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Saturday, May 7, 2016

BurnBots Are Self-Destructive "Bubble Blowers"

The 'Never Clinton' Campaign

Inspirational Story located at:

My Comment:
          I think all this talk of never voting for Hillary is a bunch of crap. One day, the kids in the photo, attached to this story, will grow up and realize the importance of a bigger picture. Their little world, filled with promises made by a tiny man who has never contributed anything, is nothing more than pipe dreams. Youthful "dream world" at best.

          Compared to the harm their world will experience if the Dictator Trump gains office and the Congress is controlled by Republicans, Hillary's weaknesses are small in comparison. Have the BurnBots looked at the Republican world of limited Civil Liberties, lack of health care, voter suppression, fewer educational opportunities, more wars (they get to die in those) and plenty of laws they will have to live by, passed by religious zealots? Instead of Hillary, do they want all that?
          Hillary is much more in agreement with BurnBots than they are with her. A very strange predicament, to say the least. Ungrateful little snots. I hope all their enthusiasm for "La La Land" doesn't land them instead into "Hell On Earth" with the likes of Trump and a Republican Party who has demonstrated they don't like young people or the things they believe in.

          BurnBots have a big choice. Vote for Hillary and get a lot of the things they want or vote for a game show host who will take everything from them. Seems like a simple choice. Even a bunch of "Bubble Blowers" should understand that.

          Maybe not though! These BurnBots seem like first cousins to the toothless deviants populating the Republican Party. They may put someone in office who will do a great deal of harm to them. It’s kind of like someone getting Medicaid help from their state and working overtime to eliminate Obama Care so their Medicaid help disappears. Not too bright. It seems to me a lot of those BurnBots have similar self-destructive tendencies. 
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