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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prisoners Speak of Brutal Interrogations Over Escapees

From a story located at:

My comment:

Afghan/Iraq war veterans have come home and became cops or guards. A huge increase in
shoot first asks questions later, proliferating all around the country has occurred since their homecoming. Guards in prisons, behaving the same way they were allowed to behave while in those war zones are upon us. Don’t be surprised if they have come home to behave the same way here at home.

More than half a million dead civilians in Iraq have been reported. Three quarters of those deaths listed as death by gunshot. Gunshots inflicted by American forces. No one controlled the troops. Military commanders turned a blind eye. Killers became very practiced at covering up for each other. Those veterans have come home and joined our police forces. They live next door to you.

Thousands of PTSD victims have come home and diagnosed insane. They are so insane they have been placed on no-buy gun lists because they are a danger to themselves and others. A diagnosis of PTSD has not kept them from becoming cops though. Many have PTSD because of the guilt they bear for what they did in Iraq. Murder became commonplace in that war and now they have joined the Police forces of America.

I wonder, has anyone done a study of these rogue cops and guards to see if they are Iraqi veterans? How many of these cops shooting unarmed people have served in Iraq? How many guards, as the ones in this story, beating people up, practiced this behavior overseas before coming home?

The growth of violence within our police forces parallels the return of our recent veterans. Killing people for no reason, beating people up because they deserved it, mirrors the excuses given by our troops and commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now that these war criminals have joined Police and Security guard professions here at home, we see ever-increasing reports of murder and mayhem spreading in all corners of our society. Many of the comments to this story speak to how prisoners DESERVE inhumane treatment by prison guard thugs beating up helpless people.

I wonder how many of these commentators were Iraqi veterans? I wonder how much of their behavior came home with them to be practiced on our citizens. The sickness of Iraq will be with us for many more years in ways difficult to measure. Welcome home troops! We’re all holding our breath.
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