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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hungary blasts EU on migration; chaos at Budapest station

Hungary blasts EU on migration; chaos at Budapest station

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My comment:

The displacement we are watching now, due to war, is but a tiny fraction of the chaos coming as the planet heats up. (I'm not trying to lay blame on natural causes or manmade causes. The fact is, the planet is heating up, for whatever reason).

Those in their 20's today will live long enough to witness a worldwide upheaval as oceans rise and inundate major cities around the world. If self-centered Republicans are in control, there will be no help for fellow Americans fleeing the rising tides in New York and Los Angeles.

If current Republican attitudes prevail and even grow, it's not hard to imagine Americans, not affected by the coming catastrophes, turning their backs on fellow citizens and letting them simply die. Witness Katrina and the callous disregard for what happened to fellow Americans in New Orleans. To this day, Republicans lay blame on the dead people of that Cajun city.

Isn't that what Republicans do now? Repeal Obama Care and let thousands of Americans die each year for lack of health care. Shut down Planned Parenthood and let thousands of American women die because they no longer have cancer screenings. Cut funding for school lunch programs and let millions of children go hungry then blame the children if they don't learn much in school.

If current Republican attitudes prevail and migrate to the future, those affected by future calamities are in for a hard time. Let us hope those wanting to "defend the least among us" (Democrats) are in power for the coming years. Otherwise, the dark side of humankind (Republicans) will create even more misery.
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