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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What happened to America?

Liars supporting a liar. That's what half
the country has become.

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With the poles for the coming election being evenly split between Clinton and Trump, one could easily indict the American people for having lost their way. True, it is very presumptuous of me. I was taught from a very early age to always trust the American people’s judgement regarding their choice on who will lead the nation. That is until recent results.

Because the American people re-elected an incompetent War Criminal for a second term, (G.W.) it means they are capable of electing a name calling businessman who built his fortune on how many people he could screw. The American people can no longer be trusted. One cannot have confidence the American people will make the right choice any longer.

Perhaps Hillary isn't an angel but she is a lot cleaner than an inexperienced thief who has no Constitutional solutions. There are people commenting today, still claiming Hillary killed four embassy personnel in Benghazi even though Republican Investigative committees have cleared her name.

All those legal beagles making false claims and supporting a liar and thief like Trump, tells you everything you need to know, about the state of mind among Americans. Trump is a proven thief and has been ruled a thief in many law suites. Hillary on the other hand has never been convicted of anything, ever. After all the false attacks through the years, it's amazing she is so clean.

If Trump is elected POTUS, chances are good he will be declared guilty of several court matters working their way through the system as we speak. It will be a fun story watching the President testify in defense of all the money he stole with Trump University. There is a child molestation and rape case proceeding through the courts and if Trump becomes President, those cases will continue.

There may be more little girls coming forward after Trump becomes Prez. His involvement with the Mafia and his Casinos will come forward. It's too juicy a subject to ignore. Trump, mafia, drugs, pornography, child molestation and murder go hand in hand.

I wonder who is the biggest sleaze ball. A man who murdered half a million people or a dirt bag affiliated with the Mafia who spent his entire career stealing money from people? My money says G.W. is worse. But then again, a crooked lying thief seems popular among Republicans today.

Liars supporting a liar. That's what half the country has become. Republicans supported a murdering War Criminal for years. They still make excuses for a man destined to go to Hell. People capable of supporting a War Criminal will also support a worthless human being like Donald Trump. Nobody has taken responsibility for the murder Bush brought about. Those same people will make excuses for a rapist Mafia criminal, who steals money from people, making very bad decisions. This phenomenon truly is an indictment of the American people.
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