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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Have I become a snotty brat? I'm unfriending Bernie supporters!

I have started unfriending Democrats on Facebook!

A few weeks ago I started unfriending BurnBots. Fellow Democrats! Or, are they? Especially if they were name callers, cursors or liars. I love a good conversation, but, when people try to persuade me of their point of view by presenting false facts and calling me names, I stop listening. When they emphasize their lies by calling me vulgar names and accusing me of beliefs I don’t hold, I unfriend them.
I was a Bernie supporter from day one, until I began to notice BurnBots and their vulgar language. If I had the slightest difference of opinion with a BurnBot, it was as if I sprang from a desert outhouse, which hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. It was amazing how I went from their best friend to their worst enemy, instantly, all over the meaning of a single word.
In other words, I left the Bernie camp for the same reason I left the Republican camp. I have
always lived by an ancient proverb that goes something like this. “Walk with wise men and be wise. Walk with fools and become one”. (There are many variations, of course). My Dad gave me this piece of advice. I have never been in trouble with the law because of this modest proverb. It’s simple. Don’t hang around with fools. I don't hangout with BurnBots or Republicans.
Over time, I couldn’t stand the kind of people who identified as Republicans. I will go to my grave wondering what happened to the Republican party. Now I’m wondering what happened to Bernie supporters.
Republicans became horrible, self-centered people who lost the meaning of what it means to be an American. Associating with them made me look like an idiot among my social circles. Democrats seemed more mature and thoughtful. I became a Democrat. Hillary supporters seemed more forward-thinking than BurnBots. I became a Hillary supporter.
I left the Bernie camp because BurnBots suffer from indications of grandeur and they are too quick to call names. Like Republicans, BurnBots think they are better than people not like them. Have you ever noticed when having a conversation with a BurnBot how you cannot utter a word, while they yell at you? One suffers such rudeness with Tea Braggarts as well.
BurnBots think so highly of themselves your words mean nothing. They have no intention of shutting up long enough to hear anything you have to say. BurnBots and Tea Braggarts are just bad mannered people. When you cannot finish a single sentence without interruption, stop trying to talk to them. Just walk away from people like this. If they don’t listen, you will never convince them of anything.
A lot of marriages end up the same way. If your spouse won’t let you finish a sentence, the marriage is over. When the shine wears off and you overlooked your spouse’s bad manners in the courting days, that shortcoming amplifies itself big time a few years into the marriage.
If an adult didn’t learn good manners as a child, teaching good manners later in life is almost impossible. Some of the biggest arguments you will ever have is when you confront an adult’s bad manners. Just walk away from them. Walk away from BurnBots. Walk away from Republicans. Walk away from Tea Braggarts. Walk away from your spouse. They will never respect anything you have to say.
So it goes, with Bernie supporters. A long time ago I decided to tune Tea Braggarts out entirely. That included some family members. It was a necessity! I swear a family member threatened me because I was a Democrat. Hatred for Democrats had become so strong among Tea Braggarts, members of my own family were calling me names and warning that someday they will put guys like me in jail. What?
I just don’t talk to Republicans in general and Tea Braggarts in particular. Their opinions have
damaged family relations. Now, BurnBots are turning out the same way. Supposedly, they are fellow Democrats and our alliance comes with an understanding we may have minor differences but in the end, we have the same goal. You don’t treat fellow Democrats like the enemy. BurnBots think you are the enemy.
All my life I have always thought of fellow Democrats as an ally. This belief went without saying. I never thought, I would live to see the day, when I would fight fellow Democrats. I never thought I would see the day fellow Democrats would hate me so much.
The only thing I can think of, is that these Bernie supporters are not now, nor have they ever been, Democrats. That would explain why they behave more like Republican Tea Braggarts than thoughtful Democrats. Regardless, they are bad mannered, vulgar and not worth conversing with. I feel good when I unfriend them.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Election 2016: Nobody will believe what is about to happen

Trump: If Hillary were a man she wouldn't
get 5 percent of the vote

From a story located at:

My comment:
          I had to get pretty old to witness this next election between Hillary and Donald. We are about to witness the very worst America has to offer. Donald Trump will make the world and America hold its breath. Nobody will believe what is about to happen.

          National supremacy or the belief that the United States is inherently superior to others will be
exploited to the maximum and millions of Americans will cheer for a man who knows full well how bring out our national disgrace. American exceptionality will be exaggerated to its fullest.

          Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Age old beliefs about women not being as good as men will be alluded too throughout this campaign. Millions of women will believe the myth and vote in favor of this lie because they are afraid to do otherwise. They have been denigrated and insulted all their lives and their vote will prove they believe what men have told since their birth. Many women have not learned to be as strong as Hillary, yet. One day but not now.

          Racism is a product of the complex interaction in a given society of a race-based world view with prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. Donald has already demonstrated racist attitudes and he will draw the very worst elements of American society to his corner. America and the world will not believe how many racists have been lurking in the most secret shadows of our land.

          National Supremacy, Sexism and Racism is about to assault our nation and threaten the world.
There is a large demographic in our country that will flock to the polls on election day, and they will vote by the millions in support of an America everyone thought had disappeared years ago.

          Anyone paying attention, knew the dirty side of America never went away. America's dark side was waiting for someone like Donald Trump to nurture it back into popularity. It took a Pied Piper, using a dog whistle, to bring out those among us, who have been expressing dark thoughts at dinner tables all over the country, in secret.

          A national leader has emboldened marginal people to express their feelings in the open. The worst of America is back. Now the world needs to pay attention to a Super Power on the verge of insanity. If Trump prevails, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, etc., etc., must defend themselves from a racist, sexist nation believing in its supremacy above all others in the world.

          As the campaign progresses, our collective hearts will sink as we witness an all-out racist, sexist and supremacy driven movement, supported by a major American political party, attempt to destroy what is still good about America. People of good will are needed to save our nation and the world. The question is, do good people care enough to save our nation?

          There may not be enough good people left in America to stop someone like Donald Trump. The world needs to pay attention to a growing menace. America does too. It’s not funny or quaint anymore.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Because I'm so stupid, I'm an expert on stupid people

The ‘nasty effect,’ and why Donald Trump supporters mistrust the media

From a story located at:
Trumpster supporters

My comment:
Now here's a media story telling the truth. Stupid people don't like being called stupid. Seems like a good reason to follow Trump. Did you have to read this story to find out stupid people are pretty sensitive about being stupid?

Throughout Trump's life, he has always looked down on people. Now that he needs the vote of stupid people, dumb people are just fine. Trump is a genius! He has always hated stupid people. He fires them in real life, insults them in his reality shows, stays away from them, like they have the plague.

Now that he is running for office, he has stupid people falling all over themselves supporting him. Trump could easily start a mega church and laugh all the way to the bank. Golden tongued con-artists have always exploited stupid people. Trump has turned out to be a master of the art of deception. He just needs to start playing a flute.

I guess stupid people have earned their reputation. You know, one of the symptoms of being stupid is how easily you can be manipulated. Televangelists, FOX News, Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, etc., etc. have all learned the secret to success. Manipulate stupid people and you can get anything you want. After all, they are too stupid to find out you are selling them snake oil.

Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does”. I expect to hear Trump say that in one of his speeches. After he has lost the election. Not before.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Religion is as good as yours, and don't you forget it!

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R)
Abortion doctors would lose medical
licenses under new Oklahoma bill

From a story located at:

 My comment:
Does anyone consider the legitimate biblical notion that a person is not life until its first breath? I mean, the Bible does say that, right? You, claiming murder, when the person is not yet a life is really too much. I'm reading the Bible and it doesn't mince words. People become life at first breath. That is what the Bible says, right?

I have a legitimate belief, religious in nature, telling me your interpretation that life begins in the womb, is wrong. You are flat wrong because my interpretation is better than yours. Read the Bible. Why do you make criminals of people, who hold strong religious beliefs, different than yours?

Are you people religious dictators? What makes you think you are so right and I am so wrong. You don't respect my religion? Is my religion not worth consideration? I respect your opinion which says life begins with the first erection. Why don't you respect my beliefs? My opinion is as good as yours.

If you choose, when your little daughter gets pregnant, tie her up, lock her in her bedroom and make her have the baby. That’s your business. That is, until the sheriff shows up. Put a guard on her door. Escort her to the bathroom (make sure she doesn't have a coat hanger on her) and lead her back to her locked room. You don't want her escaping and getting an abortion.

Daddy, when she takes a bath, be sure to inspect her naked body and make sure she doesn't have anything to induce a self-inflicted abortion. Of course, you will have to inspect all her cavities. That wouldn’t be perverted, would it?. After all you are protecting your daughter and her unborn child, for her own good. Your wife can help and make it a family affair.

After you have made your white daughter have the baby, don't take your daughter to church without a father, especially if the child is brown. Oh my God, what would your perfect little Christian buddies say? Of course, you can do what a lot of your pro-life cousins do. You could secretly get an abortion for your daughter. Just don’t tell the church congregation. Be sure to protest at the next abortion clinic as soon as possible, in order to make amends with Jesus.

Of course, if the child is brown, you can always take the child from your traumatized daughter, dump the kid off at an orphanage, forget the embarrassing little heathen ever existed and convince your daughter she doesn’t have to feel bad about not caring for her unwanted child. You know, the child you really didn't want. Your beliefs are probably the root cause of why your daughter wanted to abort the child, in the first place. 

An added benefit would be that you won’t have to ever babysit the child who is such an embarrassment to you. My God, you could never invite friends over for dinner and ask them to eat dinner with someone who looks like Obama.

Later on you can vote for someone who will deny funds for food and medical care for your unwanted child. That way, your little half breed granddaughter/son can suffer all its life. The bottom line? It's the unwanted child's fault for even being born. Don't forget to cut off funds for housing.

If your little unwanted child grows up a little pissed off at you and the orphanage, then breaks into your house killing you, I'm sure Jesus will take you into his pure white flock and give you a place to rest. Somewhere next to a lion that isn’t very hungry, I'm sure.

All this because you think your religion is better than mine? We don't pray to the same God.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders would have done better running as a Republican

Trump on Clinton: 
'Now I'm going to say she's not qualified'

From a story located at:

My comment:
          This story is a good example of how Bernie is hurting Clinton. This will be a disgusting name calling election and we can give Sanders credit for opening the door to one of the most ridiculous claims expressed by anyone in this campaign.

          If you are outraged because a classless individual like Trump, spits his lies out, remember Trump is running as a Republican. We have all come to expect such behavior from a party having lost its honor long ago.

          This accusation started with Bernie Sanders and because Bernie has demonstrated such classless behavior, somebody like Trump will of course latch on to Bernie's example.

          I once supported Bernie but came to realize he is no Democrat. Bernie is more like a Republican than a Democrat simply because of the self-centered way he has manipulated people into thinking he knows what he is talking about. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders​ have a lot in common. 

          They both share the same talking points. Both are name callers. Both are liars and both don't know what they are talking about. Bernie Sanders would have done better running as a Republican where people are expected to back stab their allies and lie to the American people.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

President Hillary Clinton: Don’t Make Her Job Harder

When Hillary is President, she will reach out to everyone
She will have more success than Obama

            Just a general comment. Many Democrats have used the vilest language, directed at Bernie Sanders. This reaction is quite normal considering the horrible language Bots have used against Hillary. Personally, I believe all this name calling by allies engaged in a common cause is a little on the childish side of things. I also feel Hillary would frown on those people engaged in name calling.

      Anyone who knows me, realized a long time ago, I am a hard core Hillary supporter. I have supported Hillary when I lived in Arkansas through all four of Bill’s terms of office as governor and I supported Bill and Hillary for both Bill’s Presidential runs. I have always considered Bill a great man only because he had a great wife by his side. In those earliest days, I argued on talk radio and in editorials, the genius of Bill Clinton was a result of Hillary’s influence.

Many of us in Arkansas also knew that Hillary had a hand in every policy decision Bill made. In Arkansas, there was constant dialog regarding Hillary’s influence on her husband, Bill. There was general consensus among those of us who thought of such things, that Hillary and Bill not only had a love affair for each other but more importantly, they confided in each other respectfully and listened to one another, all of their married lives. This unique relationship was because they both knew the other was equal to them in intelligence. Intellectually, they were a match for each other.

It also speaks to Hillary’s experience. Bill Clinton may have been President but Hillary was always in the background with every situation involving Bill Clinton. Many of you recall one of the harshest criticisms directed toward Bill was the accusation Hillary was too involved with Bill’s Presidency.

 One of the names they used against Bill Clinton in an attempt to denigrate both Bill and Hillary was the word “Billary”. In retrospect, the name was more accurate than they knew. Also in retrospect, it’s a good thing the name was accurate because the county benefited greatly from the impact “Billary” had on our nation. Those years when “Billary” was in office, our nation enjoyed the best economic performance by a Capitalist society in the history of mankind. Yea, Hillary had something to with that.

It was generally thought among us, both Bill and Hillary enjoyed an intelligence far exceeding normal people. This is not to say they came off as superior or anything. Both Bill and Hillary had a way of looking you in the eyes and making you feel at ease. They both had a unique ability to make you feel as though they were just like you.

However, there was always an aura emanating from the Clintons telling you something was very special within these people. You just knew, both of them were smarter than you. When talking to them, you felt like they had more on the ball than you. Especially Hillary.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you meet people who seem to look right through you and you better not try to fool them. Some people, up close, simply humble you with their presence. Hillary in particular, makes you feel completely at ease and at the same time, when you talk to her, you know she is listening. She will empathize with you and she will understand you. You also realize very quickly; she is not just an average person.

When she ran for Senator in New York, she won because of her presence. She was an outsider who never lived in New York and she simply overwhelmed a very skeptical bunch of hard core Yankees and won that election hands down, twice. Say whatever you want about Yankees, they can see right through you and they know when someone is not real. Yankees are very hard nosed people and Hillary, the outsider, won them over. If you think that is an easy thing to do, try doing it yourself. Ted Cruz failed miserably and so would you. Yankees’ figured out Ted Cruz immediately.

Hillary’s strength is in her interaction with people. She went door to door in New York and quite literally convinced people, wary of outsiders, she was one of them. When she became a US Senator, she garnered respect from Republicans and Democrats alike because she was eyeball to eyeball with them and her strength is in her personal dealings with people. She was a very successful US Senator because of the aura she projects when dealing with people in person. It’s undeniable! There is something special about this woman in person.

It is too bad her strength with personal contacts cannot be conveyed under the glaring lights of the national stage. Many of Hillary’s most strident haters change their mind once she has looked them in the eye. That is her strength and it is why she will be so successful when dealing with world leaders and opposition leaders within our own shores.

It will also be a big plus for our nation when one of the most successful and brilliant Presidents in the history of the United States is quietly in the background discussing with Hillary every single issue of importance in these tumultuous times. Because two very special people, have always confided in one another, contributing equally to each other’s success, we can be confident our nation is in good hands.

It is also why we Democrats must stop calling Bernie names and why we must stop alienating Bernie’s supporters. Behaving like Tea Baggers or bitter Republicans is beneath the dignity of Hillary Clinton. When Hillary wins the nomination and ultimately the Presidency, she will reach out to friend and foe alike. That is who she is. As Democrats we should not make enemies of people who should be our allies. Calling people names only makes Hillary’s job more difficult in the future.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New 911 Scrutiny? People don’t matter! Profit does! Those are just the facts, madam!

Obama: Top intel official reviewing secret 9/11 material

From a story located at:

My comment:
I have been a big supporter of Obama from day one but my support does not translate into total worship, ignoring the faults our leaders demonstrate. If I were a Republican and it was proven America killed half a million innocent human beings, based on a lie, I would turn against my Republican President. I would want him to be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t keep following the murdering bastard and defending him to my last breath. If someone does something wrong, I can admit I was wrong about them.

I have seen many Presidents come and go. I have tried to support all of them the best I can. Some more than others. Overall, Obama has done a great job, considering what he was handed and what he has had to work with. As usual, I do have complaints about Obama. He’s not perfect either.

I realize it's just a pipe dream but just imagine all the things that could have been accomplished if Republicans put our country first and worked with (not against) our President and his party. Considering where the nation was when Obama took office, we have had a miraculous recovery despite the obstructionism.

This nation has a short memory. Either that or Republicans hate Democrats so much they have selectively ignored the damage Republican policies did to our nation. It’s also possible, people in our country never fully understood how close our country came to a total meltdown.

When the crash of 2008 came, Republicans, along with their President, had total control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government for the majority of time, prior to the big financial fiasco. Bush and the Republicans executed total financial bungling, precipitating the 2008 crash. 

Democrats warned of the consequences but were completely ignored by a party drunk with power. Bush and his Republican buddies, quite literally destroyed our economy. Delusions of grandeur prevented Republicans from seeing the error of their ways. Democrats, attempting to prevent the  disaster were demonized.

            Yes, Democrats gained control of the Congress late in Bush’s term. However, every effort to correct the errors wrought by six years of Republican financial errors, was impeded with Republican Filibusters and threats of Executive Veto. 

As we all know, Republican obstructionism started in the last two years of Bush’s administration and has continued for the entire eight years of Obama’s term of office.

Ten years of Republican sabotage has done extreme damage to our nation and it is truly a miracle we have recovered as much as we have during Obama’s time in office. One can only dream of the benefits our nation would have enjoyed if Republicans had not let hatred dominate their party. It is mind boggling to think, half the country thinks we should repeat the same errors a bunch of "know nothings" executed during the Bush years.

As to the errors of the Obama Administration, this news story is but one example regarding my disappointment with Obama. 911 occurred just one year into Bush’s Administration. Seven more years of Bush and now seven years of Obama and we are just now looking seriously at the most secret elements of the 911 investigation? Something, is seriously wrong with this picture.

One can easily summarize what this story is really saying. It is apparent, our alliance with Saudi Arabia is more important than the 3,000 lives lost on 911. It is also clear that oil and its procurement supersedes the fact, "a Declaration of War was enacted upon the United States of America". Protecting Saudi Arabia has been the central task of two full Republican and Democrat Administrations.

            Through the entire length of two administrations, favoritism towards an absolute religious dictatorship and the oil they provide, became more important to the powers that be, than the innocent lives lost and the insult to our nation. I expect behavior like this from the Republicans. It’s probably another good example of how Corporate control of our government (Fascism) has manipulated the behavior of our leaders.

Corporate control of our government is the reason the truth about 911 has not been revealed.

            After all, Republicans have been proving their hatred towards America for a long time and their allegiance to big oil is more important than anything else in this world. What I didn’t expect was a continuation of Republican policies by someone I considered better than any Republican in modern times. 

Barack Obama, on this subject, has been very Republican.

As the 2016 election nears, many people, both Republican and Democrat, are wondering if there is any hope of salvaging a government “for the people”. The electorate doesn’t want a government favoring corporations or giving special treatment to a foreign government who may have helped declare war on the United States.

As far as Trump and Cruz go, they are incapable of salvaging our once great nation. There is little chance they will prevent our nation from being controlled by financial interests. No! Republicans, in their current state are not the answer. Bernie Sanders? Even if he were elected he would encounter more opposition than even Obama experienced. Besides, Bernie is much more of a corporate hack than even Hillary is. His position on guns is but one example.

Of all the candidates running for President, Hillary is our greatest hope. Of course, that’s what people said of Obama too and though he did a marvelous job, he let a lot of people down in some very important areas. Will Hillary do better? I think so but one never knows.

We are finally going to scrutinize secret parts of the 911 report that may implicate Saudi Arabia after all these years? It’s no wonder people are so skeptical of government these days. Let’s hope Hillary, Bernie, Ted or the Donald will do better.

Here’s where my skepticism comes in. I think the country has already been lost to the corporatists and little or no change will occur, regardless of who wins the oval office. People don’t matter! Profit does! Those are just the facts, madam! 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Republican Delegates and the Morons they Represent, are one and the same

Republican Party delegates feel sudden power as balance shifts

From a story located at:

My comment:
I'm a Democrat and I don't envy the choices Republican Delegates have to make. At the moment, it looks like they have two choices before them. One, to nominate someone who thinks waving a wand and suspending many parts of the Constitution is alright. Two, nominating a Dominionist who thinks God is personally calling on him to be President so he can install a theocracy and suspend the Constitution all together.

Both candidates are completely crazy and equally dangerous. Just in different ways. Both hate a nation with equal rights for all. Both no longer believe in the United States of America and both have followers who are driven by their hate for anyone not like them. It's a sad choice for Republican Delegates.

The problem is, the majority of Republican Delegates are better educated than the toothless hoards currently driving the Republican party. Most Republican Delegates are successful and reasonable people who have worked hard and are crime free. In other words, most Republican Delegates are pretty decent people and one is happy to break bread with them. They are the neighbors we gladly live beside, without any problems.

Most Republican delegates, are nothing like the two choices they must choose from. Unfortunately, they have been caught up in the hatred driving their party. Considering their choices, they are forced to vote against any Democrat because of their hatred. You see, it's like this:

That’s why they voted for the non-Christian, Mitt Romney.

It's a paradox of sorts. Most Republican Delegates are not racists. They are not male Chauvinist pigs and they don’t fear a powerful and successful woman. Many Republican Delegates are married to successful women. Yet, they must choose between two complete idiot's only because the people they represent are social misfits. Most Republican Delegates live in neighborhoods far away from the trailer trash they represent.

Your typical Republican voter
It’s a little sad when you think about it. Republican delegates are for the most part good decent people. It’s the choice their party is giving them that must be tearing them apart. However, don’t feel too bad for these better educated and more successful Republicans.

Just like the white trash driving the Republican Party, they have multiple motivations in common with the riff raff they represent. They think they are religiously superior. They think they are racially superior. They don’t care if a dictator or a Dominionist becomes President as long as a woman, a black, a Hispanic, a LGBT individual or for that matter, any Democrat, is not the POTUS.

Because, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, hatred is their driving force and that’s why there is no difference between the high and mighty Republican Delegates and the uneducated morons they represent. No matter how one looks at it, people driven by hatred are not any good for the United States of America.

It’s a shame these Republican delegates, normally good people, have allowed themselves to veer from the beaten path of common decency. If I were someone who had to vote between Trump or Cruz, I would not vote at all.  If my hate for Democrats was so strong I couldn’t vote for someone like Hillary, I would look for another church and get back to what it means to be an American and stop hating everyone not like me. 

Most Republican Delegates are educated and have the ability to go on the web and verify the truth or falsehoods of the Republican Party. It's very easy. Almost any third grader can do it these days. Instead, these highly educated and successful Republican delegates choose to believe the misrepresentations of the Republican Party. 

On many occasions (Birthers, for example), high class Republican Delegates choose to ignore the truth knowing full well they are propagating a lie. Many of them are highly religious but choose to purposely "Bear False Witness" committing a sin. Because they commit this sin, one must question their religious purity. False Christians should never get control of this country.  

But alas, once a person becomes a moron, they seldom ever recover. Here comes the Election! Get ready! There are a lot of misfits in this country. The nation is capable of voting itself into oblivion. It all starts with Republican Delegates and the useless people they represent. At the Republican national Convention, these very same delegates will be cheering for either a potential dictator who has almost never gone to church, or a Religious dictator who despises anyone not like him. 

Either way, Republican Delegates, despite their high minded attitudes will become the same as an unwashed, toothless, gun nuts, intent on overthrowing the United States. In the end, these Delegates are as bad as the neo-Nazi's that vote for them. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Crazy people with guns! The streets are no longer safe!

American streets are not safe anymore because everyone has a gun!

I feel uneasy about the trend this nation has embraced. You know, let anyone carry a gun and carry it anywhere they please. Has anyone seen the number of crazy people who are sporting guns on our streets? I mean, the number of fat, grey haired, pot bellied and unwashed white trash running around playing big man, is scary. Not to mention the certified lunatics who should be monitored but are free because there is no money to watch them. 
For the first time in my life I have considered getting a gun. It's not because I fear criminals. The odds of being assaulted by a criminal, carrying a gun, are much less than getting into a car accident. I'm thinking about getting a gun because of all the deranged and mentally challenged crackers out there dressed up like the Outlaw Josie Wells.
If you ask me, allowing all the crazy people in my city to carry a gun has made my streets a lot more dangerous. Any abnormal person can get a gun now, without a background check. I read somewhere how one in four people in America need some kind of psychiatric care in this country. Crazy people with guns don’t make me feel safer. It makes me want to get a gun and protect myself from the gun nuts allowed to pretend like they are tough guys.
The truth is, going to Wal-Mart, unarmed is getting scary. There I am, shopping for a loaf of bread, when some unshaved, unwashed hobo, wearing a paramilitary uniform, approaches me. He makes no effort to grant my space and pointedly forces me to move aside because he wants the whole aisle.
His pot belly protruding out of his shirt and the crack of his ass showing when he bends over, is not the main thing one notices. What you really pay attention too is his assault rifle, clip inserted, his handgun in its holster and a big hunting knife dangling from his ripped, torn and dirty pants.
I have no idea if this slob is about to commit a mass killing or if all he wants, is a loaf of bread. It occurs to me I am not armed and some guy, armed to the teeth, is scowling at everyone and acting in a threatening way. I clear a path for the tramp and get myself to the next aisle in case this malevolent idiot decides to do something.
It’s very frustrating, to say the least. Wal-Mart won’t stop him from entering the door. The police are as bad as the gooney bird roaming the aisles. I’m supposed to trust this armed misfit and hope will not open fire if we reach for the same loaf of bread and I get it first. I’m not armed and he is.
It reminds me of when I went into Saigon to deliver a truck load of dead American soldiers who died only a few miles away during the Tet Offensive. Some officer started telling me I couldn’t carry my loaded rifle on the streets. Walking the streets of America is giving me a similar feeling. Crazies are armed and I'm not!
I know there are safer places to live. It might be time to go someplace where people haven’t lost their minds. Canada is looking better every day. If Europeans are skeptical of America these days, it's with good reason.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Concerning Paul Ryan. It makes you realize how normal Hillary is!

Washington wonders: What is Paul Ryan up to?

From a story located at:

My Comment:
          Paul Ryan is subject to the same kind of criticism Ted Cruz is. If you look at Ryan’s record (there is a lot to look at) there is almost zero difference between the two right wing zealots. Paul is
better packaged than Cruz, with more polish and better looks. So he would have a better chance overall than the religious whack job, Ted Cruz.  However, Ryan is as crazy as Cruz regarding religion. It's just that Ryan conceals his wickedness better than Cruz. Just a fact. Sorry Cruz fans.
        Cruz looks like a sleazy grease ball always trying to pull a fast one. One look at him and you know he's lying about something. At least Ryan doesn't come off as a two faced liar willing to say anything, like Romney was. That is until you look at how he votes, compared to what he will say as a Presidential Candidate. 

          In Ryan’s Presidential Campaign he would spend most of time disavowing how he voted. He would have to lie through his teeth in order make people feel he isn’t as scary as his voting record indicates. Kinda the reverse of Mitt Romney. If Romney had owned up to his record, he wouldn't have come off as some two faced Mormon liar. He may have won the election if he had been honest.

          That's why Ryan is even more dangerous than Cruz. If you look at Ryan's record, one realizes why he is a nutty, Tea Party darling. Paul Ryan is as right wing as any member of Congress. He would never be a President for all the people because he is a hard core Ayn Rand crazy person. He has been as wrong about everything as she was.

          That's why he was accepted by the Tea Party gang with little opposition when he became Speaker of the House. Ryan appeals to a very small slither of the electorate and in a general election it would be easy to scare the American people with his outlandish, out of the mainstream politics. Ryan, like Trump and Cruz, would be a gift to the Democrats. 

          Assuming of course, Democrats are smart enough to point out how crazy and scary Republicans really are. It's been a mystery to me why Democrats have always been so nice. How did John Kerry lose to the War Criminal G.W. Bush? Because John kerry was too nice and didn't point out what a murdering, incompetent fool Bush was. 

          I know Hillary is as normal as they come because there are no extreme and radical ideologies she has clung too, making her look like a ding dong head, emulating Republicans. That might be her biggest problem. A lot of Americans don't like normal people. They seem attracted to dysfunctional deviant Republicans.

          Let's hope she will drop the nice girl persona for just a little while and rip those odd ball Republicans a new hole where the sun doesn't shine. With Trump, Cruz and Ryan, they should be pretty easy to tear up.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cowards perform torture and murder. Trump and Cruz support it.

Torturing helpless people is cowardice. Ordering
torture is even more cowardly.

From a story located at: 

My comment:
          Chopping off heads! Waterboarding! Torture! Executing prisoners of war! Slaughtering children! It all falls under the same classification. It all demonstrates what cowards do. Cowards kill helpless people. Cowards torture tied up people who can’t defend themselves.

         Cowards drop bombs, killing women and children when there is no chance for their victims to defend themselves. Cowards set off vest bombs on unsuspecting crowds of people. Cowards use automatic weapons on crowds of unarmed people. 

         Cowards walk into a convenience store and kill unarmed clerks. Cowards, wearing police uniforms, kill unarmed people because they are afraid. Cowards fly around in helicopters killing everyone they see only because they can and they fear no retribution.

         Cowards, afraid of their own shadow, only kill when they feel safe and they know there is no chance of them being killed. Cowards are always the last people to torture, if their victim can fight back. They confuse their vindictive and sick behavior with courage. In the presence of truly brave men, cowards shrink in relevance.

         Men like Trump and Cruz are the worst kind of coward. Cowards who do the actual deed of torture, pale in comparison to the cowardice of those who order it. George Bush and Dick Cheney are the ultimate cowards. Trump and Cruz, demonstrating their lack of manhood, are nothing more than the worst kind of coward.

         Both Trump and Cruz would order others to do what they lack the courage to do. Just the act of bragging how they would torture and murder should put them in jail. The world and many innocent victims, would be better off if these two men were locked up preventing them from enacting their particular sickness on the human race.

        People sitting in their comfortable homes bragging how they would torture and kill are the lowest form of human being as well. Supporting torture and murder makes one a despicable human being. If there is a God in Heaven, they will all rot in Hell.

         Many of these would be cowards, pray to Jesus every Sunday. They clap and cheer when Trump and Cruz talk big and promise to torture and murder. Because they support such despicable men, they render their belief in God mute. Because they support such men, they pray not to Jesus but to a false God and will surely burn in Hell.

         I could never sit at a table and break bread with someone I knew had tortured. People like that make me sick to my stomach. When I see Trump and Cruz on the news, I turn them off because they represent the very worst mankind has to offer. I can’t imagine normal people voting for those cowardly criminals.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hurray! Now I can discriminate according to my religious beliefs (sic). Please Hillary, Stop this!

Strongly held religious beliefs make laws in America.

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My comment:
          Many of our courts sustain discrimination and fail to enforce equal protection under the law. In other words, part of the American dream is dying right before our eyes. Discrimination, religious or otherwise, defeats the American dream.

         When a government (State or Federal) won't protect the rights of tax paying citizens, there is a problem brewing in the land. When the courts sustain discrimination against any group of people in this country, there is a big problem and the nation is changing for the worse.

          The NRA talks about a slippery slope regarding their rights. The same principal applies on this issue. When government allows discrimination based on a religious view, Pandora's box has just opened up. Give religion an opening and they will seek other laws based on their religious point of view. Historically, this has always been true.

          What's to keep people from discriminating against mixed racial couples because of strongly held religious beliefs? Under new rules allowing strongly held religious convictions, anyone can be discriminated against for any reason.

          All one has to say is, "that's against my religion". Pandora's box has been opened. You can’t allow one form of discrimination today, based on religion, then deny further prejudice in the future. Once religious restrictions are allowed, anything is possible in the future. If the courts uphold legalized discrimination, you have a fundamental change in the personality of our nation.

          As you may be able to tell, I have very little regard for Christians. Especially fundamentalists. What if I had a public restroom at my place of business and I put up a sign saying, "Fundamentalist Christians are not allowed to use my public restroom". I don’t like that kind of Christian and I don’t want them to take a crap in my commode defiling my plumbing. Under new "Religious Freedom Laws", the courts will be compelled to uphold my strongly held religious beliefs.

         If I own a public bakery, licensed by the government, and I refuse to make a wedding cake for a Christian ceremony, then with these new laws i should be allowed to discriminate. My religion thinks Christians are Satanic and participating in a Christian wedding ceremony only helps those despicable people propagate, creating filthy Christians and problems in the future.

         Under these new laws, my strongly held religious beliefs would be protected by the government and sustained by the courts. You may say, "nooooo, that won't happen". But, you don't really know, do you? You let religion get involved with government and anything can happen. It's just a historical fact.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders is good but Hillary is more electable.

America is not ready for Democratic Socialism

Recently I responded to a contributor on Face Book who stated, "independent" (republicans) have been crossing over in every caucus state to vote for BS. Their motivation seems to be if BS wins the nomination, he will be much easier to beat in the general”.

          I agree with his analogy. I believe Bernie is much more vulnerable than Hillary. Mainly because the word Socialism is more volatile than the words Democrat, liberal, black, Hispanic or woman. One day, Socialism will correct the Fascist trend in America. But not yet.

          America is currently experiencing a version of Fascism uniquely tailored to the United States. This effort, is combined with a sophisticated propaganda campaign convincing millions of Americans that corporations are good, excess profit is good, unions are bad and anyone wanting to correct the excesses of big business, is bad.

          Corporations have actually convinced many Americans that the minimum wage is too high, child labor is alright and woman should not earn as much as men. These beliefs, supported by millions of Americans, is right out of the Chinese Fascist playbook.

          Some still claim China is a Communist nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. China is an authoritarian Fascist state created with the help of American corporations. Wal-Mart is just one American Corporation supporting slave labor, horrible working conditions, no Unions and a complete lack of workers’ rights.

          China extracts maximum profit through the abuse of its workers. America is being molded into a copy of the Chinese economic machine and corporations have convinced millions of Americans this transformation is alright. Manufacturing jobs will not come back to America, until the American labor market resembles Fascist China.

        Fascism must cause more damage before Democratic Socialism enters the scene and saves the day. We are still a few years away from that. Bernie is ahead of his time but cannot win the election in this election cycle. Americans have not awakened to the Fascist transformation occurring right under our noses. In the future we will see someone like Bernie emerge when everyone realizes the dangers of corporate Fascism. Twenty years, maybe.

          Socialism is the natural enemy of Fascism. Combined with a Bill of Rights and equal justice for all, Democratic Socialism will correct the abuses of Fascism. It’s just that people have not suffered enough under the current Corporate scheme and they are not ready to correct the Chinese economic model being foisted upon the American people.

          Bernie is ahead of his time but Hillary has the best chance to be POTUS at this time in history. Hopefully, Hillary will begin the task of correcting Corporate Fascism. However, she will have a very difficult time at first because the American people have not suffered enough under the Chinese model. In addition, an entire political party, is an ally of Corporatism and they will not be easily silenced.

         When Socialism corrects Corporate Fascism, it has not been without violence in the past. Hopefully the American correction will come without a violent overthrow similar to the French Revolution or what Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

In the meantime, Hillary is the best choice to temporarily stem the tide of Fascism. Bernie cannot be elected in today's environment.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cruz Speaks to Inferior Jews In a Bid for Money

Cruz builds support among GOP Jews as Trump skips event

From a story located at:

My comment:
I know this is awful to say. but it needs saying. "Cruz is a Fundamentalist Christian who thinks any Jew who doesn't convert to Christianity is going to Hell."
Jews don't think Jesus is Lord. Jews don't think you have to be Saved in order to go to heaven. Jews don't think Jesus is the Son of God. Most normal Americans pay no attention to these religious differences. After all, this is America and all religions have equal validity. However, Ted Cruz’s America is not normal. In Ted Cruz’s world, Jews are no better than Muslims.
Notions of Religious Superiority practiced by the Ted Cruz faction of Christianity are not a secret. All of us, in our daily lives, are subject to finger pointing and claims that we will burn in Hell if we don’t fall in line with Christian Fundamentalism. Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Atheists and anyone not subscribing to the “Jesus is Lord” definition is considered inferior and unworthy of sitting in the presence of God.
That’s why, when a pompous religious man like Ted Cruz, goes among a group of non-Christians begging for support and money, the scene is especially egregious. Aside from racial supremacy, religious superiority ranks among the most destructive elements practiced by mankind.
Jews, accepting the presence of Ted Cruz among them, is a complete betrayal of their people and their religion. When Ted Cruz speaks to non-Christians, he does so believing everyone in the audience is going to Hell. Before they slither into Hell, Ted Cruz wants their vote and their money.
Any Jew, stupid enough to support Ted Cruz, deserves what they get. Personally, I could never support someone who looks on me as some inferior bug whose only function is to give him money. After that, I can go to Hell. 

Isn't that what Cruz is saying? Give me your money, then go to Hell! Is it just me or is there something wrong with Ted Cruz talking to a bunch of Jews?