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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Republicans are really horrible people and they just proved it

Amid shouts of 'shame,' House GOP defeats gay rights measure

Inspirational story located at:
My comment:
Not very surprising behavior coming from Republicans. You can always count on good old fashioned discrimination coming out of the Republican party.

Let me think now. Discrimination against gay taxpayers. Discrimination against transgender citizens. Discrimination against women tax payers in multiple ways. Discrimination against blacks and Latinos. Discrimination with voter ID laws against American taxpayers. The list goes on and on.

Seems Republicans are in the discrimination business.

             In all the discriminatory practices mentioned above, Democrats don't participate. Democrats try to prevent discrimination, Republicans discriminate. Show me a Democrat actively voting to discriminate against anyone.

I know Republicans like to brag how wonderful they are. They like to tell everyone how patriotic they are and how they love the Constitution so much. They claim they are better Americans than Democrats.

But all that boasting is just crap. Republicans are really horrible people and they just proved it once again with today's vote. Without a doubt, Trump will agree with Republican discrimination. Creepy Republicans and a creepy Donald Trump. A perfect match for each other. Just disgusting!
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