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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Probe of Clinton's server could find more than just emails

From a story located at:

My comment:

The Republican propaganda machine is in full swing. Easily influenced and manipulated Republicans are espousing things they know nothing about. Falsely accusing people of crimes without knowing the facts is bearing false witness and a sin.

What she did on her private server was not legal at the time. There was no law prohibiting her from operating a private server. Condi Rice and Colin Powell did exactly the same thing. Many Republican Lawmakers making the loudest accusations have operated their own email servers for a long time.

It has already been revealed that many of the Emails have been classified top secret retroactively. In other words, those Emails were not top secret when sent. There is nothing here and pursuing Clinton on this matter requires an investigation of Rice and Powell. Let's not forget to investigate Republican Lawmakers who are using private email servers as we speak right now.

The real story about the Clinton Emails is not what she did as Secretary of State but how irresponsible and easily influenced people, are so willing to propagate a lie because of the personal issues they have in their own lives.

Hatred, lying and spreading unfounded rumors even after everything they have said has been proven wrong, is a Republican personality disorder common among the less educated people in our society. One can only hope defective Republicans never get full control of our government.

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