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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Irrelevant Attempt by Sanders to Steal the Nomination

Sanders requests re-canvass in Kentucky nailbiter

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Just a note: I am a very militant Democrat. Therefore I will say things that need to be said but others will not speak. I do not speak for the Democratic Party or for Hillary. I do believe I say things many Democrats think, but will not say.
I'm not trying to be politically correct and I don't care what you think. With that in mind, here goes!

My comment:
Sanders will gain nothing from his effort to damage the Kentucky Democratic Party. He is simply harassing Democrats now. Sanders and his supporters are proving to be enemies of our Party.

I know Hillary is trying to appease the socialist threat to her campaign, for the sake of harmony, but she will have no more success than Obama had when he tried to get along with Republicans. 

Sanders and his supporters cannot be appeased. Give them an inch and they will want a mile. Bernie Sanders should be excluded from any platform input. Excluded from making any speeches at the convention. Exclude Sanders from any position whatsoever during the Convention. Bernie Sanders is the enemy of all Democrats and he will never be Hillary's friend. Treat him like the enemy he is.

At the Convention, if his supporters don't like being excluded and ignored, be prepared to arrest them and throw them in jail if they disrupt the convention or threaten anyone. If they are not willing to be Democrats, exclude them and throw them out. Hillary should publicly make this announcement.

          Don't worry about who Sanders supporters vote for. They have no choice but to vote for Hillary. BurnBots have a far better chance of getting what they want with Hillary than if Trump wins POTUS. Hillary does not need Sanders approval. She can win the coming election without Sanders and his fake Democrats.

A show of strength will gain more Republican votes than if she shows weakness regarding the Socialist threat confronting her. Appeasing the Socialist Bernie Sanders will only lend credence to the accusation Democrats are really Socialists. 

          Republicans will respect Hillary if she totally rejects Bernie and his supporters. Republicans will laugh at her if she sucks up to Bernie.

Many Sanders supporters were going to vote Republican anyway. They will always hate Hillary. No matter what Hillary does, they will always hate her. 

          They have been an infestation within the Party ever since Bernie faked out the gullible DNC into thinking he was a Party man. Bernie has never been a Democrat. He is not now a Democrat. He is Hillary's enemy.

President Obama tried to be a nice guy with Republicans but never fully realized how much the Republican Party had become his personal enemy. President Obama should have used the Bully Pulpit to shame Republicans by name, every single day he has been in office.

          President Obama should have treated Republicans as mortal enemies to our Union. That's what Republicans are. Hillary must do the same when she becomes President. She can start now with Bernie.

Hillary needs to be stronger than Obama and recognize Bernie Sanders and his followers hate her guts. She cannot afford to be nice to Sanders and his followers any more than she can be nice to Republicans. 

           In order to obtain her agenda, Hillary must convince the country the Republican Party is our nation's greatest threat. Only then will she be able to accomplish anything. If she treats her domestic enemies in the same manner Obama did, her enemies will prevent her from having a successful term of office. 

          Handling Republicans and Sanders with kid gloves will severely diminish our nation's first female President and make it all seem like a waste of time.

She must recognize the threat Sanders and his followers present within our own ranks. Sanders will never shut up. His followers will not be respectable. She must realize Sanders is her enemy and he will intentionally try to harm her in the general election against the liar, Donald Trump.
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