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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Republican Delegates and the Morons they Represent, are one and the same

Republican Party delegates feel sudden power as balance shifts

From a story located at:

My comment:
I'm a Democrat and I don't envy the choices Republican Delegates have to make. At the moment, it looks like they have two choices before them. One, to nominate someone who thinks waving a wand and suspending many parts of the Constitution is alright. Two, nominating a Dominionist who thinks God is personally calling on him to be President so he can install a theocracy and suspend the Constitution all together.

Both candidates are completely crazy and equally dangerous. Just in different ways. Both hate a nation with equal rights for all. Both no longer believe in the United States of America and both have followers who are driven by their hate for anyone not like them. It's a sad choice for Republican Delegates.

The problem is, the majority of Republican Delegates are better educated than the toothless hoards currently driving the Republican party. Most Republican Delegates are successful and reasonable people who have worked hard and are crime free. In other words, most Republican Delegates are pretty decent people and one is happy to break bread with them. They are the neighbors we gladly live beside, without any problems.

Most Republican delegates, are nothing like the two choices they must choose from. Unfortunately, they have been caught up in the hatred driving their party. Considering their choices, they are forced to vote against any Democrat because of their hatred. You see, it's like this:

That’s why they voted for the non-Christian, Mitt Romney.

It's a paradox of sorts. Most Republican Delegates are not racists. They are not male Chauvinist pigs and they don’t fear a powerful and successful woman. Many Republican Delegates are married to successful women. Yet, they must choose between two complete idiot's only because the people they represent are social misfits. Most Republican Delegates live in neighborhoods far away from the trailer trash they represent.

Your typical Republican voter
It’s a little sad when you think about it. Republican delegates are for the most part good decent people. It’s the choice their party is giving them that must be tearing them apart. However, don’t feel too bad for these better educated and more successful Republicans.

Just like the white trash driving the Republican Party, they have multiple motivations in common with the riff raff they represent. They think they are religiously superior. They think they are racially superior. They don’t care if a dictator or a Dominionist becomes President as long as a woman, a black, a Hispanic, a LGBT individual or for that matter, any Democrat, is not the POTUS.

Because, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, hatred is their driving force and that’s why there is no difference between the high and mighty Republican Delegates and the uneducated morons they represent. No matter how one looks at it, people driven by hatred are not any good for the United States of America.

It’s a shame these Republican delegates, normally good people, have allowed themselves to veer from the beaten path of common decency. If I were someone who had to vote between Trump or Cruz, I would not vote at all.  If my hate for Democrats was so strong I couldn’t vote for someone like Hillary, I would look for another church and get back to what it means to be an American and stop hating everyone not like me. 

Most Republican Delegates are educated and have the ability to go on the web and verify the truth or falsehoods of the Republican Party. It's very easy. Almost any third grader can do it these days. Instead, these highly educated and successful Republican delegates choose to believe the misrepresentations of the Republican Party. 

On many occasions (Birthers, for example), high class Republican Delegates choose to ignore the truth knowing full well they are propagating a lie. Many of them are highly religious but choose to purposely "Bear False Witness" committing a sin. Because they commit this sin, one must question their religious purity. False Christians should never get control of this country.  

But alas, once a person becomes a moron, they seldom ever recover. Here comes the Election! Get ready! There are a lot of misfits in this country. The nation is capable of voting itself into oblivion. It all starts with Republican Delegates and the useless people they represent. At the Republican national Convention, these very same delegates will be cheering for either a potential dictator who has almost never gone to church, or a Religious dictator who despises anyone not like him. 

Either way, Republican Delegates, despite their high minded attitudes will become the same as an unwashed, toothless, gun nuts, intent on overthrowing the United States. In the end, these Delegates are as bad as the neo-Nazi's that vote for them. 
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