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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders is good but Hillary is more electable.

America is not ready for Democratic Socialism

Recently I responded to a contributor on Face Book who stated, "independent" (republicans) have been crossing over in every caucus state to vote for BS. Their motivation seems to be if BS wins the nomination, he will be much easier to beat in the general”.

          I agree with his analogy. I believe Bernie is much more vulnerable than Hillary. Mainly because the word Socialism is more volatile than the words Democrat, liberal, black, Hispanic or woman. One day, Socialism will correct the Fascist trend in America. But not yet.

          America is currently experiencing a version of Fascism uniquely tailored to the United States. This effort, is combined with a sophisticated propaganda campaign convincing millions of Americans that corporations are good, excess profit is good, unions are bad and anyone wanting to correct the excesses of big business, is bad.

          Corporations have actually convinced many Americans that the minimum wage is too high, child labor is alright and woman should not earn as much as men. These beliefs, supported by millions of Americans, is right out of the Chinese Fascist playbook.

          Some still claim China is a Communist nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. China is an authoritarian Fascist state created with the help of American corporations. Wal-Mart is just one American Corporation supporting slave labor, horrible working conditions, no Unions and a complete lack of workers’ rights.

          China extracts maximum profit through the abuse of its workers. America is being molded into a copy of the Chinese economic machine and corporations have convinced millions of Americans this transformation is alright. Manufacturing jobs will not come back to America, until the American labor market resembles Fascist China.

        Fascism must cause more damage before Democratic Socialism enters the scene and saves the day. We are still a few years away from that. Bernie is ahead of his time but cannot win the election in this election cycle. Americans have not awakened to the Fascist transformation occurring right under our noses. In the future we will see someone like Bernie emerge when everyone realizes the dangers of corporate Fascism. Twenty years, maybe.

          Socialism is the natural enemy of Fascism. Combined with a Bill of Rights and equal justice for all, Democratic Socialism will correct the abuses of Fascism. It’s just that people have not suffered enough under the current Corporate scheme and they are not ready to correct the Chinese economic model being foisted upon the American people.

          Bernie is ahead of his time but Hillary has the best chance to be POTUS at this time in history. Hopefully, Hillary will begin the task of correcting Corporate Fascism. However, she will have a very difficult time at first because the American people have not suffered enough under the Chinese model. In addition, an entire political party, is an ally of Corporatism and they will not be easily silenced.

         When Socialism corrects Corporate Fascism, it has not been without violence in the past. Hopefully the American correction will come without a violent overthrow similar to the French Revolution or what Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

In the meantime, Hillary is the best choice to temporarily stem the tide of Fascism. Bernie cannot be elected in today's environment.
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