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Friday, October 21, 2016

The real threat to America has been ignored

Donald Trump is the Republican Party.
The real battle comes after the election!

Democrats will be very surprised how many votes Trump gets. It will be a sad statement of the American people. The Republicans nominated a racist, religious bigot, who clearly practiced predatory sexual assaults and is accused of child molestation. That’s just for starters.

He stole money from people on a regular basis, cheated vendors and used tax laws to avoid paying his fair share.  It appears Russia is attempting to alter the election in Trumps favor. Almost every word coming out of Trump's mouth is a lie.

Yet, Donald Trump will get about 40 million votes. He will carry several states and may place our country into a crisis by challenging the results of the election. The possibility of promoting armed insurrection is very real. His followers are capable of armed conflict if Trump eggs them on. Donald Trump has demonstrated a propensity for the unusual. Don’t expect a civil end to this election.

The Republican Party is responsible for Donald Trump, yet they will try to disavow Trump when he is defeated on election day. We cannot allow the Republicans to slip away from what they have done. At the same time, we should not just blame Donald Trump. He is only a symptom. The Republican Party and the American people are to blame for Donald Trump.

After Hillary wins, the sickness brought upon us by Republicans and Trump will not vanish. The Republican Party will still obstruct our government and Donald Trump’s followers will still be threatening all the rest of us. Many of those threats will involve militias and guns.

After Hillary’s victory, the real fight will begin. Get ready for the most outlandish behavior witnessed in our lifetimes by the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s followers. If you think the election is bad, wait until you see the Republicans and their Trump supporters after the election. You will be dumbfounded.

Cheer for a Hillary victory. Brag and boast for only a short time. The honeymoon will be very short.
The real battle is about to begin. There is a sickness upon the land and it will not be easy to deal with. 
The coming years will be more contentious than the Obama years. Cheer your heart out for our first female President but prepare to shed tears when the Republicans nullify her Presidency. The campaign season has focused so much on Trump the real threat to America has been ignored.

The Republican Party, on the whole, is much worse than Donald Trump. Republicans are trying to destroy our nation. Trump is too stupid to do as much damage to our nation as the Republicans are capable of.

John McCain has already announced Republicans will not confirm any Supreme Court nominee presented by Clinton. His statement is only the first shot, by Republicans, aimed at Hillary. Many more salvos are forthcoming. In addition to destroying Hillary’s Presidency, the Republicans will continue their campaign to destroy America. 

Donald Trump is what the Republican Party has become. His loss will not alter the real threat to America. The Republican Party will continue their hatred and their disdain for our nation. Just be ready for the onslaught. Start thinking about how we will save our nation. 

What will you do when Republicans gain control of the Oval Officer and both branches of government? That day is coming. Prepare for the inevitable. Perhaps not this time. However, total Republican control is just around the corner.
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