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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New 911 Scrutiny? People don’t matter! Profit does! Those are just the facts, madam!

Obama: Top intel official reviewing secret 9/11 material

From a story located at:

My comment:
I have been a big supporter of Obama from day one but my support does not translate into total worship, ignoring the faults our leaders demonstrate. If I were a Republican and it was proven America killed half a million innocent human beings, based on a lie, I would turn against my Republican President. I would want him to be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t keep following the murdering bastard and defending him to my last breath. If someone does something wrong, I can admit I was wrong about them.

I have seen many Presidents come and go. I have tried to support all of them the best I can. Some more than others. Overall, Obama has done a great job, considering what he was handed and what he has had to work with. As usual, I do have complaints about Obama. He’s not perfect either.

I realize it's just a pipe dream but just imagine all the things that could have been accomplished if Republicans put our country first and worked with (not against) our President and his party. Considering where the nation was when Obama took office, we have had a miraculous recovery despite the obstructionism.

This nation has a short memory. Either that or Republicans hate Democrats so much they have selectively ignored the damage Republican policies did to our nation. It’s also possible, people in our country never fully understood how close our country came to a total meltdown.

When the crash of 2008 came, Republicans, along with their President, had total control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government for the majority of time, prior to the big financial fiasco. Bush and the Republicans executed total financial bungling, precipitating the 2008 crash. 

Democrats warned of the consequences but were completely ignored by a party drunk with power. Bush and his Republican buddies, quite literally destroyed our economy. Delusions of grandeur prevented Republicans from seeing the error of their ways. Democrats, attempting to prevent the  disaster were demonized.

            Yes, Democrats gained control of the Congress late in Bush’s term. However, every effort to correct the errors wrought by six years of Republican financial errors, was impeded with Republican Filibusters and threats of Executive Veto. 

As we all know, Republican obstructionism started in the last two years of Bush’s administration and has continued for the entire eight years of Obama’s term of office.

Ten years of Republican sabotage has done extreme damage to our nation and it is truly a miracle we have recovered as much as we have during Obama’s time in office. One can only dream of the benefits our nation would have enjoyed if Republicans had not let hatred dominate their party. It is mind boggling to think, half the country thinks we should repeat the same errors a bunch of "know nothings" executed during the Bush years.

As to the errors of the Obama Administration, this news story is but one example regarding my disappointment with Obama. 911 occurred just one year into Bush’s Administration. Seven more years of Bush and now seven years of Obama and we are just now looking seriously at the most secret elements of the 911 investigation? Something, is seriously wrong with this picture.

One can easily summarize what this story is really saying. It is apparent, our alliance with Saudi Arabia is more important than the 3,000 lives lost on 911. It is also clear that oil and its procurement supersedes the fact, "a Declaration of War was enacted upon the United States of America". Protecting Saudi Arabia has been the central task of two full Republican and Democrat Administrations.

            Through the entire length of two administrations, favoritism towards an absolute religious dictatorship and the oil they provide, became more important to the powers that be, than the innocent lives lost and the insult to our nation. I expect behavior like this from the Republicans. It’s probably another good example of how Corporate control of our government (Fascism) has manipulated the behavior of our leaders.

Corporate control of our government is the reason the truth about 911 has not been revealed.

            After all, Republicans have been proving their hatred towards America for a long time and their allegiance to big oil is more important than anything else in this world. What I didn’t expect was a continuation of Republican policies by someone I considered better than any Republican in modern times. 

Barack Obama, on this subject, has been very Republican.

As the 2016 election nears, many people, both Republican and Democrat, are wondering if there is any hope of salvaging a government “for the people”. The electorate doesn’t want a government favoring corporations or giving special treatment to a foreign government who may have helped declare war on the United States.

As far as Trump and Cruz go, they are incapable of salvaging our once great nation. There is little chance they will prevent our nation from being controlled by financial interests. No! Republicans, in their current state are not the answer. Bernie Sanders? Even if he were elected he would encounter more opposition than even Obama experienced. Besides, Bernie is much more of a corporate hack than even Hillary is. His position on guns is but one example.

Of all the candidates running for President, Hillary is our greatest hope. Of course, that’s what people said of Obama too and though he did a marvelous job, he let a lot of people down in some very important areas. Will Hillary do better? I think so but one never knows.

We are finally going to scrutinize secret parts of the 911 report that may implicate Saudi Arabia after all these years? It’s no wonder people are so skeptical of government these days. Let’s hope Hillary, Bernie, Ted or the Donald will do better.

Here’s where my skepticism comes in. I think the country has already been lost to the corporatists and little or no change will occur, regardless of who wins the oval office. People don’t matter! Profit does! Those are just the facts, madam! 
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