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Monday, August 24, 2015

Ukrainian leader says Russia sent 3 military convoys to rebel east

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My comment:

The truth is we cannot stop Putin any more than Putin was able to stop Bush going into Iraq.
When the United States utterly destroys a nation and kills half a million of its citizens based on a lie, it is very hard for Obama or any future President to act all indignant.

The consequences of Iraq and future US diplomacy, has been destroyed. Until America regains its honor and puts on trial the war criminals from the Bush administration, our claims of moral superiority will go unheard.

Yes, Germany was horrible during WWII. However, Germany has admitted their error and has been hunting down German war criminals ever since the end of the war they caused. In the eyes of many people in the world, Germany has regained its honor.

The United States has not regained its honor. Many people in America still brag about attacking a nation that could not defend itself and contributed nothing to 911. Many Americans have made heroes out of our invading troops. Just imagine how the world would react if Germany started glorifying its soldiers who invaded Poland or France. It is the same thing. Both events were without justification.

As hard as it may be to admit, Russian interference into the Ukraine has more validity than our invasion into Iraq. There is a historical justification on Russia's side. There are many Russian citizens in the Ukraine persecuted by the Ukrainian government. Russian interference into the Ukraine is far more valid than our incursion into Iraq.

The Bush administration destroyed the integrity of the United States. Sure, Russian interference into the Ukraine is wrong. However, until the United States does something about the war criminals within our borders and stops making heroes out of murderers, we need to shut up.

America no longer holds the high moral ground in the world. With Republicans advocating more war with an attack on Iran, our nation cannot justifiably object to anything Putin does. Half our nation has become sick warmongers. Nobody is going to listen to us until we fix ourselves.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

America is showing signs of insanity

This politics thing is getting very difficult. It is also very discouraging. Watching so many uninformed people back someone like Trump, chips away at my life long belief Americans will always do the right thing.

Actually, I began to lose my faith when millions of Americans elected a proven liar and war criminal for a second term during the Kerry/Bush election. Even those who knew of Bush's criminal behavior cast their vote for him.

The Kerry/Bush election wasn't a statement about Bush. We all knew what a disgusting human being he was. The Kerry/Bush election was really a statement about the American people. That statement said the American people have begun to lose their collective mind and because they are nuclear armed the world better look out.

The election of Obama was only temporary relief from the insanity festering within the public arena. The insanity, which elected Bush for a second term, has resurfaced stronger than ever with widespread support for an inexperienced liar, name caller and huckster.

The truth is Donald Trump may be one of the more moderate Republican candidates. The rest of the field is truly a disturbed collection of odd balls representative of the degree of sickness the American people have descended.

There is nothing normal about the entire Republican field. There are enough hate-filled people in our nation to put one of those defective people into the White House and empower him with an entire compliment of sick individuals in the Congress. Even more destruction to our nation, greater than the damage done by the G.W. Bush administration, is possible.

Trump is proposing behavior of an absolute dictator. The fact millions of Americans cheer for him is very discouraging indeed. Clear thinking and responsible behavior cannot stop the inevitable destruction of our society brought on by a large portion of our population.

Do not think your clear thinking and traditional belief in America will prevail. You are in the minority.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Democrats are losing the media war

Democrats are losing the media war. The 2016 election may have already been lost before
Democrats have their first debate.

Twenty four million people watched the first Republican debate. What those people saw was a unified effort to discredit Barack Obama, Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The attack was coordinated, pointed and very successful. Many voters turned away from Democrats after only one debate and a lack of response from Democrats.

The Republicans will have another debate before the Democrats get off their butts and hold a debate in October. Chances are good another 24 million Americans will see the second debate held by Republicans.

After the second debate, Democrats may find themselves in a hole too deep to dig out from. A very poor campaign strategy by the Democrats is handing the 2016 election to the Republicans.

Today's political page with MSN has twenty-one stories regarding political issues. Fifteen of the twenty-one stories are about Republicans or are negatively biased against Democrats and Hillary. There is not a single mention of Bernie Sanders. It’s like that every day.

Democrats are losing the media war and will lose the White House because of poor campaign strategy. Democrats must speed things up and have a debate before the next Republican debate. Democrats must grab the headlines right now.

Democrats must counter a campaign of lies and deceit by Republicans with the truth. With the current trend of news coverage, Democratic truth will not overcome the advantage Republicans enjoy. Having the first Democratic debate in October is much too late.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Probe of Clinton's server could find more than just emails

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My comment:

The Republican propaganda machine is in full swing. Easily influenced and manipulated Republicans are espousing things they know nothing about. Falsely accusing people of crimes without knowing the facts is bearing false witness and a sin.

What she did on her private server was not legal at the time. There was no law prohibiting her from operating a private server. Condi Rice and Colin Powell did exactly the same thing. Many Republican Lawmakers making the loudest accusations have operated their own email servers for a long time.

It has already been revealed that many of the Emails have been classified top secret retroactively. In other words, those Emails were not top secret when sent. There is nothing here and pursuing Clinton on this matter requires an investigation of Rice and Powell. Let's not forget to investigate Republican Lawmakers who are using private email servers as we speak right now.

The real story about the Clinton Emails is not what she did as Secretary of State but how irresponsible and easily influenced people, are so willing to propagate a lie because of the personal issues they have in their own lives.

Hatred, lying and spreading unfounded rumors even after everything they have said has been proven wrong, is a Republican personality disorder common among the less educated people in our society. One can only hope defective Republicans never get full control of our government.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jeb Bush leaves door open for use of torture

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My comment:
People like Jeb Bush feel safe claiming torture is all right because:

1. Millions of misguided Americans have lost all sense of decency and have developed a sadistic desire for things that have always been illegal, cruel and practiced by barbarians. Sounds like a definition of many Republicans.

2. Obama let the War Criminal George W. Bush get off completely free lacking consequences for all the murder and mayhem he created. Everyone associated with torture, right down to the individual performing the deed in dark locations, is a war criminal and should be put in jail, if not executed.

3. Without proper condemnation, the primitive behavior ordered by George W. Bush will be implemented by Americans repeatedly. Until the day, people practicing torture, are put in jail for the rest of their lives, America will not regain its honor.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In Michigan, Donald Trump Takes Aim at Ford Motor Co.

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My Comment:

This is a sad story and I love the way people get up and cheer for dictatorship. Trump's claim he will not allow Ford to build a plant in Mexico can only be achieved through dictatorship. The minute a leader starts telling
a business how to conduct their activity, interference with private enterprise gets to be a big problem.

Where is the desire to get government out of regulating business? Like most things the Republicans claim to believe, stopping government interference into the lives of people and regulating business is just a hollow claim. A person like Trump would be ideal for Republican "Authoritarian Personality Disorder".

There are many ways to bring jobs back home but it requires action by our Congress. Laws have to be passed and signed into law by an amenable President. Repealing tax advantages for companies shipping jobs overseas is one way. Implementing tariffs is another way. Donald can’t do this by himself.

The "Donald's claim he will not allow Ford to build their plant in Mexico is a hollow claim and appeals only to those ready for a Trump style authoritarian government. Dictatorship can be very attractive. It is odd to me how Republicans cheer for this kind of nonsense and Democrats have to remind voters we still have legal ways to do things. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prisoners Speak of Brutal Interrogations Over Escapees

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My comment:

Afghan/Iraq war veterans have come home and became cops or guards. A huge increase in
shoot first asks questions later, proliferating all around the country has occurred since their homecoming. Guards in prisons, behaving the same way they were allowed to behave while in those war zones are upon us. Don’t be surprised if they have come home to behave the same way here at home.

More than half a million dead civilians in Iraq have been reported. Three quarters of those deaths listed as death by gunshot. Gunshots inflicted by American forces. No one controlled the troops. Military commanders turned a blind eye. Killers became very practiced at covering up for each other. Those veterans have come home and joined our police forces. They live next door to you.

Thousands of PTSD victims have come home and diagnosed insane. They are so insane they have been placed on no-buy gun lists because they are a danger to themselves and others. A diagnosis of PTSD has not kept them from becoming cops though. Many have PTSD because of the guilt they bear for what they did in Iraq. Murder became commonplace in that war and now they have joined the Police forces of America.

I wonder, has anyone done a study of these rogue cops and guards to see if they are Iraqi veterans? How many of these cops shooting unarmed people have served in Iraq? How many guards, as the ones in this story, beating people up, practiced this behavior overseas before coming home?

The growth of violence within our police forces parallels the return of our recent veterans. Killing people for no reason, beating people up because they deserved it, mirrors the excuses given by our troops and commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now that these war criminals have joined Police and Security guard professions here at home, we see ever-increasing reports of murder and mayhem spreading in all corners of our society. Many of the comments to this story speak to how prisoners DESERVE inhumane treatment by prison guard thugs beating up helpless people.

I wonder how many of these commentators were Iraqi veterans? I wonder how much of their behavior came home with them to be practiced on our citizens. The sickness of Iraq will be with us for many more years in ways difficult to measure. Welcome home troops! We’re all holding our breath.