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Friday, May 13, 2016

Starting another arms race with Russia is really dumb!

You guys are a lot worse than me!
Russia will act to neutralize U.S. missile shield threat - Putin

Inspirational story comes from:

My comment:
I wish all you tough guys would knock it off. Starting another arms buildup doesn't help anyone. While we spend ten times more money on defense than Russia, they can still incinerate every man, woman and child in America. Man alive. Knock it off!
Using Iran as an excuse for employing missiles capable of intercepting Russia's missiles, on their border, is bogus at best. Of course Russia feels threatened. What we did in Iraq has shown Russia what we are like. You know! War for no reason. Bush's folly will affect people's perceptions of the United States for many more decades.
America's credibility has been further eroded because we bragged about our error and never apologized for all those innocent people we killed. Any moral high ground we held in the past has been destroyed by Bush and his Republican buddies. Kidnapping, rendering, torture, murder and half a million innocent people shot and blown to bits all because of a lie. When America talks all high and mighty, people just snicker.
When we complain about Crimea, Putin looks at us and says, "shut up you murdering braggarts, you guys are ten times worse than me". We are not moral people anymore in the eyes of the world. Thank you Mr. Bush. Heck of a job!
You would feel threatened if Russia deployed a similar system in Canada, Mexico or Cuba. You tough guys are far too much like Putin. You would be threatening everyone if Russia did that. Jeeze! Can you imagine Donald Trump in that situation? Scary thought, don’t you think?
Iran listens to big talking Republicans in the United States and notices people with a big military, threatening them. They also notice village idiots have a chance of getting absolute power in the US. They look at Afghanistan and Iraq and say, "Holy crap! We need to defend ourselves". Pretty much the same thing Russia says. North Korea too. Throw in China for good measure. Trump’s threats are making people jittery. The United States has a recent history of doing stupid things.
With the prospect of Donald Trump and our recent history of killing half a million people for nothing, it would make anyone nervous. It makes me nervous and I live here.
There is a solid prospect, warmongering Republican tough guys will take over our nation and some philandering failed businessman, who inherited a lot money, will have his finger on the nuclear button. Wow! What a prospect.
When it comes to nuclear weapons and American Republicans, I'm just as nervous as Russia. At least Russia can defend themselves. Can you imagine what Iran feels like watching our election process? I bet their hardliners are saying, “hurry up and build the bomb before American Republicans attack us.” It kept North Korea safe. It can do the same for us.

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