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Monday, May 30, 2016

Defeating Obamacare is a Republican victory? What?

U.S. judge hands win to Republicans in Obamacare challenge

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My comment:
I don't understand why people cheer for the defeat of Obamacare when there is no replacement. Why is this ruling a win for Republicans? Do Republicans have a better plan? I have not heard of anything. Have you?

Do Republicans enjoy Americans dying because they don't have medical care? Apparently they don't care about fellow Americans very much. A lot of those dead Americans are veterans who
have fallen on hard times. Not all Veterans can get to a VA. No health care? They just die.

Do Republicans like people with Health Insurance going bankrupt when little Johnny breaks an arm and they find out their insurance policy was worthless? Republicans can cheer for the day Insurance Companies take your money and sell worthless policies again. Sounds like another win for Republicans.

I guess when Republicans demand people take personal responsibility for everything they do, their demand doesn't include paying their medical bills. There are a lot of deadbeats who can afford health Insurance but don't bother to get it. When they have an emergency, they run down to the emergency room, get fixed up and make everyone else pay their bill. Letting people do this is a big win for

Another big win for Republicans is throwing young people off their parents Health Insurance. Republicans can root and cheer about taking insurance away from millions of young people and make them get free medical care we all get to pay for. Now that's a big win for Republicans, don't you think?

I would call this ruling a victory for Republicans, if they had a better plan and evil Obama was preventing a better plan from being implemented. If that were the case, I would be the first to say dump that horrible Obamacare plan. I would love Republicans if all their geniuses could come up with something better.

Seems as though there is a shortage of Republican geniuses. Until a single smart Republican shows his face and offers something better, I think I'll stick with something that is working. In the meantime, will someone explain to me how this ruling is a victory for Republicans? Cheering for dead Americans doesn't look like victory.
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