. Bush, demonstrated America was losing its collective mind. Re-electing a war criminal did not speak well for the United States.

Donald Trump has only reinforced the worldwide perception of collective American insanity. The “deplorable” people of our nation are well on their way to taking over our nation. One only has to look at how the Republican Party controls so many states to realize something is wrong in the USA.

It’s not that Donald Trump has become the nominee of the Republican Party that should concern people so much. It’s the American people everyone needs to watch out for.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What happened to America?

Liars supporting a liar. That's what half
the country has become.

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With the poles for the coming election being evenly split between Clinton and Trump, one could easily indict the American people for having lost their way. True, it is very presumptuous of me. I was taught from a very early age to always trust the American people’s judgement regarding their choice on who will lead the nation. That is until recent results.

Because the American people re-elected an incompetent War Criminal for a second term, (G.W.) it means they are capable of electing a name calling businessman who built his fortune on how many people he could screw. The American people can no longer be trusted. One cannot have confidence the American people will make the right choice any longer.

Perhaps Hillary isn't an angel but she is a lot cleaner than an inexperienced thief who has no Constitutional solutions. There are people commenting today, still claiming Hillary killed four embassy personnel in Benghazi even though Republican Investigative committees have cleared her name.

All those legal beagles making false claims and supporting a liar and thief like Trump, tells you everything you need to know, about the state of mind among Americans. Trump is a proven thief and has been ruled a thief in many law suites. Hillary on the other hand has never been convicted of anything, ever. After all the false attacks through the years, it's amazing she is so clean.

If Trump is elected POTUS, chances are good he will be declared guilty of several court matters working their way through the system as we speak. It will be a fun story watching the President testify in defense of all the money he stole with Trump University. There is a child molestation and rape case proceeding through the courts and if Trump becomes President, those cases will continue.

There may be more little girls coming forward after Trump becomes Prez. His involvement with the Mafia and his Casinos will come forward. It's too juicy a subject to ignore. Trump, mafia, drugs, pornography, child molestation and murder go hand in hand.

I wonder who is the biggest sleaze ball. A man who murdered half a million people or a dirt bag affiliated with the Mafia who spent his entire career stealing money from people? My money says G.W. is worse. But then again, a crooked lying thief seems popular among Republicans today.

Liars supporting a liar. That's what half the country has become. Republicans supported a murdering War Criminal for years. They still make excuses for a man destined to go to Hell. People capable of supporting a War Criminal will also support a worthless human being like Donald Trump. Nobody has taken responsibility for the murder Bush brought about. Those same people will make excuses for a rapist Mafia criminal, who steals money from people, making very bad decisions. This phenomenon truly is an indictment of the American people.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Can I Frisk Trump's Daughters?

Donald Trump lauds stop-and-frisk policies
widely condemned as racial profiling

From a story located at:

Strange situation. Are there really Americans who think it's alright to stop somebody on the street, frisk them and maybe even rough them up? Roughing people up and sexually molesting innocent people, is really easy to do. There is no such thing as a gentle frisking, unless you are married to the person.

Considering how some (some!) cops are, do you want them putting their hands on anyone? Maybe you approve of some cop frisking your daughter before she goes to her senior prom. Just saying! Randomly frisking people on the street has all kinds of problems. I mean, what could go wrong?

Remember how much abuse there was when officials could put their hands all over people at the airport? Funny how most of the victims were female! Let me see now! I’m a cop and Trump just said it’s alright to frisk pretty black girls on the street. How about pretty little white girls stopping in at the convenience store buying cigarettes she’s not supposed to have.

A crime is being committed. Right? Seems like a good time to give that precious white angel a thorough frisking. Oh boy! If she resists, the cop can use his gun, although there is less chance he'll shoot the little "Cracker".

So, what do we have here? A bunch of scarred white people, sitting safely in their all white neighborhoods, preaching how those terrible black people should be manhandled and frisked.

However it's OK. Just don't let black cops, patrolling in white neighborhoods, frisk precious little white daughters.

I read every day how bankers, all dressed up in their "Casper" costumes, rob people by the billions. Seems to me we should racially profile white people, wearing suites, with a good frisking at least once a week. Anyone who is a white toothless Trump supporter, needs to be frisked. Rough too!

Every day, more stories come out about how Trump robs money from people. The worst “home boy” in America cannot hold a candle to the thieving of Donald Trump. Considering the magnitude of Trump’s sleazy conduct, he should be frisked a couple times a day. Just for good measure, hire the biggest gay guy in America to give Trump a good body frisk. Ah, the irony!

Do you think Trump would learn any empathy if his proposal applied to him? Probably not! Is this part of Trump’s big idea on how to get law and order in America? Does he only want to frisk black and brown people? Can I frisk his daughter?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trump Hate vs. Hillary Fear! The new norm!

Democrats have lost the propaganda war

A Podcast of the article can be found HERE

Donald Trump's admission that Obama was born in the US, means nothing. Trump's admission, will have no effect on the poles. Trump and millions of Americans don’t care how much truth is revealed. Hatred for Democrats and in particular for Hillary, is the driving force in this election.

Very few people will be voting FOR Trump. They are voting against Democrats and Hillary Clinton. This phenomenon goes all the way back to Reagan. Where Democrats have failed, is their ability to combat a political machine producing large amounts of hate and outright lies. Democrats have been demonized, successfully.

The hatred we are witnessing has been cultivated, with great success, for many years. Hatred for Democrats is now imbedded in the America psyche. It will take a full generation to undo the damage Republican propaganda marshals have wrought on our nation and especially the Democrat Party. Longer if Democrats don't get to work now.

We all witnessed how hatred for Democrats, drove millions to vote for Bush twice and the Non-Christian Romney, purely out of their hatred of the Democratic Party. With G.W. Bush in particular, Republicans demonstrated they hate Democrats more than they dislike War Criminals. Hatred is driving this election for Republicans. No matter how egregious the lie, hatred makes Trump’s words true in the minds of propagandized Republicans.

Two good examples of what is really driving Republicans are Obamacare and Food Stamps (among several reasons). A widely held belief among Republicans is that Obamacare destroys jobs. No matter how much evidence is produced to the contrary, Republicans want to eliminate Obamacare because they think the program will take away their job. Even if it means harming their own family. Why you say? Anything Democrats want, needs to be opposed. All the excuses mean nothing. Just get rid of Obamacare because Obama got it passed and Democrats want it.

Republicans want to eliminate Food Stamps. They have already reduced Food Stamp grants to states and have reduced school lunch programs by billions of dollars. Why you say? Because it is perceived Democrats want the program, so it is to be automatically opposed. Republicans hate Democrats so much they are willing to let 50,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care. Even if eliminating Obamacare kills their own parents, they will eliminate Obamacare because Democrats want the program. 

It is more important to take food away from 
children than to agree with Democrats 

We are witnessing the same tendency in this election. When millions of Americans want to vote for someone like Trump, it is because they hate Democrats more than they love their country. It doesn't matter who the Democratic candidate is or what political race is being contested. Hatred for Democrats is the driving force and that is why almost all states are controlled by Republicans. In this election, Republicans will continue to control the political process.

Hatred has a good chance of retaining power in the House and Senate.  This will guarantee a failed Presidency if Hillary does win. The bitterness and hatred directed towards Obama will pale in comparison to what we will witness, if Hillary becomes President.

Democrats lost the propaganda war long ago. Despite possessing the better ideas in politics, Democrats keep losing because Republican lies and hatred have been so successful on the political front. Even highly qualified people like Gore, Kerry and Clinton can be defeated by inferior Republican candidates.

Your logic cannot overcome their hatred.

Your only chance is to get millions of Democrats off their ass and vote. Democrats have not been sufficiently scared about Trump. Democrats, like Hillary, are too high minded to use the same tactics Republicans have used for years. It's time to stop being so nice.

Democrats better get in the dirt and scare people so much, they show up by the millions at the poles. Blacks and Latinos are scarred. They saved Obama in the last two elections. Now it's time for spoiled white brats, to help save our nation. Trump can win this election, if Democrats remain smug and think Hillary has the election in the bag.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump should never have run for POTUS!

Trying to look Presidential
Each day 
reveals more corruption

From a story located at: HERE

A Podcast of this article can be found HERE

My comment:
Trump knows more than anyone, the extent of his crooked dealings. Now, as election day gets closer and closer, more investigations are revealing just how crooked Donald Trump is. It has become more apparent, each day, Donald Trump built a lot of his fortune on lying, cheating and generally screwing everybody he came in contact with.

He should have known, everything about him, his wife and children would come under extreme scrutiny. Every President I have known, during my long life, has been looked at with a microscope and Trump will not be an exception.

The most familiar children
Trump should have never exposed himself and his family to the kind of scrutiny that could eventually get himself impeached or his children thrown in jail. Each day that goes by, reveals yet another illegal and crooked business practice.

The investigators haven't really looked into his wife and children yet. That's coming! You better believe it. Every nude photo of his wife will haunt Donald Trump every day he is President. Trump better not take his wife to Saudi Arabia. The porno world will be splattering every sordid thing she has ever done for several years to come.

His children, if they are anything like their dad, will provide daily stories of corruption and thievery. Wait until daddy becomes President. If Trump thinks he is being looked at closely now as a nominee, wait until he becomes President. Trump should have kept his mouth shut. He should never have run for POTUS. The United States Congress will not be gentle with Donald Trump.

The forgotten child
The investigations have only begun. Wait until an army of investigators get started on Trump's Casinos and their connections to the Mafia. You know what the Mafia is right? You don't open a Casino on the East Coast without Mafia involvement. You have to be very stupid if you think that's not true.

Mafia prostitution. Mafia pornography including child porno. Mafia sex slaves. Mafia drugs. Mafia providing under aged children for sex. Hmmm! Sound familiar? More will become exposed if Trump becomes President. Trump will have to disband the Congress to keep from getting impeached.

If Trump becomes President there will be four years of continuous investigations, lawsuits and a never ending stream of people coming forward to accuse Trump of every sleaze ball thing he has ever done. I can see Mafia King Pins bribing the President of the United States.

Before it is over, his fortune will be gone, his children in jail and his wife known for being a porn queen for the rest of her life. The internet will never let her forget it. Either that, or Trump and his crooked buddies will just disband the United States government in order to protect himself and his family.

You Trump supporters are such idiots. You are so dumb you can’t see the writing on the wall. Oh well! You reap what you sow.