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Monday, May 30, 2016

Defeating Obamacare is a Republican victory? What?

U.S. judge hands win to Republicans in Obamacare challenge

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My comment:
I don't understand why people cheer for the defeat of Obamacare when there is no replacement. Why is this ruling a win for Republicans? Do Republicans have a better plan? I have not heard of anything. Have you?

Do Republicans enjoy Americans dying because they don't have medical care? Apparently they don't care about fellow Americans very much. A lot of those dead Americans are veterans who
have fallen on hard times. Not all Veterans can get to a VA. No health care? They just die.

Do Republicans like people with Health Insurance going bankrupt when little Johnny breaks an arm and they find out their insurance policy was worthless? Republicans can cheer for the day Insurance Companies take your money and sell worthless policies again. Sounds like another win for Republicans.

I guess when Republicans demand people take personal responsibility for everything they do, their demand doesn't include paying their medical bills. There are a lot of deadbeats who can afford health Insurance but don't bother to get it. When they have an emergency, they run down to the emergency room, get fixed up and make everyone else pay their bill. Letting people do this is a big win for

Another big win for Republicans is throwing young people off their parents Health Insurance. Republicans can root and cheer about taking insurance away from millions of young people and make them get free medical care we all get to pay for. Now that's a big win for Republicans, don't you think?

I would call this ruling a victory for Republicans, if they had a better plan and evil Obama was preventing a better plan from being implemented. If that were the case, I would be the first to say dump that horrible Obamacare plan. I would love Republicans if all their geniuses could come up with something better.

Seems as though there is a shortage of Republican geniuses. Until a single smart Republican shows his face and offers something better, I think I'll stick with something that is working. In the meantime, will someone explain to me how this ruling is a victory for Republicans? Cheering for dead Americans doesn't look like victory.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton, listen up! Your silence will defeat you!

Bernie Sanders is an enemy of Democrats!
Stop him now or regret it later!

          Yesterday I wrote a piece titled, “Sanders/Trump Debate? Make it Clear! Sanders does not speak for Democrats”.  (link)

          The article was based on the premise that Bernie Sanders has proven he is not a Democrat. He has betrayed the Party which allowed him to run as a Democrat, when in reality, he has never been a Democrat. Bernie Sanders has always been a Socialist/Communist.

          The DNC did not properly research Bernie Sander’s background and allowed a Communist/Socialist to infiltrate the Democratic Party. Here is but one article among hundreds on the web about Bernie Sanders and his Socialist/Communist history. Bernies communist history (link)

          Bernie Sanders and his Socialist/Communist history is not difficult to research. How the DNC
missed this important information and allowed Sanders to attach himself to the Democratic Party will always be a mystery. If Hillary Clinton loses the election in the Fall, Democratic pundits in the future will look back on this mistake by our current DNC leadership and point fingers.

          Democrats have only themselves to blame. The DNC is to blame. Hillary is to blame. There is a disconnect between the rank and file and Democratic leadership. Allowing Sanders to appoint people to the Platform Committee is a knife in the back to our Party.

          In my lifetime I watched Republicans destroy their party. I was a loyal Republican and I left them. Republicans allowed outside influences to alter the honorable nature of their party and today you can see the results. The Republican Party now represents total opposition to the intentions of our Founding Fathers. The Republican Party is now the primary enemy of our state.

          Now I am witnessing the destruction of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders is handing the election to Republicans. With Bernie's help, Trump will defeat Hillary. If this happens, the country deserves what it gets. Democrats deserve what they have earned.

         Bernie Sanders, the Socialist/Communist is now appointing people to the Democratic Platform Committee. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t get his way, he is threatening the shutdown of the Democratic Convention by his followers through the use of violence.
 It is entirely possible Sanders will launch an independent third party bid for the POTUS. His ego is that big. His hatred for Democrats is that pronounced. His followers will hand over the Presidency to Donald Trump and deny any responsibility for their actions. That’s what Democrats are dealing with.

        We were all pleased to find out Bernie Sanders will not debate Donald Trump. However, don’t rule out a concerted effort by Sanders to have the debate in the near future. Trump is pretty savvy regarding media matters. A child can recognize the opportunity to undermine Hillary Clinton and split the Democratic Party in two making it easier for him to win the election. Bernie Sanders was quite willing to torpedo our presumed nominee, Hillary Clinton, and betray our Party.

          Although the debate will not happen for now and Bernie’s attempt to damage the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton were foiled by Donald Trump, it is important to note Bernie Sander’s intent. In the war on terrorism, you can be convicted for just plotting a crime. Bernie plotted a crime against the Democrat Party. Bernie needs to be punished, not empowered.

         He is not through plotting how he can damage Democrats and Hillary. He can still damage Hillary by having his debate with Trump. He can disrupt the Democrats National Convention with his violent supporters. He could launch an independent campaign splitting Democrats vote for POTUS, giving the election to Trump.

          Hillary Clinton. Listen up! Eject Bernie Sanders from the Democratic Party. Deny him any
more appointments on the Platform Committee. Do not allow him to speak at the National Convention. If his followers get violent at the National Convention, arrest them and throw them in jail.

          You must recognize Bernie Sanders and his followers are a plague on the Party. Republicans hesitated to stop extremists from taking over their Party and we see the results today. A Socialist/Communist should not be allowed to define the Democratic Party today.

          Hillary Clinton, listen up! Allowing Bernie Sanders any affiliation with you, will guarantee your loss in the general election. This country will not vote for a political party granting favors to Socialist/Communists. Bernie Sanders is attempting to insure your defeat. Trump will exploit Bernie’s connection to Democrats and you.

         Bernie Sanders is your enemy and your first act as Commander in Chief is to stomp on Bernie’s neck and treat him for the enemy he is.

You cannot appease Bernie Sanders any more than Obama appeased Republicans. Be a strong President and eliminate both Trump and Sanders. They are equal threats to our nation. Show strength now, so we can believe you will be strong in the White house.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sanders/Trump Debate? Make it Clear! Sanders does not speak for Democrats

Sanders: Networks have reached out to host debate with Trump

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My comment:
          I hate to say anything good about Donald Trump but he is wanting to use the sponsorship money for charity. Yea, it's questionable if the money ever gets to charity after he skims his share off the top, but he is making the gesture.

          On the other hand, there is no such plan by Bernie the Socialist. Bernie has always been about himself. He has not raised any money for down ticket Democrats. He continues to raise money from gullible people who thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination. He's using campaign funds to enrich his family and squirreling away funds for when he runs as an independent in Vermont.

           We Democrats have recognized Bernie as an enemy of our Party from the beginning. It was a big mistake allowing this Socialist to attach himself to the Democrat Party. He used the Democratic Party to further his own ambitions and now that he is losing to Hillary, he's acting like a spoiled brat and giving Donald Trump lots of free advertising.

          A debate between Bernie and the Donald would turn into a contest to see which one could call the most names and tell the most lies about Hillary. Donald won't talk issues and Bernie will become a dupe for the Carnival Barker, Donald Trump.

          Hillary and the DNC needs to expel Bernie from our Party and get rid of the backstabber who used the Democratic Party for his own personal gain. Bernie has never been a Democrat, is not a Democrat now and will never be a Democrat. 

          If Bernie debates Donald, the entire Democratic Party needs to make it clear that Bernie does not speak for our Party. Bernie is an Independent Socialist. He is not a Democrat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We should not be shooting our own for the sake of a Socialist traitor.

DNC chair on thin ice

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My comment:
I have not always been in agreement with all the decisions the DNC has made but I am 100% against someone who is not a Democrat influencing who is Chairman of the DNC.
Bernie Sanders was allowed to run as a Democrat and enjoy the benefits of being a Democrat, largely because of Debbie. Stabbing Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the back because his is losing, shows a lack of character in my book.
Before he started participating in the debates and the primaries he was aware of the rules. Bernie has proven to be a backstabbing Socialist and should have no say whatsoever, in DNC business and certainly not who will be the Chairman of the DNC.
           Bernie's choice for her replacement has certainly shown he is not a Democrat either. Complaining about Debbie's bias and wanting to put someone in charge of the DNC biased towards him, demonstrates why Bernie Sanders needs to be denied any decisions regarding the Democrat Party.
           Hillary should step in on this debate and show her support for a loyal Democrat and dedicated worker for our party. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has always been a Democrat and Bernie Sanders has never been one. We should not be shooting our own for the sake of a Socialist traitor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Irrelevant Attempt by Sanders to Steal the Nomination

Sanders requests re-canvass in Kentucky nailbiter

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Just a note: I am a very militant Democrat. Therefore I will say things that need to be said but others will not speak. I do not speak for the Democratic Party or for Hillary. I do believe I say things many Democrats think, but will not say.
I'm not trying to be politically correct and I don't care what you think. With that in mind, here goes!

My comment:
Sanders will gain nothing from his effort to damage the Kentucky Democratic Party. He is simply harassing Democrats now. Sanders and his supporters are proving to be enemies of our Party.

I know Hillary is trying to appease the socialist threat to her campaign, for the sake of harmony, but she will have no more success than Obama had when he tried to get along with Republicans. 

Sanders and his supporters cannot be appeased. Give them an inch and they will want a mile. Bernie Sanders should be excluded from any platform input. Excluded from making any speeches at the convention. Exclude Sanders from any position whatsoever during the Convention. Bernie Sanders is the enemy of all Democrats and he will never be Hillary's friend. Treat him like the enemy he is.

At the Convention, if his supporters don't like being excluded and ignored, be prepared to arrest them and throw them in jail if they disrupt the convention or threaten anyone. If they are not willing to be Democrats, exclude them and throw them out. Hillary should publicly make this announcement.

          Don't worry about who Sanders supporters vote for. They have no choice but to vote for Hillary. BurnBots have a far better chance of getting what they want with Hillary than if Trump wins POTUS. Hillary does not need Sanders approval. She can win the coming election without Sanders and his fake Democrats.

A show of strength will gain more Republican votes than if she shows weakness regarding the Socialist threat confronting her. Appeasing the Socialist Bernie Sanders will only lend credence to the accusation Democrats are really Socialists. 

          Republicans will respect Hillary if she totally rejects Bernie and his supporters. Republicans will laugh at her if she sucks up to Bernie.

Many Sanders supporters were going to vote Republican anyway. They will always hate Hillary. No matter what Hillary does, they will always hate her. 

          They have been an infestation within the Party ever since Bernie faked out the gullible DNC into thinking he was a Party man. Bernie has never been a Democrat. He is not now a Democrat. He is Hillary's enemy.

President Obama tried to be a nice guy with Republicans but never fully realized how much the Republican Party had become his personal enemy. President Obama should have used the Bully Pulpit to shame Republicans by name, every single day he has been in office.

          President Obama should have treated Republicans as mortal enemies to our Union. That's what Republicans are. Hillary must do the same when she becomes President. She can start now with Bernie.

Hillary needs to be stronger than Obama and recognize Bernie Sanders and his followers hate her guts. She cannot afford to be nice to Sanders and his followers any more than she can be nice to Republicans. 

           In order to obtain her agenda, Hillary must convince the country the Republican Party is our nation's greatest threat. Only then will she be able to accomplish anything. If she treats her domestic enemies in the same manner Obama did, her enemies will prevent her from having a successful term of office. 

          Handling Republicans and Sanders with kid gloves will severely diminish our nation's first female President and make it all seem like a waste of time.

She must recognize the threat Sanders and his followers present within our own ranks. Sanders will never shut up. His followers will not be respectable. She must realize Sanders is her enemy and he will intentionally try to harm her in the general election against the liar, Donald Trump.

Monday, May 23, 2016

No more Bernie Sanders! Screw his followers!

Bernie Sanders digs in
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This is a comment I made in response to yet another Bernie supporter calling Hillary names and claiming the DNC favored Hillary.

My comment:
              I guess you didn't know the rules before Sanders latched on to the Democratic Party. Now that your guy is losing, you can't change the rules so Sanders can steal the nomination. Your guy lost. Go home, cry, but leave Democrats alone. Most Democrats didn't like your guy in the first place and that has been proven at the poles.

              Democrats made a big mistake letting a socialist/communist pretend to be a Democrat. Sanders is a backstabbing socialist who took advantage of the Democratic Parties’ good nature. Never again! 

               I am saying screw Sanders and his dreams of socialism. I don't care if the Hillary haters in the Sanders camp support her or not. Democrats don't need Sanders or his supporters. We are better off without them. Sanders and his followers have done a lot of damage to the Party and to our chosen nominee.

              Democrats already have a problem with the false allegation we are socialists wanting to take from the rich and give their hard work to those who don’t work. Sanders only reinforced that notion by coming in and promising a kitchen sink he could never pay for. 

              His entire campaign has been about taking from the rich and giving free stuff to those that don't work. Already damaged by the false notion Democrats are Socialists, Sanders only further damaged the party by reinforcing Republican lies.

              We can win without Sanders and his nutty supporters. Most of the crazies in our country have joined the Republican party. The Democratic Party is the last bastion of common sense and normalcy in this country. We don't need to pollute our brand with Hillary haters and socialists.

                Sanders and his disgruntled libertarian and frustrated Republicans can go take a hike. Let them join the Republican party next time and see how well they do. No more Bernie Sanders! Screw his followers! 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

With guns, there are more crazy people than normal people

Citing Family, Hillary Clinton Affirms Gun-Control Stance

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My comment:
Background checks mean nothing when you can buy guns on Craigslist, your local newspaper and at gun shows. If you can't buy a gun legally, that's where you go. People with felonies and people deemed crazy get all the guns they want with no background check. Here in Arizona, felons and crazy people stand in line with Mexican Cartels and buy all the guns they want at gun shows.

There are a lot of convicted felons and crazy people on our streets today and if they want an assault rifle, or a dozen assault rifles, no problem. Fully automatic weapons? No problem because they can buy them already converted or buy instruction manuals teaching them how to convert a piece to full automatic. It’s really easy.

My next door neighbor just bought an M-48 grenade launcher complete with a bandolier of explosive rounds at a gun show here in town. He’s really stupid. He had to show off his recent acquisition to all the neighbors. Everybody in our neighborhood is on edge and we are just waiting for when this guy goes off the deep end.

This weirdo is mad about everything. You cannot talk to him about anything without him getting mad. Of course he’s packing a gun and you are not. Very uncomfortable!

He got real mad when I asked him if he needed that grenade launcher on his hunting trips. I already know he is a convicted felon because he just got out of jail for shooting his wife twenty years ago.  He’s building a huge arsenal of weapons in his apartment for the day when he has to overthrow our government. Nothing keeps this guy from buying weapons. Nothing!

The apartment manager, a convicted felon, fully supports this crazy guy and about a dozen others just like him. Our apartment complex has turned into an armed camp of paranoid criminals, fortified to the teeth and threatening anyone who questions them. Absolutely no restrictions, here in Arizona.

He and his buddies are totally bat crazy, yet the gun show loophole allows these crazy felons, wife beaters, child molesters and diagnosed crazy people with PTSD benefits, to get any weapon they want. If you tell the police department of your concerns, they ignore the problem. Of course, the police department is composed of crazy gun nuts. They won’t do anything against their brethren.

This is the problem Hillary is talking about. Wanting to do background checks and close the loopholes allowing crazy felons to acquire guns is not “Gun Control”. It’s common sense. I am a gun owner and have no fear some Jack Booted ATF officer will kick my door down to confiscate my weapon. Hillary is not talking about eliminating the 2nd Amendment as the liar Donald Trump is recently saying. Do people believe what he is saying? Have they lost their minds? Just amazing.

On one side of this issue are people who have committed no crimes, are not crazy and do not fear their own shadow. They want background checks and the loopholes closed, for their own safety. On the other side are people doing everything they can to arm marginal people even if they become their neighbors. of course, those who are not supposed to have guns will fight like crazy to keep them.

These otherwise sane and normal people, in allegiance with crazy people, have become gun freaks.  It doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they want to make a small effort to keep guns out of the reach of criminals and crazy people? 

If you are normal, have a normal wife and kids, have never committed any crimes, why do you want to live next door to a certified crazy felon armed with weapons he acquired illegally? The answer is, “normal people don’t want their crazy neighbors anywhere near a gun”. On the other side, crazy people are saying, “yea, let these creepy, scary people have all the guns they want”.

Now the 2016 election is upon us. Just another example of crazy people, verses sane people. It’s possible there are more crazy people in this country than sane people. That’s a statement all by itself. Good grief! What is going on?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Republicans are really horrible people and they just proved it

Amid shouts of 'shame,' House GOP defeats gay rights measure

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My comment:
Not very surprising behavior coming from Republicans. You can always count on good old fashioned discrimination coming out of the Republican party.

Let me think now. Discrimination against gay taxpayers. Discrimination against transgender citizens. Discrimination against women tax payers in multiple ways. Discrimination against blacks and Latinos. Discrimination with voter ID laws against American taxpayers. The list goes on and on.

Seems Republicans are in the discrimination business.

             In all the discriminatory practices mentioned above, Democrats don't participate. Democrats try to prevent discrimination, Republicans discriminate. Show me a Democrat actively voting to discriminate against anyone.

I know Republicans like to brag how wonderful they are. They like to tell everyone how patriotic they are and how they love the Constitution so much. They claim they are better Americans than Democrats.

But all that boasting is just crap. Republicans are really horrible people and they just proved it once again with today's vote. Without a doubt, Trump will agree with Republican discrimination. Creepy Republicans and a creepy Donald Trump. A perfect match for each other. Just disgusting!

Fascism has risen again: Socialism will save the day - Just not now! In the future.

China is not Communist. They are Fascist with the help of American Corporations. China is the economic model Corporations are trying to inflict on America.

The natural outcome of Capitalism is Fascism. The goal of Capitalism, is not to just compete, but to put the competition out of business. This result is monopoly.

Monopoly once obtained is not easily given up. Monopoly begins to manipulate government in order to protect its territory and to restrict competition. Big business, having eliminated competition, bribes government to insure continued monopoly under law.

Thus, big business (monopoly) bribes support for monopoly from government. In the process, manipulation of a government becomes commonplace. The government cooperates more and more with monopolies, in order to increase profits. This cooperation comes at the expense of fewer worker protections, elimination of unions and a fair wage is not paid in order to increase profit..

American monopolies, having successfully manipulated the Chinese government, are now in the process of manipulating United States politicians and turning US workers into the equivalent of Chinese workers. Maximizing profits is to the detriment of the people. The process of influencing government decisions for the sake of maximizing profits, is called Fascism.

The only known cure for Fascism is Socialism. Socialism is the natural enemy of Fascism. The problem is, once Fascism is established, uprooting the vile economic system of Fascism requires much more than an election. Very often, it takes a violent overthrow of the politicians who have allowed Fascism to grow.

Elections very seldom accomplish this. Very radical events are the only thing able to uproot Fascism, once in place. One can only hope a version of Democratic Socialism will be put in place. However, history has shown a dictatorship of the proletariat replaces Fascism. The people get that angry. Skilled politicians exploit that anger. Dictatorship ensues.

It also requires another Sherman Anti-Trust Bill which forcefully eliminates monopolies. Not an easy task to accomplish if corporations are in charge of the laws enacted. Such a bill is Socialist in nature. Breaking up large corporations will require a monumental effort and will require throwing many corporate executives in jail. Executions could result if history repeats itself.

All this will not happen for several more years. The people must suffer more under Fascism. Ultimately, in time, Fascism will be violently thrown out, if history proves correct. The aftermath of such a revolution should concern all of us. It will not be pretty. China will be the first to throw their Fascist government out. The United States will follow soon after.

In about twenty or so years, an alliance of China and the United States will form under a Socialist model. China already has the experience for such a revolution. China will teach the United States how to do it.

Infantry Never Brags: Fear Silences You forever

‘We Were Soldiers’ legend’s record
under review for unearned awards, report says

Inspirational story located at:

My self-serving comment:
I served in the Nam'. Got a couple medals. The only one I “earned” (maybe) was a Purple heart. No one gets a Purple Heart on purpose. As for the others, I never understood why I got them. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Like a cockroach, escaping from someone’s foot, my survival instinct allows me to write this comment today. By pure luck, I darted and dashed in the right direction. They gave me medals for that. It never made any sense.

When a guy died, we made up stories of his deeds and awarded medals he didn't earn in a futile effort to make his parents feel better. I’ll never forget a kid who was sleeping when one of our mortar rounds fired from the center of our perimeter, “hang fired”.

The round came up short, exploded in the treetops above our position and a single piece of shrapnel pierced his back and punctured his heart. Later that night, I sat with my squad in a circle and we all held hands. It wasn't a prayer. We all discovered prayers meant nothing in that place. 

The sadness was so deep among us. I know tears rolled down my cheek in the night. No one could see, so I just trembled and cried. I think we were feeling sorry for ourselves because of the random way in which the kid died. There was no defense from something like that. None of it made any sense.

The others were like me. No one said a word, sitting in the pitch dark, each of us alone with his thoughts.  We were alone in our grief and we were silent. I don’t remember anyone talking about the event later on. I write about this experience for the first time in my life. It just now came back into my memory.

I recommended the Silver Star for the kid. I made up a story about how he sacrificed for all of us. None of it was true. He was killed by our own people, in his sleep, for nothing. Many of us in the Infantry, developed the thousand meter stare after just a short time in country. The futility, depression and horror made you feel small and vulnerable. 

Somewhere in America the kids picture is hanging on a wall along with the Silver Star. I hope it helped his survivors. None of that helped the dead kid. I'll bet whenever a loved one sees his picture on the wall, they ask, "what was that about"? I hope Lyndon Johnson is burning in Hell.

I hope when G.W. Bush dies, he burns in hell. If you were with my squad, in the night, holding hands and crying, you would know what I'm talking about. However, over the years, I have found nobody understands and nobody cares. That's why I spend nights alone in the dark, with just my thoughts. Always alone. Nobody knows. Nobody cares. No one listens, forty seven years later.

I hate when a memory like that comes back after being hidden for so long. I will think about that moment a dozen times a day until the memory just fades away again, hopefully to never come back. My long walks are very lonely these days.

I have always found that people who brag about their medals, are just making up stories. Braggarts never do all the things they claim. Most of the time, when someone does something to earn a medal for valor, they become very quiet about their deeds. The thing that never leaves you is the fear.

All the rest of your life, you remember how afraid you were. All your remaining days, you know what a coward you really are. Knowing this, you don't ever want to speak of such things again. Anyone, experiencing that kind of fear, is so humbled by the knowledge, they just go silent. Have you noticed? Those few people who have experienced full infantry combat, speak little of their ordeal.

I ignore false bravado because I know how afraid those who died felt, when they took their final breath. My fears were small and insignificant compared to those who lost everything. They will always be silent about their deeds. Silence is how I honor them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Donald Trump Thanks the DNC for Enabling Bernie Sanders!

After the 2016 Election Cycle, fire the DNC and start over!

There has been much talk about how Republicans enabled Donald Trump to become their nominee for the 2016 election cycle. There has not been enough discussion about how the DNC made an epic error when they allowed a Socialist to attach himself to the Democrat Party and participate in debates with a national audience.

In the last ten years, the Republican Party was nearly silent when members of their Party expressed racist and misogynist opinions. Somebody like the racist Ted Nugent met little or no resistance from the Republican Party and in fact embraced Ted Nugent, highlighting him and his views in many Republican venues.

Continuous attacks on women’s rights by Republicans has given Republicans the distinction of waging war on women. The terms racism, misogyny and intolerance have been earned by the Republican Party and they own it proudly. Is it any wonder, a carnival barker like Trump would swoop in and take advantage of the hatred so carefully developed by the RNC. Yes! The RNC is responsible for Donald Trump and they did a good job.

It is also correct to say the DNC enabled and provided the opportunity for someone like Bernie Sanders to hijack a portion of the Democrat Party. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. The DNC made a colossal error when they embraced the Socialist Bernie Sanders.

There is a simple truth many Democrats will not accept. Going back to Ronald Reagan, Republicans have successfully branded Democrats as Socialist, tax and spend, communists, wanting to redistribute wealth. Democrats want to give free money away to welfare freeloaders at the expense of those who work and for the benefit of those who don’t work. Bernie Sanders reinforces those ideas.

Like it or not, this false description of Democrats is the absolute law in “Republican World”. Being a Socialist or a Communist is the single worst sin in modern day America. Labeling a Democrat, a Socialist, has worked in countless elections all around our country. This label is at least partially responsible for why so many State Legislative bodies and Governorships are under the control of Republicans.

That is why the DNC made such a big error, when they allowed Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat. Let’s be honest here. I am not the brightest bulb at the carnival. However, I know the simple truth that being labeled a Socialist is a death marker in American politics. It is hard for me to accept how all those geniuses at the DNC missed this very simple truth.

Democrats have been fighting the “Socialist” label for many decades and they have been losing that battle. Again, I am very sorry, DNC big shots! Democrats are labeled Socialists today and it will take a generation to shake that perception. Attaching a Socialist to the Democratic nomination process was a colossal error and may have cost Democrats the entire coming election. The DNC unwittingly reinforced the Socialist label Democrats suffer from.

Because of Bernie Sanders, the Democratic electorate has already been split. It no longer matters if Hillary edges Bernie in a close nominating convention. It doesn’t matter if Hillary is the nominee. Because of the DNC and Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare come true. The Democratic vote has been split and it benefits Republicans.

Because of the DNC and the Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party is deemed even more Socialist than before. That is how you lose an election in America. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, just look at State and Local politics for an example.

No matter the outcome of the 2016 election, Democrats need to evaluate decisions made by the DNC allowing a poison pill to attach itself to the party. I would fire all the top managers at the DNC and replace them with people who understand the politics of America.

Under current DNC leadership, are we to believe in the 2020 election cycle, they will allow the “Communist Party” to attach itself to the Democratic Party and participate in debates? Let’s allow a “Gay Party” to stand on the stage with Hillary in her re-election effort in 2020. Throw in Bernie Sanders and allow him to take more shots at Hillary. Can the DNC be more destructive? Yes they can!

The DNC can commit suicide in the next election cycle or we can get rid of the current leadership and put someone in there with a little common sense. The DNC may have lost the 2016 election for us because of their stupid decision to allow the Socialist Bernie Sanders to attach himself to the Democratic Party and reinforce false perceptions of Democrats.

Republicans will be all to glad to accommodate the DNC’s error. Donald Trump would probably thank the DNC for their stupidity if he wins the election.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Some think it's time to abolish the two party system - Wrong!

It’s Time to Abolish the Political Convention?

 Inspirational story located at: Someone commented we need to get rid of the two party system. I disagree with them..

My comment:
America's form of government requires majority rule. The Supreme Court makes rulings based on majority rule. You can't have a coalition Supreme Court making law when four justices make a determination and the other five are split between two other factions. 

Under the current Supreme Court, because of political bickering, the Supreme Court is nearly rendered moot. The inability to make rulings based on majority rule has effectively destroyed a third of our government. The Republican party seems quite satisfied with this result because when all's said and done, Republicans don't like our government and damaging a part of our government is just fine by them.

You don't want the US Senate making law with the majority made up of only a third of the Senate while several other factions are split and can't come to a consensus. We all know the constant bickering that goes on when someone like Bill Clinton wins the election but doesn't have the majority of voters because Ross Perot split the vote. That is never good.

If Ted Cruz launched a third party effort for the Presidency, it would be a gift to Hillary. Same applies if Bernie went rogue. The point is, if you want multiple parties to vie for dominance, then eliminate our form of government and establish a Parliamentary government. Rely on coalitions’ to get anything done. Your solution may not work so well in America.

The only way a third party can emerge as a power in the United States, is if one of the two powers
already in existence, fades out and the new party becomes the dominant force in a two party system. The American system of government depends entirely on majority rule. Take away majority rule and you have destroyed the American Political System. I for one, don’t want that to happen.

Abandoning majority rule only because you didn’t get your way with one of the two main parties is not only damaging to American Democracy but demonstrates a loathing of our system. If you can’t influence the Republican or Democrat parties to embrace your ideology, it is because your ideas are not any good and nobody wants to do what you want. Work within the system and stop being a spoiled cry baby when you don’t get your way.

Destroying American Democracy to satisfy your hair brained ideas will never work out in a society accustomed to majority rule.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Republicans never vote FOR anyone; Republicans just vote AGAINST Democrats.

Gingrich to GOP: You're either for Trump or you're for Clinton

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My comment:
Gingrich just described the Republican strategy for the 2016 election.

JUST VOTE AGAINST CLINTON. Our candidate is an unqualified nitwit, but vote against Clinton. Our candidate threatens civil liberties but vote against Clinton. Our candidate is a male Chauvinist pig but vote against Clinton. Our candidate is a racist but vote against Clinton.

Our candidate threatens our allies and enemies with equal stupidity but vote against Clinton. Our candidate makes promises he can never keep but vote against Clinton. Most of our party hates Trump but vote against Clinton.

In the last election our candidate was not a Christian and even though we believe if you’re not a Christian, you are going to Hell, we voted against a black Democrat. Trump is not a Christian either, but vote against Clinton. Our candidate and our party, will accuse Clinton of being a liar and felon when there is no proof or indictments to back up our wild claims. Just vote against Clinton.

Trump is a good distraction: He takes the focus off what Republicans are about.

Our Candidate will lie, call names and make false allegations and we will too. There won't be time to tell anyone what our candidate stands for and that's a good thing. Because if the people of this country knew what our candidate stands for, what he really wants to do, what we really want to do, we will lose the 2016 race for POTUS and maybe the House and Senate as well.

On top of that, as bad as our candidate is, the Republican party is worse. We would have found someone more radical than Donald but it just didn't work out this time. We'll try again next time. No matter who our candidate is though, we will just vote against Clinton. Republicans never vote FOR anyone; Republicans just vote AGAINST Democrats.