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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton, listen up! Your silence will defeat you!

Bernie Sanders is an enemy of Democrats!
Stop him now or regret it later!

          Yesterday I wrote a piece titled, “Sanders/Trump Debate? Make it Clear! Sanders does not speak for Democrats”.  (link)

          The article was based on the premise that Bernie Sanders has proven he is not a Democrat. He has betrayed the Party which allowed him to run as a Democrat, when in reality, he has never been a Democrat. Bernie Sanders has always been a Socialist/Communist.

          The DNC did not properly research Bernie Sander’s background and allowed a Communist/Socialist to infiltrate the Democratic Party. Here is but one article among hundreds on the web about Bernie Sanders and his Socialist/Communist history. Bernies communist history (link)

          Bernie Sanders and his Socialist/Communist history is not difficult to research. How the DNC
missed this important information and allowed Sanders to attach himself to the Democratic Party will always be a mystery. If Hillary Clinton loses the election in the Fall, Democratic pundits in the future will look back on this mistake by our current DNC leadership and point fingers.

          Democrats have only themselves to blame. The DNC is to blame. Hillary is to blame. There is a disconnect between the rank and file and Democratic leadership. Allowing Sanders to appoint people to the Platform Committee is a knife in the back to our Party.

          In my lifetime I watched Republicans destroy their party. I was a loyal Republican and I left them. Republicans allowed outside influences to alter the honorable nature of their party and today you can see the results. The Republican Party now represents total opposition to the intentions of our Founding Fathers. The Republican Party is now the primary enemy of our state.

          Now I am witnessing the destruction of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders is handing the election to Republicans. With Bernie's help, Trump will defeat Hillary. If this happens, the country deserves what it gets. Democrats deserve what they have earned.

         Bernie Sanders, the Socialist/Communist is now appointing people to the Democratic Platform Committee. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t get his way, he is threatening the shutdown of the Democratic Convention by his followers through the use of violence.
 It is entirely possible Sanders will launch an independent third party bid for the POTUS. His ego is that big. His hatred for Democrats is that pronounced. His followers will hand over the Presidency to Donald Trump and deny any responsibility for their actions. That’s what Democrats are dealing with.

        We were all pleased to find out Bernie Sanders will not debate Donald Trump. However, don’t rule out a concerted effort by Sanders to have the debate in the near future. Trump is pretty savvy regarding media matters. A child can recognize the opportunity to undermine Hillary Clinton and split the Democratic Party in two making it easier for him to win the election. Bernie Sanders was quite willing to torpedo our presumed nominee, Hillary Clinton, and betray our Party.

          Although the debate will not happen for now and Bernie’s attempt to damage the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton were foiled by Donald Trump, it is important to note Bernie Sander’s intent. In the war on terrorism, you can be convicted for just plotting a crime. Bernie plotted a crime against the Democrat Party. Bernie needs to be punished, not empowered.

         He is not through plotting how he can damage Democrats and Hillary. He can still damage Hillary by having his debate with Trump. He can disrupt the Democrats National Convention with his violent supporters. He could launch an independent campaign splitting Democrats vote for POTUS, giving the election to Trump.

          Hillary Clinton. Listen up! Eject Bernie Sanders from the Democratic Party. Deny him any
more appointments on the Platform Committee. Do not allow him to speak at the National Convention. If his followers get violent at the National Convention, arrest them and throw them in jail.

          You must recognize Bernie Sanders and his followers are a plague on the Party. Republicans hesitated to stop extremists from taking over their Party and we see the results today. A Socialist/Communist should not be allowed to define the Democratic Party today.

          Hillary Clinton, listen up! Allowing Bernie Sanders any affiliation with you, will guarantee your loss in the general election. This country will not vote for a political party granting favors to Socialist/Communists. Bernie Sanders is attempting to insure your defeat. Trump will exploit Bernie’s connection to Democrats and you.

         Bernie Sanders is your enemy and your first act as Commander in Chief is to stomp on Bernie’s neck and treat him for the enemy he is.

You cannot appease Bernie Sanders any more than Obama appeased Republicans. Be a strong President and eliminate both Trump and Sanders. They are equal threats to our nation. Show strength now, so we can believe you will be strong in the White house.
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