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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Democrats are losing the media war

Democrats are losing the media war. The 2016 election may have already been lost before
Democrats have their first debate.

Twenty four million people watched the first Republican debate. What those people saw was a unified effort to discredit Barack Obama, Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The attack was coordinated, pointed and very successful. Many voters turned away from Democrats after only one debate and a lack of response from Democrats.

The Republicans will have another debate before the Democrats get off their butts and hold a debate in October. Chances are good another 24 million Americans will see the second debate held by Republicans.

After the second debate, Democrats may find themselves in a hole too deep to dig out from. A very poor campaign strategy by the Democrats is handing the 2016 election to the Republicans.

Today's political page with MSN has twenty-one stories regarding political issues. Fifteen of the twenty-one stories are about Republicans or are negatively biased against Democrats and Hillary. There is not a single mention of Bernie Sanders. It’s like that every day.

Democrats are losing the media war and will lose the White House because of poor campaign strategy. Democrats must speed things up and have a debate before the next Republican debate. Democrats must grab the headlines right now.

Democrats must counter a campaign of lies and deceit by Republicans with the truth. With the current trend of news coverage, Democratic truth will not overcome the advantage Republicans enjoy. Having the first Democratic debate in October is much too late.
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