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Monday, August 24, 2015

Ukrainian leader says Russia sent 3 military convoys to rebel east

From a story located at:

My comment:

The truth is we cannot stop Putin any more than Putin was able to stop Bush going into Iraq.
When the United States utterly destroys a nation and kills half a million of its citizens based on a lie, it is very hard for Obama or any future President to act all indignant.

The consequences of Iraq and future US diplomacy, has been destroyed. Until America regains its honor and puts on trial the war criminals from the Bush administration, our claims of moral superiority will go unheard.

Yes, Germany was horrible during WWII. However, Germany has admitted their error and has been hunting down German war criminals ever since the end of the war they caused. In the eyes of many people in the world, Germany has regained its honor.

The United States has not regained its honor. Many people in America still brag about attacking a nation that could not defend itself and contributed nothing to 911. Many Americans have made heroes out of our invading troops. Just imagine how the world would react if Germany started glorifying its soldiers who invaded Poland or France. It is the same thing. Both events were without justification.

As hard as it may be to admit, Russian interference into the Ukraine has more validity than our invasion into Iraq. There is a historical justification on Russia's side. There are many Russian citizens in the Ukraine persecuted by the Ukrainian government. Russian interference into the Ukraine is far more valid than our incursion into Iraq.

The Bush administration destroyed the integrity of the United States. Sure, Russian interference into the Ukraine is wrong. However, until the United States does something about the war criminals within our borders and stops making heroes out of murderers, we need to shut up.

America no longer holds the high moral ground in the world. With Republicans advocating more war with an attack on Iran, our nation cannot justifiably object to anything Putin does. Half our nation has become sick warmongers. Nobody is going to listen to us until we fix ourselves.

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