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Friday, September 4, 2015

GOP candidates blast 'absurd' jailing of Kentucky marriage clerk

GOP candidates blast 'absurd' jailing of Kentucky marriage clerk

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My comment:
Of course, many Republicans support law breaking religious traitors who want to get rid of our secular government. They want 50 independent states to determining civil liberties on a state-by-state basis.

Freedom of speech will not mean the same thing in Kansas as it does in New York. In fact,
civil liberties in each state will have wide variations according to whichever religion is controlling each individual state legislative body. It would be a Holy Mess (no pun intended).

So many of these religious dictators hate the government envisioned by our founding fathers. They want to replace our constitution with bible law. Can anyone tell me what bible law is? Muslims have written down Sharia law. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of bible law? Do Christians make up laws everyone abides by as they go along?

Much of the rhetoric we hear about states’ rights emanates from a fundamentalist Christian view rooted in Dominionism. This perspective of ruling people according to the bible goes back before our Constitution was written.  In the past, this religious view was defeated in the United States. That’s why we have a secular Constitution.

It is not as if fundamentalists didn’t try. They just lost at that time. People were too smart back then. Today, the States Rights Dominionist movement has millions of followers. They have taken over school boards, city councils, state legislative bodies and have elected many governors with the belief they can make up any law they please.

In state after state, eliminating civil liberties is common practice. Passing nullification laws contradicting Federal Law is ordinary. All these egregious acts are perpetrated by people who have lost faith in our form of government and want to install a religious dictatorship. The States’ rights movement and fundamentalist Dominion belief are intensely linked.

These religious dictators have no business running for President, representing the Republican Party. They are very dangerous to the American way of life. It's time these extremists are called out for what they are. They are enemies of state. They are just as destructive as any terrorist group outside our borders. Wrapping themselves in Jesus does not conceal the wolf hiding in plain sight.

As a nation, if we want to amend the Constitution, the single most important issue confronting all of us, is the need to define what “Separation of Church and State” means. There is too much ambiguity on this subject. The reason the word God is not in our Constitution was intentional. We need to amend the Constitution in order to prevent the insidious intrusion of religion into our governing body. 

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