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Sunday, May 8, 2016

I would like to do unto you as you have done unto Hillary.

Republicans convict without proof

Decision time for FBI on Clinton

Inspirational story located at:

A Republican commentator, attached to the above story, was convicting Hillary Clinton based on his hatred for the woman and not on any facts. 

This was my comment:
Has it occurred to you, she may not be guilty of anything? It wouldn't matter to a Republican anyway, would it? Your legal opinions, not based on fact, are driven by hate. I hope you never get on jury and judge a black man. That's what happens a lot of times you know. People with your attitude making judgements based on your preconceived notions. There are a lot of blacks and Latinos in jail simply because crackers pre-judge them and ignore the facts.

There are too many people like you in the Republican Party. That's why I switched and became a Democrat. Sometimes I wish I could sit on a jury, judge you and base my decision solely on the fact you are a white Republican. It doesn't matter if you did anything wrong. You are a white Republican and you are guilty. I would like to do unto you as you have done unto Hillary.

You see Mr. Republican; I hate your guts. No matter what, you are guilty. I want to take all your
You are guilty. Trial not needed!
money and your freedom. I don't care about the facts and I will ignore anything you say. Even if you get off the hook and you are deemed innocent, I will continue to condemn you all the rest of your life. The same way you have done with Hillary.

If you have children, I will condemn them as well. I will prevent you from ever getting a job again. Even though I have been telling lies about you this whole time, I will continue to lie about you because you are a low life Republican and I will hate you until the end of times.

That is what you are doing with Hillary. Lucky for you I left the Republican Party because I’m nothing like you. I’m a Democrat now and you are safe from my false accusations. I can serve on a jury and judge you because I’m not like you. Do you know why? Because I’m still an American and I am a Democrat.
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