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Sunday, May 22, 2016

With guns, there are more crazy people than normal people

Citing Family, Hillary Clinton Affirms Gun-Control Stance

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My comment:
Background checks mean nothing when you can buy guns on Craigslist, your local newspaper and at gun shows. If you can't buy a gun legally, that's where you go. People with felonies and people deemed crazy get all the guns they want with no background check. Here in Arizona, felons and crazy people stand in line with Mexican Cartels and buy all the guns they want at gun shows.

There are a lot of convicted felons and crazy people on our streets today and if they want an assault rifle, or a dozen assault rifles, no problem. Fully automatic weapons? No problem because they can buy them already converted or buy instruction manuals teaching them how to convert a piece to full automatic. It’s really easy.

My next door neighbor just bought an M-48 grenade launcher complete with a bandolier of explosive rounds at a gun show here in town. He’s really stupid. He had to show off his recent acquisition to all the neighbors. Everybody in our neighborhood is on edge and we are just waiting for when this guy goes off the deep end.

This weirdo is mad about everything. You cannot talk to him about anything without him getting mad. Of course he’s packing a gun and you are not. Very uncomfortable!

He got real mad when I asked him if he needed that grenade launcher on his hunting trips. I already know he is a convicted felon because he just got out of jail for shooting his wife twenty years ago.  He’s building a huge arsenal of weapons in his apartment for the day when he has to overthrow our government. Nothing keeps this guy from buying weapons. Nothing!

The apartment manager, a convicted felon, fully supports this crazy guy and about a dozen others just like him. Our apartment complex has turned into an armed camp of paranoid criminals, fortified to the teeth and threatening anyone who questions them. Absolutely no restrictions, here in Arizona.

He and his buddies are totally bat crazy, yet the gun show loophole allows these crazy felons, wife beaters, child molesters and diagnosed crazy people with PTSD benefits, to get any weapon they want. If you tell the police department of your concerns, they ignore the problem. Of course, the police department is composed of crazy gun nuts. They won’t do anything against their brethren.

This is the problem Hillary is talking about. Wanting to do background checks and close the loopholes allowing crazy felons to acquire guns is not “Gun Control”. It’s common sense. I am a gun owner and have no fear some Jack Booted ATF officer will kick my door down to confiscate my weapon. Hillary is not talking about eliminating the 2nd Amendment as the liar Donald Trump is recently saying. Do people believe what he is saying? Have they lost their minds? Just amazing.

On one side of this issue are people who have committed no crimes, are not crazy and do not fear their own shadow. They want background checks and the loopholes closed, for their own safety. On the other side are people doing everything they can to arm marginal people even if they become their neighbors. of course, those who are not supposed to have guns will fight like crazy to keep them.

These otherwise sane and normal people, in allegiance with crazy people, have become gun freaks.  It doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they want to make a small effort to keep guns out of the reach of criminals and crazy people? 

If you are normal, have a normal wife and kids, have never committed any crimes, why do you want to live next door to a certified crazy felon armed with weapons he acquired illegally? The answer is, “normal people don’t want their crazy neighbors anywhere near a gun”. On the other side, crazy people are saying, “yea, let these creepy, scary people have all the guns they want”.

Now the 2016 election is upon us. Just another example of crazy people, verses sane people. It’s possible there are more crazy people in this country than sane people. That’s a statement all by itself. Good grief! What is going on?
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