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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sexual assault will follow Trump the rest of his life

Mark Burnett Breaks Silence on
‘The Apprentice’ Footage, Donald Trump

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My comment:
Even if Trump becomes the Prez, all the recordings and accusations will not go away. Accusations by women who were assaulted by Trump will continue to surface now that Trump has made himself a well know political figure. Some accusations will be false and some will be true but the constant need to defend himself will follow him for many years to come.

Only a dictator can stop the release of more recordings and accusations involving Donald Trump. Trump’s entire persona is damaged for the rest of his life. People will always look at his wife with suspicion because of her pornographic past. All of Trump’s past and present wives have a seedy look about them. A personality trait has emerged about Donald Trump.

People still chastise Hillary because of her support for Bill, after all these years. As anyone knows, Hillary’s support of Bill Clinton after his affair in the Whitehouse has become a campaign issue used against Hillary, more than twenty years after the event.  It will be the same for Malania Trump. However, Malania doesn’t have the moral character of a Hillary Clinton. Many people believe Malania will ditch Trump if more allegations come to light. She will get a nice fat paycheck in the process.

Trump is finished forever, even if he wins the election. His entire term of office will be mired in lawsuits and investigations. Many lawsuits, both criminal and civil, are waiting in the wings for Trump and they won't go away. This is true whether he wins the election or not. Becoming the POTUS will only embolden his accusers. If found guilty of sexual assault, the Congress will have no choice. They will have to impeach Trump.

There is a good chance criminal charges are about to be levied against Trump because he clearly admitted to sexual assault in one tape. It's only the beginning. More testimony and more women will be coming forward. Just ask Cosby how that works. Should Trump not win the election, these issues will still prevail. His deep pockets invite lawsuits.

The Republicans had clear choices during the Primaries and could have won the coming election pretty easily if Republican voters had shown a little maturity and nominated a person without all the baggage Trump has. Donald Trump’s nomination speaks volumes for Republican voters.

The nomination of Donald Trump has to be one of the most stupid things Republicans voters have done in recent years. They just handed the election to the Dems. It does point out one other thing. People like Trump are a dime a dozen. One can always find a "deplorable" like Trump. They are always ready to step forward, if people let them.

By the way, as a sidebar, what did Hillary mean when she said many of Trump's supporters are "deplorable"? After carefully listening to her speech, I interpreted her intention was to point out that people who are racists, neo-Nazi's, white supremacist, male chauvinist pigs, radical gun enthusiasts, etc., etc., are the "deplorable" people she was referring too, as Trump supporters.

She was also right to declare this type of person to be non-redeemable. People who have gone over the edge and have become non-productive social misfits cannot be saved. The only way society will ever be rid of the "basket of deplorables" is for them to die off and stop being a scourge on society. Unfortunately, the "basket of deplorables" support Trump nearly 100%. The "deplorables" in our society don't support decent people like Hillary.

Unfortunately, as is always the case when Hillary is involved, many people who do not suffer from a social sickness, making them one of the deplorables, have used her true statement as though she was talking about normal Republicans as well. Hillary was not talking about people who don't suffer from some social malady. However, hatred for Hillary misinterpreted what she said, once again.

No! The real story is about the people who voted for Trump. Trump is dangerous but the people supporting him are even more so. What's really sad, after all the revelations, is that Trump will get forty million people to vote for him. Many of his votes will come from the diseased "deplorables" Hillary spoke about.

I hate to keep saying this, but, the massive support for Donald Trump only proves that for Republicans, it's not the man they support. It's all about the hate they have for Democrats. Donald Trump has demonstrated maximum hatred for Democrats and his hate propelled him to the nomination.

This says a lot about the American people. The election will still be close. It’s a statement about America. The world needs to stay on their toes. A very dangerous America is emerging when people like Trump gain such high support. The insanity, which re-elected G.W. Bush, demonstrated America was losing its collective mind. Re-electing a war criminal did not speak well for the United States.

Donald Trump has only reinforced the worldwide perception of collective American insanity. The “deplorable” people of our nation are well on their way to taking over our nation. One only has to look at how the Republican Party controls so many states to realize something is wrong in the USA.

It’s not that Donald Trump has become the nominee of the Republican Party that should concern people so much. It’s the American people everyone needs to watch out for.
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