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Monday, April 11, 2016

Cowards perform torture and murder. Trump and Cruz support it.

Torturing helpless people is cowardice. Ordering
torture is even more cowardly.

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My comment:
          Chopping off heads! Waterboarding! Torture! Executing prisoners of war! Slaughtering children! It all falls under the same classification. It all demonstrates what cowards do. Cowards kill helpless people. Cowards torture tied up people who can’t defend themselves.

         Cowards drop bombs, killing women and children when there is no chance for their victims to defend themselves. Cowards set off vest bombs on unsuspecting crowds of people. Cowards use automatic weapons on crowds of unarmed people. 

         Cowards walk into a convenience store and kill unarmed clerks. Cowards, wearing police uniforms, kill unarmed people because they are afraid. Cowards fly around in helicopters killing everyone they see only because they can and they fear no retribution.

         Cowards, afraid of their own shadow, only kill when they feel safe and they know there is no chance of them being killed. Cowards are always the last people to torture, if their victim can fight back. They confuse their vindictive and sick behavior with courage. In the presence of truly brave men, cowards shrink in relevance.

         Men like Trump and Cruz are the worst kind of coward. Cowards who do the actual deed of torture, pale in comparison to the cowardice of those who order it. George Bush and Dick Cheney are the ultimate cowards. Trump and Cruz, demonstrating their lack of manhood, are nothing more than the worst kind of coward.

         Both Trump and Cruz would order others to do what they lack the courage to do. Just the act of bragging how they would torture and murder should put them in jail. The world and many innocent victims, would be better off if these two men were locked up preventing them from enacting their particular sickness on the human race.

        People sitting in their comfortable homes bragging how they would torture and kill are the lowest form of human being as well. Supporting torture and murder makes one a despicable human being. If there is a God in Heaven, they will all rot in Hell.

         Many of these would be cowards, pray to Jesus every Sunday. They clap and cheer when Trump and Cruz talk big and promise to torture and murder. Because they support such despicable men, they render their belief in God mute. Because they support such men, they pray not to Jesus but to a false God and will surely burn in Hell.

         I could never sit at a table and break bread with someone I knew had tortured. People like that make me sick to my stomach. When I see Trump and Cruz on the news, I turn them off because they represent the very worst mankind has to offer. I can’t imagine normal people voting for those cowardly criminals.
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